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hey guys, hope you're all well. Today is my book launch day,

As I'm officially launching it today, the price on Amazon is ONLY $3.01, £1.99, €2.99 or the equivalent local currency in the Amazon area!!! Make sure you get your copy quickly!

Here's the link where to buy it

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Thanks so much guys, for buying and hitting 'Share' on this post, really appreciate it. If you want to retweet me on that'd be really helpful too

Thanks so much - really appreciate you hitting 'Share'

or if you prefer use any of the direct links below

US and international: $3.01 ->
UK: £1.99 ->
Germany: €2.99 ->
France: €2.99 ->
Spain: €2.99 ->
Italy: €2.99 ->
Netherlands: €2.99 ->
Japan: ¥250 ->
Brazil: R$ 5,99 ->
Canada: CDN $2.99 ->
Mexico: $34.99 ->
Australia: $3.99 ->
India: ₹99.00 ->

Thanks so much


If my product is sold on etailer sites can I still benefit from google analytics?  Or does it only work with a ecom site. 

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How to set up internal search reporting in Google Analytic.

Follow these steps to get it up and running:
Navigate to the “Admin” tab
Click “View Settings”
Go to the bottom, where you’ll find “Site Search Settings”
Click the button so that its setting is “On”
In order to complete the tracking, you’ll need to locate your site’s query parameter.

In a new browser tab, open your website
In your website's internal search bar, type the word "blog" and click "search"
You will be redirected to your website's internal search landing page
Look at the URL on the landing page (see screenshot below)
You will see your search term, along with these characters: "?", "random letter", and "="
The letter before the equal sign ("=") is your website’s query parameter
Enter this value into the appropriate box in GA
Click save

Search query: blog
Landing URL:
Parameter : ?s=blog
What to enter in GA: s
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Google Analytics Guide for all Beginners.....
#GoogleAnalytics   #UniversalAnalytics   #GAGuide  

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Google Analytics Guide to setup  GA code,  Account setting, Goal, site search tracking and standard Google analytics reports.
#googleanalytics   #GAaccountsetup   #googleanalyticsguide   #GAgoalsetupguide  

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Another new feature in Google Analytics -  Active Users
has anyone seen this feature in Google analytics report?

GA Implementation Contractor Needed! I'm looking for a contractor who knows GA and GTM inside and out to work on a short-term implementation project that will last over the next 4 weeks. You must reside in and be eligible to work in the U.S.    If you're interested, please let me know and I'll follow up.

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providing you some good approaches to ensure that visitors just stick to your web site and make the visits frequently.

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Google Analytics Adds More Row Data:

Google Analytics has quietly added or expanded the results per row option from 500 to up to 5,000 rows on a page.

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