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Here's the example moveset.
And tell me if anything's incorrect

Need help finding a new Neutral B. I do not think Gallade can learn Psybeam. Needs to be a chargeable projectile.

Gallade Moveset
Engine: Sm4sh
Game: Pokemon

Weight: Medium-light, more on the medium side
Height: Lucario height
Fast-falling, short short hop, decently high second jump, comboer
Dash speed: A little faster than Marth

Standard Attacks:

Jab: Right blade swipe, 3%; left blade swipe, 3%; Moderately fast alternating swipes, 1% each, last one longer, 1.5%; if button is pressed just three times, does 4 end swipes for total of 10.5%

F-tilt: Sticks both blades out, like Project M Roy's, except faster, 9%

U-tilt: Left blade swipe like Marth's, 9%, can be chained at low percents

D-tilt: Right blade low stab, very quick, 6%, can be chained at low percents

F-smash: Both blades stab out, similar to F-tilt except noticably stronger and more lag, 11% uncharged, 17% fully charged

U-smash: Basically Greninja's, except more range and can kill earlier, 4%, 7%

Dash Attack: Swipes right blade foward while sliding and gains a little speed as well, 8%

D-smash: Very quick single-hit smash, similar to Lucario's except longer range (than when he's at 0%) 9%


N-air:  High Kick; standard jump kick, lingering hitbox, 11% sweetspot, 7.5% sourspot, cannot kill below 200%

F-air: The main combo move, it swipes both blades in front vertically, covering almost a full semi-circle, 7.5%, low knockback

B-air: Extends elbow-blades and leaves them out for about half a second, similar to Captain Falcon's except more range, 12%, can kill at the edge

U-air: Left blade swipe upwards, think Lloyd from SSF2, great juggler, 8%

D-air: Think Diddy Kong's, except much longer range, 8.5% sourspot, 11.5% sweetspot, spikes at sweetspot

Grabs and Throws:

Grab: Sticks right "hand" out, average range

Pummel: Stabs with shortened left blade, slightly slower than SSB4 Samus', 1%

F-throw: Kicks opponent away (not punts), 8.5%

B-throw: Tosses opponent behind then extends elbow blades, can kill at edge, 10.5%

U-throw: Tosses opponent up, can combo directly into F-air or U-air depending on DI, 8.5%

D-throw: Low Kick; does a - well - low kick on the opponent, can combo into a tilt at low percents and F-air at mid percents, 9.5%


Neutral: Psybeam; basically ROB's laser, except has to be actively charged; press B to start charging and press again to release; can be stored, can be angled up or down 40 degrees, 5.5% uncharged, 13% fully charged

Side: Close Combat; basically Mii Brawler's Onslaught, except it can charge, store the charge, and it gains more horizontal and vertical distance when it connects; 7 hits, 1.5% on first six hits, 2% last hit uncharged, 2% on first six hits, 3% last hit fully charged; uncharged goes about 1/6 Final Destination, fully charged goes 3/5 Final Destination. Hold B to charge.

Up: Double Edge; in the Pokemon games, this move does guaranteed high damage to the opponent but inflicts damage on yourself; in Smash, its a decent recovery a little shorter than Marth's Up-B; it slashes right blade upward while jumping high, and quickly after that slashes left blade, dealing two hits; however, if you press B again at the apex of the jump it will suddenly fast fall while holding both blades out forever until it reaches a ledge or ground. 4%, 4%, 4%, last optional hit is a powerful meteor smash

Down: Calm Mind; in the Pokemon games, this move increases speed and special attack damage; in Smash, Gallade strikes a meditation pose, then it increases your speed as well as keeping your neutral and side specials automatically fully charged for 15 seconds; when over, there is a cooldown for 10 seconds; using neutral or side special while in the "Speed" state will be released fully charged but will put you into cooldown.

Hope you like this example, it is still a work in progress.

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Who do people have as their main? mine is bowser jr. comment your own

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My moveset.

Standard Attacks

Jab: 3 punches. 2% then 4% then 6%

F Tilt: I swing a sword to the side. 7%

U Tilt: a simple headbutt that has a slow animation. 10%

D Tilt: Mario's D tilt I guess. 5%

F Smash: I swing a sword forward. no charge: 10% full charge: 22%

U Smash: Swing sword up. no charge: 14% Full charge: 26%

D Smash: Sword splits into twin katanas which I swing on each side.
no charge: 13% Full charge: 23%


N-Air: spins with swords. 14%

F-Air: swings sword forward. 16%

B-Air: does a back kick. 12%

U-Air: power upward thrust. 16%

D-Air: meteor smash. Literally! drops meteor short range. Can meteor.

Grabs And Throws
Grab: swings arm forward.

Pummel: punches with open hand 2%.

F Throw: throw forward while swinging sword. 9%

U Throw: Strikes with sword launching upward. 11%

D Throw: puts sword in ground and smacks on the hilt. 8%.


Neutral: energy projectile. always 15%. A custom move can be a chargeable one.

Side: charge dash. Charges forward with sword. 18%

Up: wind strike. Jumps up with wind on bottom. Has a windbox. 0 damage.

Down:  counter. % depends on the attack.

              Super Smash Bros. Moveset Template(You can remove this)
   [Insert Character's Name]'s Moveset:

Standard Attacks


F Tilt: 

U Tilt:

D Tilt:

F Smash:

U Smash:

D Smash:







Grabs And Throws


F Throw:

U Throw:

D Throw:






Super Smash Bros. Fusion Shadow Moveset:

Standard Attacks

Jab: Mini Uppercut 3%, Kick Down to the floor 4, Punch 2%, Mini Chaos Blast 8%

F Tilt: Punch (With Chaos Energy Visible on his hand) 8%

U Tilt: Shadow stands on his hands and kicks the opponent with his feet. (Fire from the rockets on his boots are visible which does 1 extra damage percent) 10 + 1%

D Tilt: Basically Sonic's D Tilt

F Smash - Shadow Punches the player, than does Chaos Control which gives Shadow 3 Seconds to do a Combo without the Player Moving. ?%(Depends on what your combo is)

U Smash: Shadow get's out his Guns and Shoot's you 2%

D Smash: The Fire from Shadows Rocket Boots Bursts.22%


Basically the Same as Sonic's Arieals.

Grabs and Throws
Grab: Shadow Uses Chaos control which freezes the neartest player for 3 Seconds, than Teleports and Grabs The Player

Pummel: Kicks Player 2%

F Throw: Simmilar to Foxes F Throw, except he uses a Gun. 10%

U Throw: Basically His U Smash

D Throw: Shadow Kicks The Player down on the floor than shoots the player 11%


Neutral: Chaos Blast, basically simmilar to ROB's Laser.

Side: Chaos Control, basically like his Grab but in a different Meachanic

Up: Rocket Boots, simmilar to ROB's Up in a sense.

Down: Barrier, simmilar to Ness's Down B

Hope you enjoyed This Moveset for Shadow The Hedgehog :D

Super Smash Bros. Fusion New Luigi Moveset:
So i can see that Luigi has 2 different Moves but he's basically a Clone, so i've decided to give him a new Moveset!
Neutral Special: Luigi Uses his Vaccum to Blow a Ball of Gass at you

Side Special: Green Missle

Down Special: Luigi Tornado

Up Special: Luigi Take's Out His Vaccum and uses it as a Jetpack.
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