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"Because I said so!"

How many times have you heard this?

How many times have you said it?

Probably a lot.

Authority figures love to use these words to drive home the need for you to do or learn or accept something just “because.”

But rarely does this work out the way it’s planned. Because getting your way through domineering language never creates the lasting transformation you want. Instead, you want to offer correction, instruction in a constructive, positive way that builds up rather than tears down.

This so applies to authorities like bosses and teachers. Some are wonderful, always working to build confidence as well as knowledge, while others are domineering and belittle their students to make them feel stupid...

It’s true for training horses too. Either you are building your horse’s confidence or you’re ruining it.

My horse, Hot Jazz is naturally very introverted, unconfident and insecure so I make building his confidence #1 so he can perform to his best as my partner.

And I have other horses whose self-confidence is not at all a problem, in fact they love to argue!

But they are fragile as learners and that’s where I need to be careful with them, so as not to knock out confidence as a learner.

And learning is such an uncomfortable place for most people too. As a learner you are not good at what you’re trying to do... so it’s natural to feel stupid, incompetent, unconfident.

In fact, your confidence can be so shattered as a learner that it ends up defeating you your whole life. Instead of being excited and curious about learning new things, you shrink back into your comfort zone... and stay there!

Not all leaders and teachers see it as their job to inspire confidence in you, they just want to move your forward or share what they know.

At some point you need to recognize this, let it go and then get to work on yourself.

Hmmm... I guess that’s why this is called personal development, right?!

Linda Parelli

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Just uploaded a new yt video go check it out and leave a comment! :)

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Just uploaded a new yt video go check it out and leave a comment! :)

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