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Name: Aleksandrina Braginski
State/City/ Country: The Micronation of Imperial Throne
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Nation age: 4 years old (going by when it was founded)
Age: about 5 or 6 in human years
Birthdate: December 27,2011
Height: 3'8
Weight: 80 lbs
Skin tone: Fair skinned
Hair: Short and blonde
Eyes: Crystal blueish voiletish
Distinguishing Features: N/A
Personality: WIP
Dress: She often wears traditional Russian clothing. (Little bit more research needed)
Special items: N/A
Bio/History: The Imperial Throne (Russian:Императорский Престол), formerly the Russian Empire (Российская Империя), is a micronation created in 2011 by Russian businessman and politician Anton Bakov, chairman of theMonarchist Party of the Russian Federation.

Bakov has declared the Imperial Throne to be the successor to the historicalRussian Empire that ceased to exist in 1917. The Imperial Throne also claims the right to maritime territories that were either claimed by the Russian Empire or discovered by the Imperial Russian Navybut never absorbed into the Soviet Union.The 17 claimed territories include the entire continent of Antarcticaas well as land currently under the jurisdiction of Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other nations.

In 2014, the Imperial Throne proclaimed that Prince Karl Emich of Leiningen, one of several claimants to the royal Romanov line, was now Nicholas III, Emperor of All Russia.

The Imperial Throne has no established territory or sovereign status beyond its own claims. In 2014, Bakov announced he had purchased land in Montenegroand plans to set up a government-in-exile.



In September 2011, Bakov told Russian newspaper Izvestia that he had purchased the Suwarrow atoll on 20 July 2011 for "millions of dollars" from the prime minister of the Cook Islands, on which he resurrecting the Russian Empire.Cook Islands Prime MinisterHenry Puna stated that Bakov's claim was completely false.

Bakov declared himself prime minister and announced a constitution and state symbols.The empire began to issue its own passports online for 1,000 rubles (USD $31),and by 2014 it claimed it had granted about 4,000 passports to citizens.

In June 2012, Bakov registered theMonarchist Party with the Russian Ministry of Justice,with a stated goal of restoring the monarchy to Russia in accordance with law. It is the only legalised monarchist party in Russia. In the fall of 2013, Bakov's daughter Anastasia Bakova (Анастасия Бакова) was the Monarchist Party's candidate in the mayoral elections in Yekaterinburg.

In July 2013, Bakov claimed his nation granted citizenship to the statelessEdward Snowden, who at the time was in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport seeking amnesty in Russia.

Accession of Prince Karl

Anton Bakov and Karl Emich signing founding documents for the Imperial Throne.

When Bakov founded the Monarchist Party in 2012, Maria Vladimirovna, Grand Duchess of Russia (herself among theclaimants to head the Imperial Family of Russia and a cousin of Prince Karl Emich), stated her opposition to the political party. Her attorney summarised her stance to Russian media: "No parties can help in this full-time job since a monarch can come to the throne only by the will of one's people and God."

Bakov responded to the press that if the Grand Duchess would not support their endeavor to restore the Russian Empire, other claimants would.

On 31 March 2014, under the new name of the Imperial Throne, the micronation issued a manifesto announcing itself asovereign nation and declaring thatPrince Karl Emich of Leiningen (born 1952) had become its head with the title of Nicholas III, Emperor of All Russia, as a successor to Nicholas II. The title claim emerged upon the Prince's conversion from Lutheranism to Eastern Orthodox Christianity on 1 June 2013. Karl Emich descends from the House of Romanov through his grandmother, Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna (1907-1951), eldest child of Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, who in 1924 claimed the Russian crown from exile following the execution of his cousin Nicholas II in 1918.

The Imperial Throne claimed that by his conversion, Prince Karl Emich had fulfilled the accession requirements of Articles 35 and 53 of the Fundamental Laws of the Russian Empire last established in 1906. Prince Karl Emich accepted the Orthodox name "Nikolai Kirillovich" (Николай Кириллович) to become Nicholas III, and his wife, Isabelle von und zu Egloffstein, who also converted, accepted the name "Yekaterina Fyodorovna" (Екатерина Фёдоровна).

Bakov's title changed from "Prime Minister" to "Archchancellor". The manifesto, signed by Nicholas III, proclaimed the goal of the Imperial Throne as consolidating people all over the world devoted to Christian monarchism.


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Name: Sienna Kirkland

Micronation: Atlantium

Gender: Female

Age: 34 but looks about 12 or 13

Birthdate: November 27, 1981

Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Weight: 99 lbs

Skin tone: Light Cream

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing Features: Two curls on her head

Personality: Adventurous, Curious, Rebellious, Courageous, Smart, Athletic, Laid-back

Dress: A black cropped tank and white Jean shorts with black lace-up boots and a scarf

Special items: A surf board

Weaknesses: Any cute animal, like a koala for example, will make her surrender

Bio/History: Sienna was raised in the Australian sun and on the beach by Australia himself, so she grew up to be a very laid-back and adventurous girl. She learned how to surf and she always played with the Kangaroos and koalas. She became friends with a bunch of other nations and micronation a quickly as well.
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