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name: bumblebee
age: teen and baby
gender: male//mech
Side: autobot
transforms into: human baby but mainly is a merman
Abilities: Super speed, since of smell as a dog and inhuman super strength
Likes: chew toys
dislikes: bullys ,decepticons ,steeljaw and mean humans because he is scared of them of what they did to him.

Bumblebee was born as one of the last generation to be created from the Well of Allsparks after it had seized producing life. During 'The Great War', Bumblebee joined the Autobots where he fought alongside Optimus Prime and several other comrades during the centeuries-old skirmish. he has been scared of humans ever since he captured since he is in that aquarium zoo they are raising him in and he don't like humans that much because because they keep the poor merman in a tank with just him and no one else except when its feeding time and play time ... he still not used to humans since he is scared of them.
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In the war on cybertron optimus and some of the autobots went with him on earth. Optimus don't know that some autobots from cybertron came to earth in secret
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Jaune aka optimus prime
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