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Soul travel beyond the mind
Series of (Drop) Classes Session A
(It should be noted, the text of the lecture video of Drop Class is written without editing)
In the name of exalted being-granter Almighty, Absolute Savant, Absolute Presence, Saint of Saints, oceans of love and mercy,
The drops of knowledge, you grant,
Join me to the seas of your land
~ Rumi
The discussion of this session is a little difficult, requires precision and attention and the if issue be understood well, it is a great blessing for us
the discussion is:
Before we get into that debate, I mention an introduction;
1. Viewing the entire universe (the integrity of the universe)
2. Singular plan
3. The Secret about duality of existence
seeing the "*integrity of existence* is the first step. As long as we don't see the universe in integrity, we cannot see the breadth and magnitude of it's amazement. The second step is finding out the immaterial plan in a way that is complementary to the first discussion. We need to know and understand the singular plan;
What is the structure of the universe….?
On what basis are made of ....?
Is it run by one force or two forces ...?
And the third argument is that if God is unique in the vastness of skies, seven heavens .... and we say God is one, then why are the universe twofold What is the secret of the duality of existence ....!?
So it is possible to infer that it must be understood the mystery of existence. The Secret is the secret of the ages, only God is reality. The reality of the facts, the truth, I would say in addition to the fact that Rumi says:
"One, I say, one, I seek, one I read, I out duality of my within"
How does Rumi understand that it is one ...? He sees the "singular plan" and he has seen the universe in totality. As he says:
I am not from the East
or the West, not out of the ocean or up
from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not
composed of elements at all. I do not exist,
am not an entity in this world or in the next,
did not descend from Adam and Eve or any
origin story. My place is placeless, a trace
of the traceless. Neither body or soul.
I belong to the beloved, have seen the two
worlds as one and that one call to and know,
first, last, outer, inner, only that
breath breathing human being.
therefore he (Rumi) knows the universe and can see the entirety. So you understand that there is one force and strength in the world. The unique God is the only God of the universe. We do not believe Polytheism (several gods). Rumi's school is monotheistic God the reality of realities. Ruler of the whole cosmos, from the up to the bottom, there is one strength. This was the introduction to the debate.
Now we get into the discussion of the Hindu triad to see what is said ....? Hindu school believe Polytheism, they believe several gods. Rumi, here corrects several Hindu gods school. He accepts it!, do not be surprised!!, in one of his poems in Divan Shams, he says:
" Do not leave me alone with the gods of nature."
He named the gods of nature. What are the gods of nature*….? These are the agents of "It" (It refers to God). These agents are never worshiped and adorable to those who are unitary. They are servants and agents of "It"(God) that are worshiped in school of Hindu. These are three forces and really exist. These three forces are in negative worlds and the rulers of the negative worlds. Maulana Rumi named them as the gods of nature. We pass them. In the negative world itself, it's forces are negative too with the dual forces. There are positive and negative, good and bad, ugly and beautiful, to say: the poles, the law of relativity.
We bound in living here. Constraint belongs to this plane; but those who travel beyond the mind, they come out of this constraint and reach freedom. The absolute freedom belongs to the spirit where no ruler wants their worship and bound them. These three gods are (that we said they are agents and servants;
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
One of these has the position of creation, one of these has the position of holding and one another has the position of destruction. These three forces under the other two forces; Braham and Shakti are called the wave of creation. See how Rumi's great ideas here. he said: love came behind the veil. Divine Spirit is doing everything behind the veil. It come down as it's shadow appears in the arc of descent when love comes down and goes to the higher worlds, bottom and up of the shadow seems to do everything as Rumi says love came behind the veil. Divine Spirit is doing everything behind the scenes and they are servants of this force.
Those who do yoga, which unfortunately in our city are common, think if they go to yoga, and do yoga, achieve a special character, a class is, while yoga is a part of the Hindu school and religion that is polytheism.
It was the Hindu Triad.
what about Christian Trinity*…?
Christians has a Trinity too.
"the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit."
We see here what comments Rumi expresses? If the secret of "the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit be understood by the raised issue of Rumi's Masnavi, the universe spell will be broken:
"*The bowl, The water carrier and The water are one".
Rumi says that the spell was broken.
we never unite with "it" ( Rumi's reference to God by "It"). But we find unity with love. Love that all souls are born of it. All souls were born from the love but love was born of what ...!?
nothing. ...
God not been born, never born and bear but what about love…? Love bears….. All spirits are born of love. For this, love is our father. In a Rumi's poem is said "the general spirit, the awareness says that" I am your father, come to me children. come back to the house". The true home, addressing the children of the Spirit to be back.
our souls are parts and our father is general as Rumi says;
"*I am a drop and you the ocean, but the part can be the whole"

We (partial souls) have to become converted to the general spirit, the soul must become converted to the general soul. So Rumi says:
"love was sent to twist in it
Our twisting is not the worthy of the King of Excellence."
"It" (refers to God) Sent love for the unity with it. The lover and the beloved become one. But we can not find unity with "It", Our twisting is not the worthy of the King of Excellence.
Well, this was the Christian Trinity.
Now, what about Rumi's Trinity ....? This is very important. If you ask us to praise God. We have what concepts we can define God. We have three words to define God. If we give this subject to Bertrand Russell ..., he writes Two books to prove God. We do not need to prove God, do not need it because we live always in "it". If we all become aware of our particular consciousness, absolute consciousness, we find that the composition of God ( we have a debate about consciousness, the consciousness is three parts, but all three are one. Our discussion today is three to one, these three are one. Full consciousness, absolute consciousness and the particular consciousness which originally dates back to the infinite consciousness ) We must become part of the infinite consciousness. So it is necessary to explore the impurities need to be separated from us, like gold, in the Burning Bush putting it, a time that is not separated it's impurities, many times it is on fire to extract it's impurities to be a pure gold. God wants a pure soul so the pure finder of truth must be away from hypocrisy. Ones who pretend and are in the five deviations, if they do soul travelling, they will be wandered. We have to identify our duty about the five deviations. Unfortunately, the deviations are into the central core of our minds; Anger, lust, greed, attachment, boasting. When it is said traveling beyond the mind, the mind must first be refined to have a free spirit.
Someone who wants to seek out this way, he/she must first, purifies his/her mind so that his/her soul be free. Keep this wise point in your minds: the way is too hard. Rumi says: "It is very rough road". Do not think that the road is a straight highway. Many people came to find out the truth but they didn't….The truth is a gift that God gives us and tells: I give you this gift for your sweet and pure heart.
We must return to a primitive sincerity of the initial states of our primitive people who had no duplicity. They were smooth, honest and simple.
Unfortunately just a slogan issues on the ballot:
Justice based on anger and violence!!!. But it is something impossible!!! Justice based on anger ...!!! These are the tricks of the mind, the mind is fickle and hopefully we talk over the next session about the mind. The mind must eventually become unipolar mind:
(Unipolar, bipolar mind, ordered mind, disordered mind. This is an ongoing discussion that we discussed. How to become regulated, We have to adjust ourselves, how to transform and finally how to find peace, how to be calm). One of the great masters says: "be calm", as simple as that. Your duty with the troubled mind should be known that the dangerous area, the whirlpool and the swampy regressive flood of it takes human into itself, and destroys, be out of it.
(So this issue be your credit that the mind is a very basic question we have to pass it to travel beyond the mind. We must travel beyond the mind.)
Well, what is Rumi's Trinity?
"My new hundred ears opened to hear the secret,
I cannot be born without the being-granter"
~ Rumi
Rumi says; the Secret came to my ears. How much the thought and the new approaches of Molana Rumi have been strong. Rumi's views as the new insights never be old, and they are fresh forever, so he says;" just, you do not understand what I have said, you will understand what I said ten centuries later", your mind is raw, raw people you are, you realize what I have said ten centuries later" and he was right.
Why did Rumi use the word "being"….?
What is God……? Who is God…..? God has "being", one who has "existence". One who exports all existence....
Only one thing exports from God and that is "Divine Spirit" and these all variety export from divine spirit. Then what is man? Man is the principle of unity in diversity. In definition of God saying that God created everything, who created God? A basic question is, well, everything was created by God. God always has been and always is. What "It" wants to give you? "Existence of its own". Since the eruption of the life and loves, life gives life to everything. And if the Spirit was not, God did not create anything. Then see how much loves souls. This is the mystery of creation, God willing, I then open another discussion I called the secrets of creation, God created us to do what, what we must ask God. So the world; "Being" is the first part of Rumi's trinity. The second part is the "present moment (Now)". God is always in the "present moment". I have told over and over and say again, where does experiencing the truth happen? Experiencing the truth and experiencing God occur in the present, not the past and not the future, do not regret the past, not wait the future for the result, plan but leave it itself.
Therefore God is always in the present moment. If you want to communicate, you must to be adjusted, always in the moment. Now, what does not allow you to be in peresnt ....!?
"The mind doesn't allow.
It takes us in the past or the future, and swings us so. Because of it we must come out of the mind, and if we do not come out of the mind, we will be trap among the gods of nature. The gods who are fictitious and people worship them. The dogma religions that are caught in superstition and traditional beliefs, do not allow you get to the truth, because the truth has the capability of experiencing again and again to find out it. So God is always in the present and here.
We combine these three to be: "God is always here." God is always present from the top planes to bottom. Molana Rumi said a word "being" in a poem, other word "now" in another poem and "here" so:
"We have shown here loving God.
Here is not the way of death.
Here's eternal light."
If you search Divan-e Shams, you see how cleverly Rumi use the words "here", "is" and "now. God is always Wherever you are, This is the trinity of God. It is pretty, isn't it ....? Trinity of God that God is always present and we must know God in the form of spirit. This is something that everyone has to understand and grasp it to pray God in the form of spirit.
So what is the trinity of human?
we as humans have trinity too? Step by step to meet God. See how Rumi subtlety expressed Trinity in four sections. Sometimes he says come to meet God and sometimes
He says come to see

We have been sent to the property have been soaring. Watch the right decision?

Who is going to watch…?. To watch what .....?
"To watch the whole universe."
"To watch the prospect"
The whole world to see. Well how can I
Step by step to meet God and watch the prospect ... and you see the whole ...
"The journey beyond the subconscious mind. By traveling beyond the subconscious mind, we can reach the true recognition and true knowledge. In recognition of the truth, I would have to travel beyond my subconscious and I find out actual knowledge of the existence step by step to know who I am, to see what is my place in the universe and through this way I get to spiritual progress.
What will happen to me when I found spiritual progress ....?
" leap and absorption, I will discuss it latter."
These are related to a sober man!. Those who have special vigilance, leap into full consciousness……
~ Hich the Master

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Drop Class session 55 a (Prerequisite for Rumi's Mathnavi Manavi)
Title: New Life
(This text is written from Hich the Master's video lecture without editing)
In The name of unoccupied absolute, pure, wonderful and peaceful Presence
The discussion of this session is the about new life. New life is what everyone is looking for. In human's nature included every new thing is good.
In terms of food, human is always looking for fresh things, also new clothe, new house, new car, but a new life is in ignorance. What does make New Life? What does cause life be new? We need criteria, a measure, spiritual standards to understand a life is new or is not, spiritual criteria is ahead of us as we have standards for life. A measure of life to know that the life, God has given us we can use. Did we live the thirty years or forty years that we spent of life, or the life was wasted and wasted energy? (A separate session we allot to the measure of life). Today we say: new life is spiritual criteria. What are the spiritual standards?
1- Immortal consciousness
We need a fixed and unchangeable awareness. It means the origin of consciousness, absolute consciousness and awareness that is said pure consciousness. There is no error in that way, no encourage and anxiety. This immortal knowledge is made of the principles are strong foundations and its constant bases cause these training remains forever and eternally. And the guardians of these true spiritual training are nobodies but saints, saints of God, that are the elders in this way. So our first spiritual criteria includes *immortal consciousness.
2- Thinking about eternity
In order to have a new life, we need to know think of eternity. This makes our life always fresh and new, having a creative and searching life to be not bored in this life because we always consider our mission and prophecy. So what fatigue and boredom can be? We come upon all adversities. Win over sorrow as Rumi the master in Divan Shams has told sonnets about sorrow.
"Get out o sorrow from my chest that comes, the kindness of my friend"
There is no place for sadness. Rumi says: "a long time, I am wishing that I see sadness, but do not see it". Because my inside is always full of joy, full of grace and joy that is given of my master. Thinking about eternity means your presence is here and now. At the moment we have state of heaven.
This is the technique of life and the art of knowing technique, art of living is here. Many of people who have failed in life, have attempted suicide, are addicted to drugs, their lives have been shattered, divorced, is because of they do not have the art of living technique. This is the highest art that we do not link to past, do not link to the future, always heavenly moment is the present moment as the Saint Master, Hazrat Molana Rumi with a beautiful technique in a quatrain says:
"If I'm not present for a moment, and the presence be always absent for me, I am pagan in this way".
It means I should be in presence, presence in here and now of the present moment.
God is in now. We want to open the discussion on the website named the presence pain. For reach the presenc, we must tolerate so suffering, inconvenience and hardship to achieve it. This means that we are always in the present moment. Why Because God is always present in the moment.
A triangle is called presence that is the result of my presence. If I understand my presence, I reach also this presence. The presence on the triangle, which says: three is equal to one. It is three to one. Rumi in Masnavi, have broken the spell of the universe. Anyone who wants to be present, he should break the spell of the universe.
1. Feeling the presence of the master, the master who is divine manifestation of God on earth and is an expression of love and appearance of the word.
I always should feel present of the master who is closer than breath to me. Rumi, the master In Divan Shams says; Master Shams Tabriz is closer than breath to me. Breath means the divine breath, so for that I think about eternity that is always present in the moment. Life means infinite continuity of moments, no past and no future. I am always in present moment by the master to contact the aware of the whole, to the divine source, to the soul of souls, the raw presence of it. If you have the software of Divan Shams and search it, there are 16 lyrics (ghazals) used from the word presence mostly related to the presence of the master. Without presence master that means we can not step even one step to the spiritual words as is said:
"Look at me, do not look to the way, that I passed the way"

"I know the way. I know the way". And If you go without the master as Rumi says to Shams Tabriz the master: "don’t go without me, wherever you go, hold my hand and take me. don’t go without me, don’t see without me".

It means we must so behave to the master and same move with him that be unite and find out unite with the master. It is the same thinking to eternity. When you search for presence in Divan Shams, most words of presence related to the master and next presence of the raw. The presence raw is same the soul of souls, same the divine spirit. The second side of triangle and the third side of the triangle of presence is unoccupied of absolute presence, God that is absolute omniscient and omnipotent. This is a new life. These three presence make you understand your own manifestation, the manifestation of your inner self that means the holy self, my true self and the self as I detect as spirit always is present at the moment. Present in the moment always makes life new. So by these three presences, you have found out, you reach the manifestation of yourself, the manifestation of inner self is your presence, holy presence and the true self. The self was detected as the soul is always at the present moment that makes the life new. So we will never be present without these three, or even two of them, if the two of them be together I still is not present at the moment. I am made of three presences: the presence of the master, the presence of raw, the presence of unoccupied (unoccupied of absolute presence). Then I have always been in my presence and my presence was associated with suffering. I have suffered many hardships to reach the present moment. I'll be sure to attend at the present moment.
1. New life based on immortal knowledge
2. Thinking about eternity
3. Thinking about immortality
These three make our life always new. Thinking about immortality means I separate time from my mind in contemplation (profound meditation). A program in a channel TV named Nejat (rescue) says low level discussion about rescue but the rescue is only in contemplation (profound meditation), Quiet solitude divine soul by the master that I can find the absorption to Janan (Soul of Souls) and I stretch upward to the Janan worlds.
"O the soul of souls, expand my soul upward to the Janan worlds"
It is master's work to connect us to Janan. Here soul of souls means the master. If we do not know master and don’t understand that God invested all its being in master, all of power, wisdom, love, freedom, all are in the being of a master, we don’t move even one step, even to fly and travel to light world. So new life involves several aspects and we turn to channel consist of wisdom, power, love and freedom. We turn to channel and our minds are blank, there is nothing in our minds like Reed.
"Hear the story as Reed says"
"You are secrets module, you should close the outer eyes and ears.
We turn to secrets module if we close the eyes and ears in contemplation (profound meditation), sensuality be closed and relation with the outside world being closed while we begin inside communicate. This is a perfect separation. Perfect separation means closing relation with the outside world, sensuality and the mind and making soul the governor perceptually, the lord and ruler of his own destiny with the four core that was within, our lives is always fresh and new. You do not need to repeat past experiences too that causes man be fatigue. Bruise-hearted human being is a human depressed by repeating his past experiences. Repeating past experiences causes people to be depressed. Man does not like to repeat his experiences. We must have new experiences every moment, it must be fresh. Today in computer, it is an problem that it should be updated and upgraded, so we have a great computer, and the self-conscious. Let's see from how far negative elements and images, must be modified, must be constantly modified, our subconscious emotions and feelings and images, we must call ourselves to have correct practice. A detailed discussion is the purification of the mind and mental treatment. (One day, the mind must be discussed.)
Do not think we can easily and at one limited meeting raise discuss the mind, and we come out of it. The pillars (elements) of the mind and various operations must be said, thousands tricks of the mind and how we trap in ourselves, caught in the trap of the mind. I suspend this subject to next sessions.

Well, what happen if we do not reach to the presence of moment, here and now? Of course, I tell you in radical that in love letters of Thousands Secret of Drunk Narcissus, I think in first letter, here and now is secret that we communicate with God online, here and now, directly without intermediaries that is named cognition, understanding intuitively, direct communication with God, the secret of relation with God.
Ones who want to begin an apparent relation with God as their appearances are like saints, but surely their hearts are not. Rumi, the master in one of his quatrains says that many people are apparently like saints and holy man, but inwardly they are not. Some people apparently similar to Bayazid Bastami, but when you look back they all become vampires. Long story, I am shorting this story. The story of beating fish because of drought, our story is the story of fish along the coast out of water.
They keep out water and they die if don't receive the water of life. Well if we do not find new life based on this discussion, what happens to us?
The presence of evil
If we do not reach our presence, which is composed of the master presence, the raw presence and Janan presence be sure we reach the presence of evil. The devil is split in two, if you Imagine devil has two side of the bifurcation that the left and right sides of the protruding. Because of it, the saints have told us that the left and right have numerous obstacles, the only way just is inside. The true way of God is within man that we continue to develop our spiritual life, our spiritual life is affect to material life, it is not we correct our spiritual life to be strong but our material life remain weak. These are parallel. It said if people actually believe in God, but real belief, not the apparent belief that if people believe, we put blessing from the sky and the ground. The abundance of gifts for those who praise It (It by Rumi refers to God) is necessary and essential, If a community is poor, it does not have relation with God: God says…… Why Poverty?
So evil is two radiuses, split the two:
1- Great illusion
2- Point below zero
People suffer of great illusion that is Just one point in their mind. If your attention in your mind only is one role or image, you will be caught in severe mental obsession and trapping to great illusion. You see how much presence is blessing, the presence of each moment. Yet the great illusion makes problems, difficulties, family quarrel and community quarrel for people that weaken the body of family and community. Why great civilizations fall? Great civilizations such as Britain, why did the Roman Empire fall?
This was the reason:
1- Great Illusion
2- Point below zero
If we mention our last discussion on this important issue that drug is a mask on the face of the truth. This means that a person is addicted is making a hell for himself here but a saint is making heaven for himself, making palaces, because there is nothing up, philosophy of nothing, God has given us the power to be able to be the source of cause, can create If we became Its caliph (It by Rumi refers to God), we must be able to create as Its own. If we would not, without creativity, we do not have access to the truth and will not be a part of truth. If we don’t create, we move to Great Illusion and point below zero, from where fall begins, from the evil, the darkness, absolute ignorance. What is the devil? It is absolute darkness and ignorance, as we caught in Great Illusion. If the drug is a mask on the face of the truth, today I should also add that the communist and socialist also are masks on the face of the truth, the communists who deals with food rationing and limits human beings and the revolt against capitalism and said masses are equal except themselves, all of masses should be equal, the same, but they are the exception. Unfortunately, this school, this school of socialism is opposed to spiritual progress, opposite with soul liberty and freedom of spirit. They are tenacious enemies of love path. So many things have begun to say that the Socialist although has a very little sayings, but has a big damage to the human body, the human inner life and spiritual progress, the same great evil that sometimes creates great illusion for us and sometimes point below zero. So it is better we understand the whole of life, so beyond that we pass sensual and mental worlds and by Grand master unique lord, Shams Tabriz, we are connected to the total life and total knowledge. When we connect to total knowledge, old agents means nothing to us. Our life is always fresh. Always new, always enjoy life. We feel coldness of winters on our bodies and warmth of summers from the sun that means we are alive, we live to enjoy our life, understanding the art of awareness. All of discussion that was said at the meeting with a parenthesis you can keep in mind (by total life, total knowledge we stay in a very sensitive position). This is screw of life, screw of life that human must pass through it. If you can not pass the screw, for eternity you stay in hell that you yourself made it. It is the screw life; to know, to understand and to comprehend that is relate to the Spirit. The soul only is for to know and see the outlook for the worlds, to world of life, when we understand total knowledge, the connection and then head of affairs is service to It(It by Rumi refers to God). This means that every moment in life is to serve the mission of It. Where of this life would be boring? As the origin of consciousness as Rumi says to Shams Tabrizi:
"Do not You want student, source of awareness? Whom were you teacher? Who taught you everything you know? All of secrets are yours, key to the secrets of the universe"
The next debates will be broadcast in the website, as soon as it starts, we will enter Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi, and 700 codes of Divan-e Shams Tabrizi will be disclosure for pure and sincere seekers. We finished the discussion this moment and to the next meeting I say goodbye to you. Hich the Master

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“There is another language beyond language,
another place beyond heaven and hell.
Precious gems come from another mine,
the heart draws light from another source.”
― Rumi

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Day 12 mystical teachings on topics of Spirituality

Topic - Zakir (notes in urdu and English )
#MastwaarQalandar #UK
English summary

The one who is a Zakir (who does Continuous, consistent Zikr), Within his heart (Qalbi Zikr) receives the Noor of the Quranic Ayah "Fazkuruni Azkarkum" . When that person says Allah, Allah ... Allah also remembers Him . In this state Between Him and Allah the distance vanishes, that He is remembering Allah and Allah is remembering Him .... In this moment they are together. They are not away from one another. When the Zakir is sitting in this state , He is receiving Noor and blessings ... And whomever is sitting to the left and right of the Zakir will be receiving the noor and blessings ... The ones sitting near the Zakir whether there personal worship is accepted or not but they will surely receive the noor and blessings.... Now if this Zakir goes to his grave .... He will still be a Zakir in his grave ... There is many historic stories regarding these Zakirs.


Jo Zakir hai , Qalbi Zakir wala hai, Jo Jo Yuun Woh Zikr Karta hai
Fazkuruni Azkurkum Ka faiz usko Milta hai ,
Jab Woh Allah, Allah kehta hai, usko BHI Allah
Yaad Karta hai , uskai aur Allah Kai darmiyan
Faslai Khattam hain. Kai ye Woh Allah Ko Yaad
Kara hai, Allah BHI usko Yaad Kara hai. Is waqt Talib aur Matlub Kai darmiyan Fasla nahi hai ... Is condition Mai jab Woh bheta Hoga, Us par tau Rahmat us par giraheee hai magar Jo uskai Ird gird bheta Hoga .. Chaiye is ki Ibadat Qubool ho ya Na ho magar us par BHI Woh Rahmat Nazil , hogayee , Ab Woh Zakir Qabar mei Chalagaya , ab Woh Zakir Qabar mei BHI Zakir hai .. aise Bohot Sarai Waqiat hain ...

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Assalam-o-Alaikum Brothers And Sisters,

On Monday 22nd August, you are invited to Gathering of Spiritual (Ruhaniat) speech, Zikr and Naat to receive Spiritual enlightenment , which will take place under the supervision of Spiritual Hazrat Pir Mastwaar Qalandar(Auliya Allah) from Makhdum Pur Shareef

We would like to unite with you.

The Mehfil will take place at 8.30PM after Maghrib Namaz inshallah at 31 Ashley Road, Leeds, LS9 7AJ31 Ashley Road
Please note that this has been a Church in the past. It is situated in between where Ashley Road and Ashton Mount join each other.
So the Main Entrance is from Ashton mount side.


Assalam-o-Alaikum Brothers And Sisters,

On Monday 22nd August, you are invited to Gathering of Spiritual (Ruhaniat) speech, Zikr and Naat to receive Spiritual enlightenment , which will take place under the supervision of Spiritual Hazrat Pir Mastwaar Qalandar(Auliya Allah) from Makhdum Pur Shareef

We would like to unite with you.

The Mehfil will take place at 8.30PM after Maghrib Namaz inshallah at 31 Ashley Road, Leeds, LS9 7AJ31 Ashley Road
Please note that this has been a Church in the past. It is situated in between where Ashley Road and Ashton Mount join each other.
So the Main Entrance is from Ashton mount side.
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Open Invitation For All
Feel Free to attend Spiritual Sitting and mediation gathering on UK*
*No Fee/No Cost, love For All
Spiritual talks on
Taleem e Taswwuf (Self-recognition) and Zikr (Mystic Meditation)
From 16 August to 09 September 2016
102 Riverdene Road, Ilford, London, IG1 2EB

Langar/Meal times: 8.30pm to 9.45pm
Evening Visiting Times: 10.00pm to 12.00am midnight

Join us for a Night of Mystic Music (Qawali)
(Date and venue to be confirmed)
Langer/food will be provided

For further information, please contact:
Iqtidar Shah on mobile: 07789248795 or email:
Checkout our events page on Facebook
Mohabbat Mission UK (Community)

“Love is the bridge between you and everything” – Rumi
“Self-recognition – knowing yourself – is as simple as denying your worldly desires. Love is the divine power that harmonises and unites all creation. Those who live with divine love in their hearts achieve enlightenment.”

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"Whoever listens attentively becomes gold."

"Whoever listens attentively becomes gold."

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