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(Titan Fall 1)
Name- Everyone calls her Shadow (No one knows her real name)
Age- 24
Gender- Female
Primary Weapon- Kraber-AP Sniper
Anti-Titan Weapon- Sidewinder
Sidearm- Re-45 Autopistol
Tactical Ability- Cloak
Personalty- Shy, quiet, nervous when meeting new people, silent at times.
Likes- IMC, Staying alive.
Dislikes- Militia, Her Titan having to get fixed.
Bio- Always staying to the shadows which is how she got her name, Shadow nearly always get her kill, only a couple Militia soldiers have ever seen her and only a few have escaped her.

(Titan Profile)
Name- Sting
Chassis- Orge
Primary Weapon- X0-16 Chaingun
Tactical ability Electric Smoke
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(Titanfall 2 Profile)

Name: Jason Murphy
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Primary Weapon: G2A5 Semi Auto Precision Rifle
Anti-Titan Weapon: Charge Laser Rifle
Sidearm: B3 Wingman High powered revolver
Tactical Ability: Grapple
Personalty: Silent sometimes, humorous, focus, friendly, kind, active
Likes: Getting the job done, working with others, smashing other titans
Dislikes: Losing fights, IMC
Bio: Unknown to Militia Frontier but is will keeping to his home safe from the IMC.

Titan Profile
Name: Brute (B-9784)
Chassis: Scorch (Ogre Titan)
Primary Weapon: T-203 Thermite Launcher
Core Ability: Flame Core
Tactical Ability: Wildfire Launcher - More fire is spread from the Thermite Launcher.
Inferno Shield - Thermal Shield last longer and deals more damage.
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So does Titanfall 2 count?

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Titan classes and Weapons 
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Pilot Weapons. 
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