ok so team mystic has been claiming alot of ground recently gym and capture spot with one of my friends getting into a fight with a high level mystic member called carge. just so your aware

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I've also got CLT chats! So everyone should jump in. Here is a link to the cross faction chat, and from there we can add you into the secure Instinct chat!


Hey, lets organize a team incubation run and gym take over.

So it looks like we have significantly more activity on the Charlotte Team Instinct Facebook group than we do here. I'll still be posting updates and stuff in here, but I encourage everyone to look us up on Facebook as well.

Also, if anyone wants to help me moderate the Facebook group, let me know. I mostly just need someone to help approve new members.

Heading up Team Instinct up here near Lake Norman. Already have 4 gyms with 400+ CP Pokes. Git gud Peter.

Does jacksonville count as close? I can't drive to charlotte

Anyone see any good pokemon on campus... I might have to make a summer visit?

Anyone wanna help me go mess up the UNCC campus?

OK guys, I plan on driving into Charlotte uptown tonight when I get off of work and going on a battle spree. Anyone want to come with?

I'm ready, let's win all the gyms!
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