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Hello everyone! Me and Mikasa Ackerman are making a camp called #KillLaTitan , Why you may ask? Well, We both were about play a game called Attack On Titan Tribute Game and
it inspired us to make a camp to see who is the best Titan Killer out there, now with that being said, you can sign up today if you want to be in the camp, but I'll warn you,
if you die, thats the end of you, theres no going back, enter at your own risk. There are going to be challenges everyday, it will involve with killing Titans, racing with 3DMG,
etc. There's going to be a few rules that we provided, please read them before signing up.
Rule #1: If your going to sign up, but not show up, we will vote you off, there is no second chance.
Rule #2: You will have breaks three times a day.
Rule #3: Please respect your fellow teammates.
Rule #4: If you don't follow the orders you are given, you would have to run 10 laps of a field.
Rule #5: If you see any weird activity happening, please report it to the staff.
Rule #6: Don't ask for moderator.
Rule #7: Good luck!
If you have any questions and concerns, please talk to the staff:
Current Staff:

+Ness Zamarripa

+Mikasa Ackerman

Current people signed up:
+Ness Zamarripa

+Mikasa Ackerman

You may sign up by telling us in the comments below. Starting Now!

"Um...I'm new here....can someone help me?" she rubs her arm

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Real Andy: U-Umm.............. He held in his laughter.
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Likes: good guys and helping people and his humorist jokes

Dislikes:bad guys and time being wasted


skills:combat sword weilding and doing missons


Bio:was a normal koopa untill one day a meteor came down and crushd him but it luckaly exploded on impact of the ground thats when he gained powers later on he left his village aftger some time he found this leagendary sword konark afther that he came back to only tell his village goodbye but before he left his grand mother gave him the leagendary shades of Reen and the risk bans of fenaren afther that Ray left his village to start his true aventure
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Real Andy: This is an example profile.
Also, don't copy it, this is just an example, so please don't copy.

Name: Andy "Andy-Kun" Zamarripa
Age: 14
Birthdate: 01/16/2001
Height: 5'7
Weight: 151 Lbs.
3DMG Skill: 8/10
Sword Skill: 9/10
Speed Skill: 7/10
Gas Skill: 10/10
Ability: Can distract the Titans by doing a silly little dance that makes the Titans laugh.
Likes: Bread and cute things.
Dislikes: Horrifying slaughtering titans.
Bio: Its............................................complicated.............

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Hi! And than you for the invite


Real Andy: He clears his throat Everyone, this community is under construction, please wait patiently until it's a organized community.

Hello everyone out there! This is a reminder that there are new categories! Now you know where to post specific things! More will be coming soon. Go ahead and check them out!

Hey guys! This is just a reminder that everyone should make a profile to introduce yourself and your information, if you don't make one until Friday, I will vote you off the camp and you will never return, EVER. So please make an profile so we can all know about you. Thank you.
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