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Name: Hana

Age: Hana is about fifteen years old

gender: Female~

Likes: Hana LOVES sweet things (and when I say sweet things I mean candy in general, her favorites being sour candies), aside from that she likes most food and can put away insane amounts of it without gaining any weight, making her the target of many jealous women from the military offices

Dislikes: Hana despises bugs, she hates them, hate hate hate hates them! Even seeing one sends her into an arm flailing, high pitched screaming, running around in circles frenzy. She dislikes people who aren't truthful and try to cause problems for others, in the rare case she catches someone in the act she becomes enraged with them (which for such a bubbly and happy girl is an extremely scary thing to watch)

Race: Hana descends from one of the ancient Xerxsian dynasty's, her great, great ((lots and lots of greats) grandmother was Xerxian royalty, she has a stunning resemblance to her royal ancestor ((although she doesn't act like royalty), her ancestors were one of the few Xerxian's who were out of the city hen father used the empire to create his human body and turn Hoenhuim into a philosophers stone

Personality: Hana is a very energetic girl who is fascinated with Alchemy. She frequently gets over-excited and dances in rather dangerous places. However she does not fail to support her friends at a moment's notice.Being a very active child, Hana's active energy seems to irritate a lot of people. She is also very positive, attempting to cheer people up whenever she can

Appearance: Hana is a short girl, standing at 144 cm. She has long, light blonde hair and blue eyes, a petite frame and wears a blue hair clip on the left side

Bio: Hana lives in a far corner of Risembool where she and her mother and sister lived together for the longest time, her younger sister passed away from a chronic illness and her mother died while trying to return home from central with the medicine to cure her after being hit by an automobile. After losing her entire family Hana devoted hr life to alchemy in hopes this could redeem her for being so helpless as her sister was dying thinking that if she had known alchemy back then she could have saved her sister and her mother would still be alive. Later on Hana attempted human transmutation, having no one to tell her that it always failed and was taboo, thanks to her Xerxian lineage ((her greatXhowever many grandmother having been a very talented alchemist)) he managed to survive her encounter with truth and the gate, losing one of her arms and one of her legs as a result of trying to restore both her mother and little sister.After that Hana still dedicated her life to alchemy, finding her ability to transmute without a circle very useful, she decided to make a living out of it and become a state alchemist, though she prefers to stay out of her military uniform and doesn't flaunt her privileges, she tries to be kind to everyone, always willing to help and always trying to be friends with everyone. She finds out about the homunculi's plot from Hoenhuim after running into him in central, seeing her resemblance to the Xerxian princess and finding that she was a state alchemist he thought it best to warn her about the plot, he also revealed her lineage to her and told her about the fall of the empire as well as who and what he was. After hearing about the plot she was desperate to help so Hoenhuim told her about the Elric brothers and that they were attempting to foil the plot, so she sought them out and asked to join the cause, from then on out she accompanied the brothers and helped however she could, only to travel to the Xerxian ruins and begin trying to restore the city with a group of friends after everything had ended
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Name: Edward Elric
Age: 15
Bio: Attempted human transmutation with my brother, we failed, i lost my arm and leg, me and my brother are trying to get our original bodies back.
Personality: Stubborn, hotheaded, never goes down without a fight. Touch one of his loved ones, and you die.
Likes: Fighting, alchemy, reading, Alphonse
Dislikes: Milk, the colonel, homunculi, his height. .
occupation: State alchemist
gender: male

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Okay... Profile Segundo.
Name: Gluttona (Or glutta for short... I guess. I suck with coming up with names. XD))
Age: 0.o how do you expect me to know that?!?
Gender: female
Bio: Just like Gluttony but genderbent.
Appearance: pics

((If it doesn't show up... Just imagine the 2nd picture of him with orange pigtales.)

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Okay, so I'm still super new to fullmetal alchemist, (episode 16-17) so I might not be really active (cause I'm watching it) but when I finish I'll get my friends to watch it, then ask them to join. Okay?

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I know it says "city role play" but it's really a bunch of super natural creature and mortals with powers. I actually have a alchemist character here, so it would be cool to have more :D

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+Alliephonse Elric
Sister, how many profiles can we have?))
name: Edina Elric
age: 15
Gender: female.
height: Transmutes arm NO.
bio: same as Edward except genderbent
likes: Cats, fighting, reading, books, alchemy, her sister, her dad, sleeping
dislikes: milk, her mom, getting wrenches thrown at her head. =.=, the colonel, being called SHORT!!
appearance: photos!
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Name: Alliephonse Elric
Age: 14
Gender: female
appearance: picture
Bio: Genderbent Alphonse
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