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Ok, even though on my Smart Aleck program i said that everybody hates cats, i love them. The only bias i have against cats is that they would eat hamsters if they could.

Guys, I'm SO sorry for missing The Hungry Kitty Day and Talk Time... I was REALLY tired by 11:00 PM yesterday,and The Hungry Kitty Day completely slipped my mind until it was after it was over. I can still tell people "Happy late The Hungry Kitty Day," though! ;)

Can I invite some friends who go to my school and are G+ friends to join? Just making sure, since you don' actually know them, I'm pretty sure.

How did u solve #33 on th math hw

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There's the cat pic you wanted Laura.

It's quite interesting that I was probably the only boy invited for no apparent reason, and I do feel quite awkward...
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