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Hello there, and welcome to the s p a r r i n g c o n s t i t u t i o n. This place is made for the sole purpose of debates, VS battles and in general a place to chill. Feel free to ask to join.

As any normal group, we do have our Rules. Those will be shown below, so read them to avoid getting banned or getting a strike.

Share this community around, and let's get this place in gear!

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Now to stop this place from becoming completely unactive.

We should do something for the community. Write your ideas down below.

Now what?

So roll call who is looking at this?

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Now to kick things off what is your favourite interpretation of Herobrine? Who do you believe is the strongest

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As said before, any normal community has rules. And these are ours.

1. Keep your beef with other people to a minimal amount while in the group. Usually watching two people go at it is goat, but seriously. You will be given a strike if you do that, lol.

2.Insults are allowed, because let's be honest; nobody really gives a fuck. But it is your responsibility to know when to keep insults to a minimum. Us mods will not do that for you. If you insult a mod, however, you will get a strike. Owner is an insta-ban.

3.Respect the mods and the Owner(s) in the community, and notify us if anything bad is happening. Always notify the Owner direct if a mod fucks up or misbehaves/abused their mod spot.

4. Feel free to ask for mod spot, but don't come crying if it gets turned down. Lmao.

5.3 strikes and you're out. And you won't come back unless we decide so. Period.

6. We don't take lightly to mismatch battles. One or two is aight, but any more; strike and a possible ban.

Follow these rules, and you should be able to enjoy your time in this community to it's fullest.

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Thanks for invite.
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