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Hi guys, how have you been? After a long hiatus building up my ecommerce business, I have finally found time to launch my next big training project <Unorthodox Marketing> . A special soft launch next week at a very special price for friends. This workshop will help you in your positioning in your business, check out:

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Dear friends.
Looking for marketing agents to market a seafront Penang property, 18 East at Andaman.  Freehold properties with excellent seaview.  Huge upside potential due to some little known development plans in the vicinity.  I have arranged for developer training on 6th April 2pm at GPS training room.  High commission for agents too!

Take a look at some of the pics.
Please comment below if you are interested.  I will also be providing a special internet tool for selected agents who are keen to work on the project.  Thank you!
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Hi guys.  How are you doing?  Just wanna drop a note here to wish you a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year ahead !  
Video marketing is really something that I believe in and am continuously practicing in my other businesses.  This video has helped me quite a bit: .
Another important skills to learn is writing headlines in your ad or webcopy.  You can pick up some free tips here :

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Hi guys, how's everybody?  I have just returned from a 5.5 days intensive training by Joel Bauer.  Here's the latest promotional video for one of my business.  Hopefully there are areas within this video that you could learn to apply for your real estate biz too.  Cheers!

Guys. The monthly Q&A session is on Monday 27 Oct , 10am.  Please come with questions that you may encounter during your online attempts.  Thanks!

Hi Guys - ONLY if you're interested in harnessing the power of technology and eCommerce:
I have arranged my Internet Marketing coach Patric Chan to speak in Singapore for 2 hours for free. He will share his insights on how anyone could create income from the internet & eCommerce.

3 November 2014 , 715pm to 10pm. 
Venue: Park Mall #13-07/08 Oasis Theatre 
Limited seats. You must register for your FREE eTicket at . Be fast if you are interested to attend.

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Guys. Even the most powerful person in the world uses email marketing. If you think email marketing is not for you, think again.
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