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Are you a daydreamer like JD or a prankster like Janitor?

Find out which Scrubs character you're most like and share your results so your friends can see too!

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What is your favorite thing about Keith Dudemeister?

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Keith – From a Forest
Pronounced KEETH, Keith was derived from a Scottish surname and as a surname it functions until today.
Originally from Scottish, it means “forest”, and as a given name it wasn’t used until the 19th century.

Famous Keiths We Love:
+Keith Urban – New Zealand-Australian country music singer, guitarist and song-writer, best known for his studio albums Keith Urban, Golden Road, Be Here, Defying Gravity, Get Closer, Fuse, and others. He is the husband of actress Nicole Kidman. 
+Keith Richards – English musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter, and an original member of the English rock band from London +The Rolling Stones. They’re best known for their albums The Rolling Stones, Aftermath, Let It Bleed, Black and Blue, Undercover, Bridges to Babylon, and others.
Keith Flint – English dancer and singer, and a member of the English electronic music group +The Prodigy. They’re best known for their studio albums Experience, The Fat of the Land, Invaders Must Die, and the hit singles Firestarter, Breathe and others.
Keith David  – American TV, film and voice actor, best known for his roles in the films Crash, There’s Something About Mary, The Thing, They Live, Pitch Black, Armageddon, Platoon, Requiem for a Dream, Men at Work, and others. 

Famous Keiths in Books/ Movies/ Video Games/Music:

Keith Dudemeister – fictional character on NBC/ABC’s comedy-drama series +Scrubs, portrayed by Travis Schuldt. Keith is a medical resident at Sacred Heart. He is depicted as timid at the beginning, but throughout the series he adapts to his hospital responsibilities and becomes very popular.
Keith Dennison – fictional character on CBS’s soap opera series +The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Granville Van Dusen and David Allen Brooks. Keith is the father of Tricia and Megan Dennison, whom he raised alone. He also becomes involved with Jill Abbott.

Keith Scott – fictional character on The WB’s drama TV series One Tree Hill, portrayed by Craig Sheffer. Keith is the older brother of Dan Scott, portrayed as Lucas Scott’s father figure. He is also in love with Lucas’s mother Karen. 

Celebrity Babies:

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any recent celebrity babies of the name Keith. If you spot any, let us know!

Keith was originally a Scottish surname, derived from a place name which meant ‘forest, large woods’. Historically, this was the surname of a long line of Scottish nobility. As a masculine given name, Keith wasn’t used until the 19th century. It was extremely popular in the US in the 1950s and 1960s, since then its popularity has been on decline. The origin and profound etymology give the bearer of this name a hallmark of noble personality, wit and sense of humor, as well as strong and genuine character.

What do YOU think of the name Keith? Would it be a good name for your baby boy? Let us know in your comments either here or on the name page

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Season 9?  To buy or not.
Being a completist I want the complete set of stuff I own on DVD.  But some times I don't like a film or season... but not owning it bugs me .  This is my attempt to exorcise the completist demons by sharing why I don't want certain discs in my collection. ...

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