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High-Grade Jamaican Flavor
Colorado Springs Food Guy visited the High Grade Catering & Food Truck for dinner this evening.  This food truck specializes in ethnic Jamaican cuisine. The truck was next to JAK’s Brewing Co located on McLaughlin Rd in Peyton, CO. The food was authentic without a doubt and gave me a true sense of the culture. I sampled the curry lamb, the beef patty, the pork burrito, the ackee with saltfish sandwich, fried macaroni and cheese, and jerk chicken wings. First off, the shredded pork in the pork burrito was slow cooked to perfection, well-seasoned, and tender. The curry lamb tasted like chicken and was simply delicious and succulent and surprisingly not to spicy. Furthermore, the jerk chicken wings were big, juicy, and bursting with flavor. The highlights of my visit were the beef patty and ackee with saltfish sandwich. This is not only because they are staples in
Jamaican cuisine, but because the ackee with saltfish tasted like homemade heaven! The beef patty was served up with plenty of spice and the crust was so flaky. The atmosphere was upbeat and customer service was excellent. The owner was very friendly and helpful. Needless to say this place sent my taste buds on a journey and was one of the best food trucks I’ve visited in a long time. If you are in the mood for Jamaican food, try High Grade Food Truck.
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