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Got some painting done with the Happy Jack's crew!

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Here is whats going on with the game I am running for some Strategicon buddies!

Went to see "She Kills Monsters" at the Loft in LA last night.
They have a Tiamat, people. A F***ING TIAMAT!
It made my little D&D gamer heart so happy.
PS: it's hilarious. And there are sword fights. You should go.

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This LA theatre company is producing an "action-packed, comedic romp into the world of fantasy role-playing games": SHE KILLS MONSTERS. I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of the director, the fight choreographer, and a several of the cast members. 
They need your help kickstarting this awesome project. 
I will see you there.

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I have been thinking about how FAE is basically similar to Dungeons and Dragons in its basic essence. So I decided to experiment with that point with my favorite 3.5 D&D adaptation. Mongoose Games Conan.

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Extras, adding a level of complexity is ok, if it something you need for your story.

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Making out some fun characters for FAE. Starting off with one of my favorites. Brock Samson.

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Here is a list of the RPG offered at Gateway 2013! We have a great cross section this year including quite a few demos and playtests of new systems. This list does not include the games offered in RPGA (including D&D 5th edition) and Pathfinder Society, both of which have a large following here at Gateway. I will be playing in Atomic Robo, Fate Core and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire games personally this year and will be posting reviews of my activities on the Blog. Come join us for some fun on Aug. 30th through September 3rd!

If you are a fan of the Happy Jacks RPG podcast, they will be in attendance running several games as well as recording the podcast
LIVE here at Gateway.

Alternity - Dark Matter
Apocalypse World
Atomic Robo: The Roleplaying Game
Call of Cthulhu
Carbon Skies
Cortex Plus Fantasy Heroic
D&D-3.5 / Pathfinder - Land of Grayhawk
Danger Patrol
Death of Ulfstater
Doctor Who AiTaS
Dungeon World
Dying Memories
Fate Accelerated
Fate Core
George's Children
GURPS Horror
Hero Kids (Hero Forge Games)
Hero System 6th Ed.
Monster of the Week
Old School Hack
Our Last Best Hope
S/Lay w/Me
Savage Worlds
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
Survivors: the Apocalypse
Tales from The Floating Vagabond
The Adventurer's Arts
The Queen's Cavaliers
The Regiment
The Sprawl
The Witch
Toon Munchkin
Tunnels and Trolls 7•5ed
Vampire: the Masquerade (OWoD)
White Wolf Storytelling
Wild Talents

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My review of Shadowrun 5th Edition
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