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Location : abandoned trail in the dark woods.

narrator / Alice : have you ever felt someone or something was lurking behind you at night ?? As you keep walking it was ready to rip you to shreds ?? This is one of those fears I had at the moment ..

Alice: I stop and turn getting my sword up ready to face what was following me all this time . 

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"Kind deeds are like stars. Each one makes the world a little brighter."

"Life is just something to smile about. So smile, crying is just another way life gives us to ease the pain."

"With every word you make an action. Say the right words and do the right actions."





Vampire/Time Traveler Hybrid

Leod She knows of him. But has never met him. Just clues and stories to where she could find him but he seemed to disappear just the right time she appeared.

Red is her cute adorable red panda who is a guardian to Sophie. He is able to speak and judgmental. To get a point off him impress him. (Picture 3)


Kusari Gama:
Is used for to keep a distance of an opponent if close enough to, even the wind will leave a cut.

Golden Blade:
A little dagger she keeps on her for safe keeping.

Skills/special powers:
Only 10:
Having a weak side to time travel she only able to freeze time for 10 seconds. Really only to used it when crossing a busy road or to avoid trouble leaving quickly.

Soul in Doll:
Sophie makes her dolls and collects souls when she out for blood. She puts the souls into the dolls and the come to life under her command.

Fire in her Flare:
Her quickest powers. She uses the heat around her soak it inside her. She can let it lose though her hands or mouth. It also helps her change or clothes in battle. She also cages her opponents like a bird making the cage shrink as they panic more to slowly burn off their skin.

Water to Reflect:
Like fire, she can soak it up and release the same way. Really hard to turn into ice but she could make the opponent slow down trapping them in a water ball. If they don't make it out in time they drown inside.

Ashes to Ashes:
With her fire skills, the strongest she could make her surroundings disrobe into ashes taking as her darker side takes ahold of her. Only when she at her lowest does the power appears.

A Kiss of Knowledge:
With a kiss to anywhere on the head, she gains the knowledge that person was given. It is not, however, given to seeing memories.

No transformations really.

She trusts too easily. She weaker using her weapons even if she has skills your powers are stronger. She tends to never have any shields on her so she making openings everywhere unless she blocks.

She is mostly calm but could be easily put in deep emotions to the point she stays that way for a long period of time. She tends to be serious but has a hard time to understand but can understand will little information.

Sophie grew up with a distance relative taking her in after knowing her mother died. They raised her to their knowledge that she was only a vampire but they knew she wasn't all that. When she was younger she would time travel to the past where the relatives lived before her. It made quite an uproar with the family that agreed to make her leave when she was at a proper age knowing they dislike bastard beasts. When she turned around her teenage years, she left and travel with what they giving her for the road ahead of her. She didn't stop to stay long anywhere her eyes were amazed at the wonders of the words that she traveled any place she can get to. High, low, far, or near, she wanted to go. Thos that was her life for the next years till she was a young adult. She was smart and knew the world better than most people. When people asked of her past she didn't know how to answer because there was nothing there to really talk about. She only knew her mother was dead. She knew nothing of her father. Then she became curious and start to investigate going back where her latest memorize began, with her distance relatives. They told her the kingdom her mother was from and it took off from there. Making her world open a bit more to herself and not just the land. Making to the kingdom they were disgusted but they reasoned to give her answers to her questions. Sadly, they only gave her a name. The name was enough for her. As she began her hunt finding the man that makes the other half of her.
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NAME: Sand





POWERS: Unknown


LIKES: not seeing: hentai, assholes, or people picking on the weak/starting fights

DISLIKES: seeing: hentai, assholes, people picking on the weak/starting fights


BIOGRAPHY: He kills. That's it. No crazy back story. Was born to kill.

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NAME: Beel

AGE: 24

GENDER: male

SPECIES: demon


POWERS: hand to hand combat, black magic, hexs, curses, sword skills, scythe skills, flight, shadow form

WEAKNESSES: sunlight, religious items of any kind, blessed weaponry

LIKES: cool rainy days, cloudless moon lit nights, quiet time to relax, and sitting down for a nice meal

DISLIKES: being intterupted fighting in the sun, odd foods, stress, windy nights

AFFILIATION: neutral/ Mod

BIOGRAPHY: Raised in hell by Satan to be the general of his armies, he rejected that and fled to the surface world where the sun would surpress his powers. When it is night he reverts to his shadow form (second picture) when he feels it necessary for a fight although still weakened by being on the surface he can only return to his full strength in the underworld where he is stronger than Satan himself.
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