I currently have the Out of Milk program loaded on 2 desktop and 1 laptop computers, a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Samsung Galaxy Note. The lists will sync to the computers, but do not sync to either of the android devices, unless I uninstall and reinstall, which I would hope to avoid for every time I want to use your app. Also, I have attempted to delete several lists, several times, with no luck. They continue to appear on all devices. I thought this was a time-saving program, but it is actually wasting my time. Please fix these issues and/or tell me how to get this to work properly on all my devices.

I have opened Request #30775 on June 26, 2015 with disappointing results.  The responses instructed me to do exactly what I had said (above) I had already done.  I would like to have this issue resolved, because I now find that I cannot get any of the devices to sync.  For instance, this morning I created a new list on my desktop computer and cannot access it on any other wireless device.  As I mentioned, I would prefer not to uninstall/install every time I want to use this app.

Please provide me with something useful or I will be removing your program from all my devices and strongly recommending that action by anyone considering to use it.
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