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Luigi: +Andre The Weirdo​​​​
Peach: Me
Rosalina: +Híldα Bєrg​​
Pauline: +Híldα Bєrg​​​​​
Bowser: +spicii_​​​
King Boo: +spicii_
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A compilation of all of the power-ups in the franchise, including some fan-mades. At least I hope it's all of em.

Super Mushroom - A simple health up tool. Gives the consumer a boost in strength and health.

Fire Flower - An orange flower. Grants the element of fire to the consumer, as well as giving the increased health.

Ice Flower - Abilities are the same as the Fire Flower, but instead grant the element of ice.

Power Star - A bouncing star. Grants temporary invincibility and drastic increase in speed to the consumer.

1-Up Mushroom - A simple health tool, granting the consumer another life.

Mini Mushroom - A tiny but tasty mushroom. Shrinks down the consumer, weakening them drastically, but granting them speed that rivals the Power Star.

Mega Mushroom - The complete opposite of the Mini Mushroom, a consumable that grants temporary invincibility, but a massive boost in strength.

Golden Flower - A flower that grants the user the all-powerful element of gold fire, turning things damaged, as well as enemies, into shiny coins.

Penguin Suit - A stretchy spandex animal suit. Upon wearing, the user is granted increased swimming speed, given the element of ice, and granted more control on icy terrain.

Phoenix Suit - Similar to the Penguin Suit, but granting the element of fire to the user, and given the ability to swim in and glide/walk on hot surfaces such as lava geysers and lava.

Tanooki Leaf - A small, autumn leaf. Upon consumption, the user is given the Tanooki Suit, granting them the tail spin attack, the ability to glide and the ability to fly with a run up.

Invincibility Leaf - The Tanooki Leaf with powers surpassing the Power Star. Grants all of the abilities of the Tanooki Suit, along with a much faster flight charge time and invincibility.

Statue Leaf - Another member of the leaf family, this adds the ability to turn into an invulnerable statue to the Tanooki Suit's armada.

Bee Mushroom - A small mushroom from a far-off galaxy. Grants the consumer flight and a deadly stinger on their behind, as well as the ability to climb honey.

Cloud Flower - A delicate flower from a far-off galaxy. It grants the user the ability to create clouds, including storm clouds.

Spring Mushroom - Another delicacy from a far-off galaxy, this power-up coats the consumer in a giant spring, allowing them to bounce to new heights.

Rock Mushroom - Yet another mushroom from far-off in the universe, this one with a much harder crunch. Allows the user to become a giant boulder to charge forward and crush their foes.

Poison Mushroom - A more deadly mushroom, but beneficial if consumed correctly. This mushroom grants the consumer the ability to control poisonous spores and jets of venom, though overuse can cause the consumer's mind to corrupt.

Boomerang Flower - A flower from a neighboring kingdom of Bowser's Kingdom. This flower is often given to Hammer Bros. to grant them a powerful boomerang attack.

Boo Mushroom - A spectral treat from a far-off universe. This mushroom turns the consumer into a Boo, allowing them to phase through walls and grab items with their long tongues.

Rewind Flower - This rare delicacy allows the user to mess with time. It can reverse the user a short step in time, a short ranged rewind. However, the effects only last a few minutes.

Super Bell - A small trinket used to grant the wearer the powers of a cat, assisting them in climbing and scratching.

Lucky Bell - This bronze bell is very similar to the Super Bell, but allows the user to become a Cat Statue, granting invincibility and coins.

Double Cherry - Bowser's main tool for his army's expansion. The Double Cherry, as the name proposes, grants the consumer a complete clone of themselves.

Super Acorn - An acorn from a large tree on the edges of the Mushroom Kingdom. Grants the consumer the ability to glide, and a powerful spin attack while gliding.

Propeller Mushroom - A curious gift to Peach granting the consumer the ability to fly with a burst of speed before slowly gliding down.

Doctor's Pill - One of Dr.Mario's medical breakthroughs. Upon consuming, the user is granted the ability to throw deadly pills at their enemies.

Lightning Flower - Another variation of the elemental flowers, this delicate flower grants the element of electricity to the consumer.

Dry Flower - Who left bones in my meal? This rare flower grants the consumer a skeletal appearance and the ability to not be damaged by the element of fire, and to throw deadly bones.
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Peach friggen drop kicks toad and r U N S FOR HER L I F E
+Andre The Weirdo

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"Dont you get it? He doesn't care about anyone...."

"He did this to me...."

+Zuka Nashitzu

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T h e K o o p a K i n g


ᗷᗩSIᑕ IᑎᖴOᖇᗰᗩTIOᑎ

Ɲαмє: The name of the creature is Bowser, the King of the Koopas.

Ɲιcкηαмєѕ: He is most commonly referred to as 'Bowser', but otherwise can be called The 'Koopa King' or 'King Koopa'.

Agє: Bowser is assumed to be in his late 20's-mid 30's.

Ɠєηɗєя: Bowser is a male ♂

Sєx: Male ♂

Sρєcιєѕ: Bowser is a Koopa.

Rαcє: Bowser is a part of a subspecies of Koopa, known as a Royal Koopa, that have various advantages compared to your average Koopa.


ᑭᕮᖇSOᑎᗩᒪ IᑎᖴOᖇᗰᗩTIOᑎ

Lιкιηgѕ/ƤƖєαѕυяєѕ 🌈:

Hαтєѕ/Ɗєѕριѕєѕ 🔥:

Rσмαηтιc Sтαтυѕ ❤️: Though he hates mentioning it, Bowser is single.

Ƥαятηєя ღ:

ƑαмιƖу Mємвєяѕ 🚻: The only known members of Bowser's family is his son, Bowser Jr., and his adopted children, the Koopalings.


ᑭᕼYSIᑕᗩᒪ IᑎᖴOᖇᗰᗩTIOᑎ

Hєιgнт: Bowser's height constantly varies, but he is always over Mario's height, normally around 8 foot tall.

Ɯєιgнт: Bowser at least weighs a ton, due to his shell and muscle.

Hαιя ƇσƖσя: Bowser's hair is blood red.

Ɛує ƇσƖσя: Bowser's eye color is as red as his hair.

ƤнуѕιcαƖ Sтяєηgтн: Bowser has constantly shown to have incredibly high base power, being able to lift objects much larger than himself. He has even shown the ability to use the same power up abilities that Mario uses can be used by himself, his personal favorites being the Super Bell, Tanooki Suit and the Double Cherry, which further enhances his overall abilities.

MαgιcαƖ Sтяєηgтн: Magically, Bowser is just as strong as he is physically. He has the ability to grow in size, shoot blasts of fire, and manipulate flames in various ways. To some, he is a god of fire, due to the powers he possesses. He can also in some cases create portals and blasts using different types of dark magic.

Ƒσямѕ: Other than the power-ups he can use to enhance his form, Bowser has taken many forms during his clashes with the Italians. He has been shown to absorb powerful objects, be taken over by powerful beings to alter his power, and even surpass death itself on multiple occasions. Bowser's forms include: Black Bowser, using the power of an enchanted black paint, Blockhead Bowser, using the powers of the Megamorph Belt, Bowletta, when possessed by the bat Cackletta, Metal Bowser, by using the Metal Box to transform, Giga Bowser upon being struck by lightning, his iconic Giant Form, which has been formed upon inhaling a hell of a lot of surrounding, or by the influence of Kamek's magic, Dreamy Bowser, upon absorbing the Dream Stone during Mario's vacation on Pi'illo Island and finally, Dry Bowser, when Bowser brings back his skeletal carcass via magic.



Bowser is the rival of Mario and the main antagonist of the Mario series. He is a fearless dictator, who rules an army of millions who he uses to do his dirty work. He often plays the game of hostage, kidnapping a neighboring kingdom's princess for the fun of it, and for his own schemes of expanding his empire.

While the brute is commonly an enemy of the Mario Bros., it has been shown that he isn't excluded from their activities. They happily opt him in to go-karting and sport events. However, Bowser still continues his plans. Not only due to his own lust for power, but for the kingdom he rules, to maintain his image towards his people. They need a role model to look up to. But either way, it has become basic now. Bowser kidnaps Peach, Mario saves the day. It's monthly routine at this point.

The man may be a big dude, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a brain. Bowser is actually a lot smarter than he may first seem, having just above average IQ. He can get bashful during fights, and that brain lacks use in those situations, but for co-ordination of attacks, designing of his air ships, Bowser has it all.

Bowser only lacks a romantic partner at this point. The man's a multi-billionaire. He can commission his own skyscraper, afford his countless airships and minions, as well as commission a SOLID GOLD TRAIN. In the end, the guy only wants a bit of love at heart, even if he hides's why he goes to these sporting events with the crew in the first place.


E x t r a s

ƤєяѕσηαƖ: Unlike most villains, Bowser has a very special place in my heart. If it weren't for him, I would've most likely chosen Mario to RP as. Bowser was one of the first antagonists I was exposed to as a child. I grew up playing the Galaxy games and 2D Mario games alongside Sonic, and I loved the fact that Bowser was made to be intimidating, even if he is a big goof in some cases.


~Bowser Battle 2 - Super Mario Odyssey -

~Final Battle with Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy -

~Boss - Final Bowser Battle - Super Mario Galaxy 2 -

~Final Boss Phase 2 - Lava - New Super Mario Bros. Wii -

~Final Boss - Phase 2 - New Super Mario Bros. U -
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Peach holds her bouqet, twirling around

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Luigi had went to the princess' castle, only to see her in her nurse outfit
Ah, Luigi! I had found my nurse outfit, so I tried it on!
+Andre The Weirdo

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Name: Peach
Nicknames: Toadstool, Princess.
Age: 25
Origin: Mushroom kingdom
Crush: Mario, Bowser
Forms: Shadow Peach, Shadow Queen, Peach
Powers Her emotions and her umbrella
Likes: c a k e, being saved by mario, toad
Dislikes: Bowser, being left out, no cake, and Mario leaving her.
Bio: Princess Peach is rhe princess of the Mushrpom Kingdom. Usually being saved by Mario and Kidnapped my bowser -Possibly likes being kidnapped?
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Name: Luigi
Nicknames: Wigi
Age: 23?
Crushes: Possibly Daisy, but maybe none
Likes: His brother, Daisy, Peach, staying out of danger
Dislikes: fighting, ghosts, many other things
Origin: A plumber from the mushroom kingdom
Bio: The youngest of the mario bros. He perfers to stay at home, and can be shy. He lives hanging out eith hid brother, peach, and Daisy
+Andre The Weirdo
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Peach walks off the ship. She was in a wedding dress...
what happened while you were gone?
+Andre The Weirdo
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