Hi guys. I think I've told my story before. So just gonna give update which at this point is scaring me. Last shunt bulb revision was 30 years ago. The rest of the tubing was replaced 10 years ago. No major problems since. Now having dizzy spells and pressure headaches. When for routine visit this past Monday. At the time I made appointment everything had been fine. The past month I've been getting dizzy spells and headaches. More so this week. So at the appointment the PA did what I call sobriety test but the walking heel yo toe. This time I could not keep my balance hardly at all. A lot of support. My memory. I can not remember short or long term. If I think about it s long while I may remember. But like family trips and things I'm like why dont I remember. The PA ordered an MRI which will be done June 4. The PA explained the as we get older the fluid doesn't produce as much. I have a nonprogramable shunt so it may be draining yo much. Then she explains if it drains too much blood vessel start to separate from the brain and all consequences of that. So yeah just a little nervous about all of this right now.

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