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Welcome to all of our new members!!!!!! Thank you for choosing to join our community!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Before you start here I would like to set out a few rules and guidelines.


No bullying other roleplayers, Do not harass other roleplayers. If I or any moderators see this it will be an INSTANT BAN no questions, if and or buts about it. I DO NOT TOLERATE ANYTHING OF THIS MANNER IN MY COMMUNITY!

No copying profiles or roleplays without peoples permission

It would be appreciated it if you can do a starter of about 5 lines minimum.

PLEASE, post in the correct section. If you don't know where it goes please ask me or a moderator for assistance.

If you're going to do hentai please, PLEASE censor the pictures.

Let's keep this appropriate I want people of all ages to be able to roleplay here, so please DO NOT post anything with content that is too inappropriate for others. That means if your starter cannot have any mentions of sex toys, genitalia, fetishes or anything of the sort. If you are into that sort of thing do it in a private post.

If you fail to comply with any of these rules then you will be given a warning, if you are given three warning then you will be banned.

Finally, Have fun. If you have any questions about this place or any of its rules, If you need help or have any complaints. then please don't hesitate to ask me or a moderator.


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@Dark Lady, for some reason I can not tag you. You have been given a warning. This is because you made a post and forgot to censor a couple of rather lewd pictures. It would be very much appreciated if did do that please if you're going to post those here.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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My name is Elizabeth, and I am the Queen of Heaven. So I am the mother of angels and every angel loves me. Everyone has a mother's sting for me. Especially you

You and me knew each other from childhood, you are my guard, and my best friend. You are there for me every second. You help me with decisions and everything else. And slowly you fall in love with me

But suddenly my nightmares start. I dream of hell every night, the worst place. You fly to me every night and you are there for me


The father of the demon is responsible for my nightmares. He wants a queen, and that's why he wants me to know what's going to happen soon. He will come to get me


Of course you worry about me, just like everyone, because everyone feels love for me. Sometimes that makes you very jealous

Tonight the same happens again. I scream in fear and panic, and you ....

//Open for male

//Only Pp

//Say your RP name

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♡You where a psycho. Everyone knew the Story's about you, but no one knew your face. You always change your hair color, hair style and the place where you kill people. This time you had Grey, Green, violet hair and Blue eyes. Your clothes where colorful and no one would know that you are the Killer. You always kill womens. But befor you do, you stalk this women and you just knew everything about her. Her Name, her Family, where She work or go to school, her Favorit Pet, Favorit food, just all. And since you where in "love" you wait for the perfect time to Catch her. But everyone you try to tell then that you Love her, they never agree and you kill them♡

♡I was a young girl, still going to high school, but also had a Job as a CSI Agent. I try to Catch you for two years now but never find you or got any Informations about you. Then, you thought you had to stop me. You Follow me but then you Fall in "love" with me. You did the same with me like woth every Other Victim. Only Different that I am from the CSI. One Day you See me walking out of My house in the Middle of the night and you Follow me. Then you...♡

//Need a psycho
//Open for male
//My Name is Agent Rose
//no one lines
//Only Pp
//Have fun^^

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We live in a World where people own Roboter to fight. Every Person own one Roboter. My own er got me as he became 18. But she didnt wanted to fight with other Roboter, Thats why he hate her and brought her to the marked where people can buy Roboter. No one wanted to buy me, and I was alone for 400 years. I didnt trust Anyone and I was ready to fight. I know, who ever becomes My Master, I will do what he want. But I also had feelings, what no other Roboter had. 402 years later you See me on the marked and buy me. They turn me off so I wont fight and you turn me on, on the next day. I wake up (Like on the picture) and look at you "Are you My Master? "

//Open for male
//You can be a nice or an evil master
//Roboter fight against Roboter. A bit like in pokemon, just with roboters
//Just in Pp's
//Tell me something about your character and maybe send me a picture
//No one word or one lines

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You were on your way to school. Today will come a new girl and you know that she just came to your school and your class because of you. She was from the CSI and you are a murderer. The CSI was looking for you for Years now

Me the new girl came to the class and sit beside you
"She will be my new victim" You thought

After school I walk home not knowing that you follow me, as you...

//open rp for male to play the murderer
//No one lines
//Play a bad boy
//have fun
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//Is our love strong enough?"

You where my classmate and always talked much. You where really popular in class, always maked jokes and of course every girl liked you. You knew every girl in your class, besides one girl. It was the shy,beautiful girl, that didn´t really talked much

One day you walk to your next class, not looking where your going as you bump into me. You pick up my books and help me up. You say sorry and I smile at you: _"Its ok" I said

We became friends, and after one year we became more then friends. But as my boyfriend, you see how different I became. I was very good in Sport, but then I became horrible in it. I couldn't run without feeling pain in My chest. I Loved Math and always tell the answers, but now not anymore. I always look down, Holding my head. But when you ask me what's wrong, I only would say that My head Hurt a little

"A week later"

Another Week later I was looking horrible. I didn't Talk and didn´t eat. You ask me if I wanted something to drink. I said yes so you go tot he kitchen to get me something to drink. But as you came back, I lay on the ground. Full of fear you call the ambulance

The people oft he hospital knew me already. The doctor told you that I came here every week. I was really sick. After a while they bring me into a room and you stand on my bed. I slowly open my eyes and you...

//Open for male or female

//Romance Rp but warning, will become a said Rp

//Say your Rp name, my Rp name will be Josephine

//Only Pp

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{♡The pink glasses♡}

[♡Hey, my name is Violet and I'm 19 years old. I'm looking for the right love for my whole life. As I was 13 years old, I still thought, you fall in love, become happy and get married. Unfortunately that is not the reality♡]

[♡My last relationship was as I was 17. No matter how hard I tried to fall in love, it did not work. It's not that no one cares about me. There where many people who wanted to be My boyfriend, but I have never felt the same for that Person♡]

[♡I have never really been lucky with love. The males who became my boyfriends, have always disappointed me. Either they were strangers or they did not treat me with respect♡]

[♡For years I have not fallen in love again. I was open and ready for the big love. I think I know every romance movie and every romance book. Only in my life have I not found true love yet♡]

[♡So slowly I even lose faith in true love. I wanted to start over and so I moved. I moved to venice and work there in a bar. I met new friends, and was super happy. But even after a year in Venice I found no love♡]

[♡I took all my movies and books, all about love, and threw them away. I dyed my hair purple and got a tattoo made. It was a broken heart that could be seen on my right shoulder. But even after my change, I found no new love♡]

[♡Now I live in Venice for one year and still live alone. I decided to get a book about love to somehow have the feeling of love. When I go in, I take a book and check it out when I see you. You strike me because of your tattoo. It says "find me love". I smile and give you my book. As you scan it, I pay and can not help but speak to you about your tattoo "Probably not so lucky in love, hm?" You....♡]

♡>>Open to boys or girls who play as a boy<<♡

♡>>Only PP<<♡

♡>>No one lines<<♡
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//Hey, anyone want to Rp with me?//

//Here are the type´s i´m doing//

"Romance Rp"

"Fantasy Rp"

"Action Rp"

"Horror Rp"

"Torture Rp"

"Hentai Rp"

"Yuri Rp"

"Vampire Rp"


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I'm sitting on your car and waiting for you, because you were just about to get us something to eat. I enjoy the sun on my skin and close my eyes. But suddenly I hear motorbikes. I open my eyes and see that I'm already surrounded. Five guys on motorbikes are driving around your car

We lived in the dangerous part of the west. There was a gang that fight with males for Fun, or bother womens. You and I were a couple and we both had always taken care not to get in the way of the gang. But it seems that that was not enough

When you get out of the store, you see the leader of the gang approaching me. He grins and grabs me. You get angry "let her go!" You call out, but he just grins and holds his pistol to my head "actually every woman belongs to me~" kick him and he lets me go. We get in the car quickly and drive away

That was a month ago. We are not hiding from the gang, but we knew they would come back. And indeed

You and I are sitting in the bar and drinking a beer when they come in. Two guys from the gang grab me while the leader looks at you "Fight with me if you want the female to stay alive" You....

//Open for male

//Only Pp

//No one lines

//Say your Rp name in the Pp

//My Rp Rp name is Abbey
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