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It doesn't matter what your answer to 2 is so long as you can rationally explain it in answer 3.

If evolution is suppose to go for the best at surviving why didn't every other creature turn into a humanoid with intelligence that matches us, or at the very least just an another species that uses tools for most of their lives, tools are clearly the best at survival

What if a man combines himself with a cheetah and compete in a running championship ? Is there any rules to stop him from doing it ?

Why is exclusives even an argument when talking about gaming platforms ? Are people just so stupid that they need confirmation from their favorite corporations to enjoy any game ? No matter what console exclusive is out there there's a thousand multi platform games that you can spend the same or even more time on

Not that I believe in this argument, but I believe everyone deserve a chance, so where does the big bang comes from if there is no previous creator ?

Give me a reason as to why legal marriage would still exist when god is 100% dead from our society and we finally normalizes ivf

What even is the point of exclusives in consoles ? Exclusives existed in the past because game platforms are different from each other, but other than mobile and portables every other platform is just a pc nowadays (a pc that can't be modified but a pc nonetheless) , so what even is the point of exclusives existing in the modern gaming industry ? It's just a dying trend that pathetic companies use to mask how their consoles are no different than each other

Give me a reason as to why addictive drugs are illegal ? It's the addicts fault for using it, we shouldn't spend money on protecting people that can't control themselves

should permabanning exist in overwatch idk

Besides Death and Taxes, what are some other constants in life? This isn't much of a debating question, but I'd like to see arguments over the validity of constants. Remember, we're considering constants in a status quo world. Death ceases to be a constant in a world where we discover immortality, but that hasn't happened. Let's talk about things we can rely on.
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