I am looking to re-inventory a room and with the new update can not figure out how it is possible anymore. Previously I would be able to send all of the unscanned bar codes into in-transition, but now it does not look possible. The best I can do is update the evaluation date. I am looking to be able to send out multiple bar codes to transition. When I go to the individual chemical, sending it to transition is not possible, how can it be done?

I know there is a feature to take the chemicals in a batch and mark them as in-transition, but that requires knowing what codes need to be marked as such.


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Hello everyone,

We've recently heard some feedback from administrators asking how to add custom fields to the container record (or other data types) in CEMS. We've decided to share this tip with the user community.

The original request was asking for a new feature to signify whether a given inventory item was a part of a "kit" of items. This is easily accomplished using the CEMS "custom fields" feature. If you want to add this feature to your CEMS site, feel free to follow along!

Because this guide uses screenshots, we have saved it as a PDF and uploaded it to Box for everyone to see.

Feel free to send us your feedback! Thank you.


-- UNHCEMS Development Team

A user has asked: I was wondering how to get the mobile barcode scanning application for UNHCEMS?

A link to the mobile scanning app is available on the Documentation page on the Quick Links section at the top of your dashboard. Click "Inventory Scan App" and follow the directions on installing the software.

The latest UNHCEMS release 2.1 was installed on most UNH hosted sites this weekend. We've already received some feedback from our users. I thought I would share some in case other users have the same concerns.

1) Can we identify a product on the new container form without filling in the barcode?

Yes, The barcode is an optional field on the initial screen. You can identify the product by scanning the product barcode, entering the product number, or typing the chemical name. The system will prompt you again to enter the barcode on the second screen.

2) Under Quick Links: Contact EH&S. Is that for UNH contact? It says: To CEMS Administrator who does it goes to?

Contact EH&S adds a pending admin task visible on the dashboard for all database administrators.

3) At the meeting you mentioned that we can made a head line on our Dashboard (A message for everyone to see) how do I do that again?

The easiest way to broadcast a message is to add a new notice.
Click "manage data object" -> "System" -> "notices". Click the new record button. Add your notice. The notice will be shown on your user's dashboard.

4) Is there any way anyone with access to CEMS can be able to print a label?

Currently only users with edit access have the ability to print a label. I will open this up to users with view access as well in the next minor release (this week sometime).

5) Just noticed that some people that have access to view/edit chemical inventory can view "Owner Record" and be able to change information.

Only database admins can open user records. Try clicking the link. Instead of the User Record you will see a limited view only user profile when the user is lot logged in as a database admin.

Training System Questions:

1) How does someone assign an employee the ability to manage the training matrix for a specific supervisor?

The training matrix allows users to select a user to report for. The list of users a user can report for includes themselves, a user's direct reports, and their direct reports direct reports, and so on.

To make someone show up automatically on a users training matrix, simply make one user a supervisor of another. The supervisor (and their supervisors) will be able to see the user within the training compliance matrix.

2) When I review the training matrix, there is an ability to review the matrix FOR someone…Report For. How do the rules work for this? How does the system decide who to show reports for based upon user signed in?

Supervisors can see their direct reports. In one of their direct reports is also a supervisor, they can select this user.

Database administrators and Training Managers can load the training matrix for any user in the system.

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Hello everyone,

In preparation for the launch of the upcoming release of UNHCEMS version 2.1, we've created a video presentation to showcase the new features of the SDS Downloader. This will give everyone a taste of the revamped SDS workflow, which has been completely retooled in response to everyone's excellent feedback over the past few releases of CEMS.

Feel free to check out the SDS Downloader demonstration video below, and maybe leave a comment (in this thread or on the Youtube page). We will also keep everyone posted with the latest updates as we get closer to full public release of the core software.

Thank you!

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Come visit us at our CSHEMA booth. I am giving a demos of the new release coming soon. If we miss you today, I will be available to meet tonight or tomorrow at the conference. Send me an email philip.collins@unh.edu.

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We implemented a hazardous waste tag system for one of the sites to better track hazardous waste requests through the system. This feature is not enabled by default. Here's a video that describes the feature and contains instructions on how to enable it on your CEMS site.

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UNHCEMS Training System

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UNHCEMS Latest Release Overview

Apr 12, 2016


- Full Release Notes
- Custom Welcome Email
- Custom Fields
- Chemical Inventory Auditing
- New NFPA widget
- Record Already Exists Checker
- Device Registration
- Interactive Data Associations User and Room Reports
- Federated Login
- Saved Search Alerts
- Custom Default Searches
- Automatic SDS Downloader
- GHS Hazard Classification
- Features Slated for Next Release
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