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Discerning You

Perfume: isn’t what it is, it’s really what it was…
Astonishingly a diamond’s rarer still and just because.
Trust me your worth is more than life’s pleasures,
Reading what was sent down to us is much better.
Intricately to persuade intimacy towards just you,
Created to do more than all of what we both pursue.
I am and will be what your true self must see,
Above and beyond nothingness, truth and reality…

I’ve seen a rose that has no equal,
Truly a flower that is flawless,
A star in the sky so unusual,
The dawn bows down to its brightness.
I’ve seen a butterfly unequalled,
That Picasso can’t even capture,
This diamond the rarest of her people:
The sight pulls you into its rapture,
I’ve seen the light, it’s oh so bright
It’s being is so much of a blessing,
A night light seen in my spiritual flight,
Always seems to keep me guessing:
I’ve seen my Queen of paradise,
She is all of the above at least,
The source of her sight feels nice,
From my rib that gives me peace.
I’ve seen in her exactly what I need,
And it hurts from my loins’ seeds
Too much in my heart as it bleeds,
Red, the image, the unseen, I’ve seen.

Copyright©2015 Raheem Muhammad All rights reserved
The Real Black Voice

@ OH SAY CAN YOU SEE ! SECRETS WeLcoMe To the Community were glad to have you! Thanks for sharing your amazing work and I must say amazing poetry ! Your poetry shows and has a lot of meaning and holds very strong messages. If only we had more people in this world that could communicate and make good changes I would love to share your work on other social networks as well as others. strong messages need to stand out needs to be seen, need to be heard..You are an artist indeed my friend! thank you for joining the community I hope to see more!

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I Must Write

It swells up inside,
Not hurting, but like pressure.
Expanding to somewhat wide,
Bursting out of me, never lesser.
It takes me, yet, it doesn’t control,
Lets me know that it’s there-
Really wanting me to take hold,
While showing me that it cares.
It breathes, and it feels,
Encompassing and eclipsing mine-
Guiding me as it heals,
Riding me, until it’s my time.
Sometimes, I’m its possession,
But only if I decide.
Mastering it is my ultimate lesson,
For the time when I ride.
Sometimes inspired in the day,
Mostly during the dark night,
Just to show you, the true way,
I have to, I must write.
The Real Black Voice

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If u haven't tried this ...I recommend you do!
Make Your music,beat, instrumental. Make music with fRiends or who ever. I was on it for a few good hours lol made 3 instrumentals nothing snazzy.. but I enjoyed the beat..I'll share it soon my Friend's!!
LeTs do!

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Come to me my love , run to me my love , for I will never let you go.
I will always love you , I will always care
and please understand I will always be there.
When you are in need , your love and emotions I will feed.
For I need your love and comfort , I need you here with me.
For I will let you know every coming day , you are
the one for me in every coming way.
" My love come to me , if you must , run to me ! " ....
For I will never let you go.


Welcome to the community!
Let me explain what this community is about;

This Community
First off this community is about sharing your skills your talents things that you know you’re good at. Or trying to get good at. No matter what it is even if it doesn’t relate to music. Up above I will explain to you what we support And I’m hoping that you could do the same in return…supporting our beginners.. our freestylers… our poets… our BeAT MakeRz and exedra..
This community is an open-minded community, with creative minds.. if you believe that you are unique in any type of way please share with us leave a post, and get feedback! Being judgemental is prohibited there will be no bad judgments in this community we are about making PEACE not WAR! We all know that there is enough going on in this world! There is already so much HATE being spread as is… and we all know what that leads to…. Chaos! There will be no such things in this community! We are here to support and give a helping hand, hoping we get the same in return. Now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about Artist’s -Now to me an artist is someone who could make art! Whether it’s with music instruments or not vocAls or not!

SpiTTeN Freestylers and writeN FreeSTLe
wRiTing Lyrics, R&B freestyleR music* Rap freestyleR music* freestyleR RockNRap, freestyleR HiP Hop, Country music , soft Rock, HaRd Rock Underground Music..if you like to Freestyle! This is the place to do it! if you wish to write your lyrics, that’s absolutely acceptable as long as they’re yours! we can’t give you credit for someone else’s work it’s much rewarding when your credibility is put into it. Its your tears and your sweat puT into your ART…
Unique, inspiring, spiritual, religious, creative POETRY

We support ; Talk poetry* rap poetry* write poetry*. pretty much anything that you created and put your own touch into it! It could be something you enjoy doing, it could be a hobby, projects.. it could be your career, It could be your talent! whatever it is, share it with us! Discuss it with this community help us relate to your message and its meaning. Show the passion you have for your Type of ART! See if others would be willing on working with you or you might want to work with someone that holds the same skill as you!
Supporting Art just in general.. sketching, drawings, paintings, writing and Exedra ….something that you created and has an unique meaning or strong message for this old and new generation and expresses your art behind it!

POST and SHARE some of your videos or video links ..
If you got some good skills, or any thoughts you would like to express, share with us! We might be able to give you feedback or advice.. Post and share…
This is your Bulletin board.. as well as everybody else that will be joining. if you know some folkz that have a skill any skill at all.. or if there talented invite them and have them join! specially If they don't mind expressing themselves.. We'd love to have you!
Be a part of the krew and Give your support!
We hope to see you join in and be a part of our community!
Thanks and hope u share with us soon!

Must be 18 or older.
No spreading hate.
No racism NO discrimination whatsoever.
No sexism NO disrespecting opposite Genders

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Sick! we need to make some music tho!
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