I'm a shy slave ready for a kinky long term master. 

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I want two play things to stomp inio the ground if you want me to be Your master then show me respect and ill see what I can do ill also take more then two if it comes to that 

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Auctioneer: Who wants this super sexy one? She is a bit feisty, but you can control her!
You: $5000
Auctioneer: Okay! Anyone else? No? Sold!
I stare up at the person who bought me from under my messy bangs. All I have on is a tiny bra and a thong. I wanted to have more clothes on being that I am uncomfortable with my body, but the guards made me wear this. You pick up my cage and smirk at me. I hiss at you, loud enough for you and a few others to hear. You take me out and throw me in the back of your car and you drive to your place.

((Need a somewhat descriptive male or female. They must be forceful and have lots of weapons to use for torture other than sex. Yes sex is allowed, but just try not to make it the entire thing. Have fun!))

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name Dalton Gaines
age 18
gender male
hotal room 56

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are you a dick or not
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cools dont rape

can I be a master 

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