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Hello everyone,

We've recently heard some feedback from administrators asking how to add custom fields to the container record (or other data types) in CEMS. We've decided to share this tip with the user community.

The original request was asking for a new feature to signify whether a given inventory item was a part of a "kit" of items. This is easily accomplished using the CEMS "custom fields" feature. If you want to add this feature to your CEMS site, feel free to follow along!

Because this guide uses screenshots, we have saved it as a PDF and uploaded it to Box for everyone to see.

Feel free to send us your feedback! Thank you.

-- UNHCEMS Development Team

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Hello everyone,

In preparation for the launch of the upcoming release of UNHCEMS version 2.1, we've created a video presentation to showcase the new features of the SDS Downloader. This will give everyone a taste of the revamped SDS workflow, which has been completely retooled in response to everyone's excellent feedback over the past few releases of CEMS.

Feel free to check out the SDS Downloader demonstration video below, and maybe leave a comment (in this thread or on the Youtube page). We will also keep everyone posted with the latest updates as we get closer to full public release of the core software.

Thank you!

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We implemented a hazardous waste tag system for one of the sites to better track hazardous waste requests through the system. This feature is not enabled by default. Here's a video that describes the feature and contains instructions on how to enable it on your CEMS site.

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UNHCEMS Training System

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UNHCEMS Latest Release Overview

Apr 12, 2016


- Full Release Notes
- Custom Welcome Email
- Custom Fields
- Chemical Inventory Auditing
- New NFPA widget
- Record Already Exists Checker
- Device Registration
- Interactive Data Associations User and Room Reports
- Federated Login
- Saved Search Alerts
- Custom Default Searches
- Automatic SDS Downloader
- GHS Hazard Classification
- Features Slated for Next Release

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UNHCEMS Custom Forms
Apr 13, 2016


- Overview
- Build Custom Forms that model your exact needs such as:
equipment inventory, lab supplies, testing results, inspection reports, training surveys
- Ask a question and Choose a Widget
- Conditional Visibility
- Set Form Administrators
- Design Workflow to control who can view/edit form submission data
- Upload Tool
- Import a spreadsheet
- Delegate Responsibility for Completing Reports on a Due Date Interval

The bug that I thought we encountered with conditional visibility isn't a bug. I was editing the wrong work element. I should have edited the child element (with reason for the failure question). I also should have used the select box or radiobox widget instead of the checkbox widget. Checkboxes allow multiple values to be selected. Radio or select boxes only allow one answer.

How do I connect to CEMS from a mobile device not on my school network?

 To do this, first connect your mobile device to an authorized network location such as your school's wifi. Login to CEMS as normal. Then go to https://YOUR_CEMS_SITE/CEMS/RequestDeviceRegistration. Complete the form.

Next an administrator needs to approve your request. to do this, click manage data objects -> System -> registered devices. Then open the record you'd like to approve. Set "Is Active" to yes. Save the record.

Now the mobile device can connect to your CEMS from off site.

How can I set up training for users? I've uploaded a basic safety guide and a test  for a test course. I seem to be having difficulty from our "dummy test" account to find the course.

 Whats the best way to distribute them to a training user?

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Administrators can edit additional chemical inventory fields that aren't normally accessible to normal users. To do this, click the barcode link. This video shows you how to do it.

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Saved Search Alerts allow authenticated users to configure a saved search to send email alerts when records are added or present. This video demonstrates how you can add a saved search to send an alert when new explosive inventory is added.
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