I will be resetting soon. I do decide to join again, would I be accepted back afterwards?

+Rivke Hazuki​ {Continuation}》

It was the middle of the night, and Amber hadn't been able to sleep. The boys seemed to have passed out already, and she had gone out to think. She had memorized the way from the inn to the forest, so she'd be able to find her way back. She of course had made sure to keep her sword with her, her hand resting on the hilt of it now. She was leaning back against a tree, her eyes down on the ground when,

Is anyone else on this anymore? It's very deserted.....Like, did everyone die or something?

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I walk over dead bodies and it reeks of blood. I have scratches every where. It looked a war here...but, they were all killed by one girl..How looked so fragile and innocent but, really wasn't..I laugh and smile. I hold my blades close to me. They are both covered in blood. My eyes glow red. I see u approaching me with your horses. Once u reach the battle u looked surprised. I just stood there smiling. Then u jumped off your horse and yelled...

((open Rp))
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Name: General Senshi
First name: Nari
Personality: cold and distant but a brillent fighter and leader. Can be thoughtful and rarely gives a sweet smile.
Likes:fighting? And reading oh also and winning
Dislikes: to lose and cowards
Bio: father was a general long ago and now she is. Nothing really special except for losing him.
(Ignore the crown in the pic)
+Elizabeth Lakoma
Is this a good bio for her???))

anyone wanna rp owo

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(open rp to people in the Aguil-eden territory or anyone visiting there)

The king was on his daily patrol around town as he didn't mind say his hellos to the citizens and greeting soldiers as they pass by until he heard a commotion in a nearby alley as he told his soldiers to stay out here and keep watch as he went in alone into  the alley on the other side was a square surrounded by building and one exit and entrance in which i came through wearing my armor and my greatsword still sheathed on my back
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King Ryuu sits in his throne room thinking of the future as he has just returned from a trio visiting a outer fortress he monitors as he sighs then looks to a guard as there is a lot more guards in the castle do to me returning. I stand up and walk to a meeting room as I tell a guard to fetch my younger brother ( +Rivke Hazuki​)

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-Name: Leon Mooonis 
-Alias: merc 
-Age: 17 
-Gender: male
-Alignment: a merc for now but is able to be prusuaded to join a faction
-Position: hes kinda a mercenary but he only does serious jobs that will involve discover ne wonders and ancient relics and such within everycountry
-Personality: Hes a Explorer that searches for rare items so he is picky and protective over his stuff. he loves to travel and never stays in one place to long. and he always love to stop at places where food is.
-Likes food, rare items, traveling, any climate, his blades, shiny items , intresting jobs. 
-Dislikes large spiders, traps, snakes, cobwebs, and not being able to eat
-Attack Power (10 /10)
-Defense (6 /10)
-Speed (10 /10)
-Experience (6 /10)
-Teamwork (3 /10)
-Social Skills (7 /10)
-Intellegence ( 9/10)
-Weapon:  3 blade, one greatsword and two one handed swords 
-Ability: he can use  his blood to make a weapon but drains a lot of energy for them. 
-Bio:through his childhood he was raised going from place to place exploring the three countries. his parents started to explore the seas  when he turned 15 as he took over and adventured everywhere. he took up sword skills and made a couple discoveries that boosted his reputation through each country 
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i was sitting in a tavern drinking away my pay from my last job when i walked up to you 
hello, may i get you something 
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