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News Update

I have not been very activate these last two week, I was busy with other things aswell as got a cold. However in the upcoming few months I have more time to spend on BlackPlayer

Final version of BlackPlayer EX 20.36 will be released soon.

I plan to release 20.37 BETA next week. It will include a first version of the new Startpage of BlackPlayer as requested by many people. It will only be usable when using the new Custom audio library.

BlackPlayer Free 2.43 now available in the Beta channel.
- (NEW) Added support for synchronized lyrics. Both embedded and lyric file is supported (.lrc). Place the .lrc file in the same folder as the Track and rename it to the same filename.
- The 'Click Action' setting in the main 'TRACKS' list is now made global. Change it by tapping on the 'TRACKS' title.
- Added total duration and Track count for the Genre Tracks page.
- Track duration now visible for Tracks in the play-queue if 'Show Duration' is enabled.
- Top Status bar in Playlist page are now transparent.
- Fixed 'Hide Short Tracks' for new Custom Audio library, was not working before.
- Fixed wrong navigation bar color if the action bar color was changed for some windows.
- Fixed bug in the start page where the background could have the same color as the action bar.
- Fixed bug that could cause the Edit of Track to not update the database, for the Custom audio library.
- Updated translations.

Firstly thank you for unleashing the full power of my LG V20 DAC.

Secondly, please add a search and organize by YEAR feature. Thanks.

is there a way to download artist images / album covers at a higher resolution? if I want quality images on my music I would have to download them, then manually set them for my hundreds of artists and albums. if there was a setting that I could change to improve the image quality I would be quite happy.

App version: 20.36 beta
Device: pixel 2 xl
Os: oreo 8.1

My media buttons for wired earbuds also don't work anymore. Ear buds have 3 button control, optimized for android (Jay's). On other media players (Poweramp 3) they do work. Volume, play work, double click for next song and other multi click options do not.. Standard troubleshooting did not make any difference..

Thanks for otherwise great app and for looking into it.. Best wishes!
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HTC 10: No widget ! APK on internal memory. Music on SD card. Help me, please.

Newbie to this community, but been using black player for some time and its a great app. Have Samsung Galaxy Note5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone, am a beta tester version 2.4.fff32.43., Android version 7.0

am using a playlist - how can I get the playlist to continue in sequence the next day or time I restart the phone? if I have 100 songs in playlist and I have or am on song 65 hiw can I get song 66 to start playing the next timei I restart bp or the phone. in other wirds have it pick where it left off.

Thanks for your reply in advance.

finally pulled the trigger and paid for the full version.

I'm new to this group, but I've been using the app in Beta for ages now.

I love the app, and really have no issues with it, but I would like if, in the future, support for IFTTT could be added. In particular, when playing a certain song.

I am unsure if this feature would be down to IFTTT to implement (i.e., reading what music is currently playing), or Blackplayer.

Question; when I moved Blackplayer EX to the SD card, why are all my Blackplayer folders still in internal storage? If I manually move them to SD will it break the app? (trying to make more room in internal storage) Or should I save all my Blackplayer folders / files to my PC, and re-install the app? P.S. I'm a beta user too. Thanks for your help. :)

Any idea of how to restore my favorites? Had an issue a few months ago with my favorites to which I'd stopped paying attention to, but now I realize that the situation has regressed and I can't even add favorites at all, stating "unknown error. failure to find favorites playlist." Any ideas? There's a .m3u in the BP folder, but when i engage it nothing happens.
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