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As soon as we get at least 15 active people with profiles, I will start the first community event.

I'm new to roleplays so can y'all help?đŸ˜‚

Hey can I get a template please?

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((Open Rp with GrĂ¡inne))

it was a cooler, clouded, rainy day, much like her home was... the sounds of the sea danced gently through the air, through the silence. A gentle mist of rain filled the air but the main storm was passing around. The distant sounds of something, or somethings most likely made of metal, hit something. GrĂ¡inne O'Malley stood there in a ring of hand made, makeshift target dummies, her twin short swords in hand, one in either. She smirked in victory over the now rather torn up dummies, but a branch snapped and GrĂ¡inne knelt down, instinctive taking over as she looked around, ready to pounce. Her sea blue eyes carefully examined the trees, and her dark, slightly frizzy waves of hair, which hung to her shoulders, blew gently in the misted, icy wind... she was beautiful yet perhaps the last person you'd want to cross...
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Profile Template


Name: Daniel Rose

Nicknames: Dan

Aliases: None


Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance(generalized): (In picture)

Hair Color: blonde

Eye Color: Left eye green, right eye blue

Complexion: Fair

Ethnicities: German,American


Biography: Dan's life was a challenge for years. He grew up defending himself from wannabe thugs, while also trying to keep cool under pressure. Dan would run away from his home and hide in the woods, where he acquired skills to live out there for long times.

Place of Birth: Indianapolis

Date of Birth: 01/28

Known Family(If any):
Mother, Mary Rose
Father, John Rose


General Skills: Organization, cooking.

Survival Skills: hand to hand combat, time management, herbology, hunting.

Equipment(disregarding weapons): 2 water bottles,compass,lighter, and

Special Traits: none

Weapons(if any): Hunting knife, pistol


Daniel was exploring the jungle, trying to figure out where he was. He was heading north, hoping to find a town or something that has people.
( +karina addison​)

Dose anyone want to rp.

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Name: yukia cliff

Nickmame: yuki

Aliases: the fisher


Age: 22

Gender: female

Appearances: usually wearing torn up clothes, small painting marks on the face to hide and some on the body.

Hair color: black

Eye color: black

Complexion: tan with a bit of scars all over

Ethnicity: Mexican, U.S

History: before I ended up here I had a good life many friends, and families. I miss them all my family had an oil buissnes and gre quickly now I'm stuck here...

Birth place: Chicago

Date of birth: Oct, 7, 1995

Known family: none


General skill: Fisher, cook

Survival skills: making weapons, cooking making fires

Equipment: purse, bit off money, make up

Special traits: none

Weapons: small pocket knife


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Location: coast
Time: 3:34
Weather: sunny

I am exhausted as I try to hunt fish with a spear. I was always terrified of taking on the big animals in the jungle so usually stick to this. When I arrived to this hell hole of an island I didn't have much to start. I managed to survive this long so I must be doing something right. I haven't seen anyone else

And I got you I throw my spear and scream in anger as it scurries away god another one, I'm so hungry I pick up my spear

(Oppen rp just jump in)

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((Open Rp))
((Character: Grainne O'Malley))
((Location: Pirate Queen ship wreck))
((Time: about Noon))
((Weather: overcast with a threatening of rain and a current light mist))

It was mid day, though the sun was hidden behind clouds. Today felt like home in Connacht to Grainne who currently was sitting on a small ledge near her grounded ship, just watching the waves. She always found peace by just sitting with the sound and view of the waves. Her daughter, Maedhbh, she remembered, used to go shell hunting by the sea back home. Grainne loved watching her daughter light up when she found an unusual shell or once even a crab. There was a special innocence just held in that moment that she didn't see when she was at sea or fighting a clan or the English on land... Grainne closed her sea blue eyes, the salt water gently misting through the air as she just sat there by the sea, lost in the memories of her family...
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