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Name = Kirito Kirigiya
Relationship = Single
Place = Japan Tokyo
Personality = Nice
Wears = Black Clothes no im not a Emo or Goth or admire Satan i dont
Religion = none
Age = 26
Accessoires/Weapons i carry = a Sword and a Pistol
Level = 1
Hates = monsters and People That bully and beat up the weak
Family = none
Friends = none
Eyes = Black
Hair = Black
Weight = i dont know
Height = no idea
Loves = i dont have a clue
Pets = none
Gender = Male
Movies = too many to say
Music = thats also too many to say
Games = once again too many to say

My SAO/Sword Art Online Roleplay Character Profile

P.s. I know i changed a few things That arent True or is wrong but i hope you all accept it anyways im only here to make friends and roleplay and have fun That is all so ^^ i hope you all Will understand and forgive me greets from me

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(Open RP) its the first day of SAO and i'm practicing and my beginners sword breaks then I take my Wolf dagger out and use some extra metal to make a legendary wolf bite sword I turn around to see you looking at my new sword...

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Name:Dexter Rees
Weapon:A ice magic Katana
Bio:was playing since the beta
Avatar name:Griff

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Name: Sirigala
age: 12
Is 25% wolf
weapons: Wolf blade dagger and throwing knives
bio was started when first programing came out (4 months ago)
Avatar name: WolfGirlH

welcome to SAO Role Play Melody The Pirate Wolf

I haven't really watched SAO any one wanna send me a play list on YouTube
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