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New Voice Actor for Lloyd!

Guys I just found the original Ultra Sonic Raider at 80$, the original price on eBay

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Made a new one, it's awesome!

Please tell me a song to make a music video of

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I know I said I was gonna show my Ninjago collection if enough people responded but I'm bored, just say what ya wanna see, Weapons, Vehicles, Characters, spinners/arjitzu flyers

Do you guys want to see my Ninjago collection? I'll check back later

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What would you rank me? ( +Kat Kit ) Ik Wat ur gonna pick...the worst one... XD

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hi fellow ninjago fans ;)

i jjust uploaded a new lego stop motion, kai's dragon... this is my own creation... would love if you can take a look and subscribe to my channel... and please share it too :) thanks a lot

thanks for inviting me here :) please check out my youtube channel and i got some ninjago stop-motion videos :) please subscribe and share :) thanks again

New community, Ninjago Voting Community, bunch of things to vote about
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