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🐲Greetings one and all and welcome to Reign of Dragons! In this world only dragons or humanoid dragons exist (so no actual humans). Here we live in peace and harmony with nature and each other, war is extremely rare between races, but the does occur so please follow the rules provided below.🐉


1: no spam (e.g. reshare or.....)
2: no vore/gore or other explicit material
3: any sexual posts must be private posts only
4: multiple rp profiles are allowed
5: respect your fellow members and administration
6: any fights or arguments must only be in rp
7: do not ask to be a mod or co-owner (I will only choose people I can trust)
8: only one pair of rulers for each race (so one king and queen, or two kings or two queens if you're characters are gay.) so first come first served
9: most importantly have fun

Anyone caught breaking the rules will be given a warning, you will be given three strikes on the final third warning you will be banned for a month, and if you return and break the rules again you will be permanently removed from the community

🐉Profile template;

Element (dragons only):
Magic (optional):
Mate (optional):
Weapon (optional):
Home (city, village, mountains, forest, etc):

You can add extra info if you wish.

Rank system is anything from Ruler of a race to villager

Races are: Dragons (there are different elements) and Draconians (these are humanoid dragons)


Rulers of Fire Dragons

Rulers of Earth Dragons

Rulers of Water Dragons
+Akira Rose​​​

Rulers of Shadow Dragons
+Atem Sennen​​​​​​​
+Yami Sennen​​​​​

Rulers of Ice Dragons

Rulers of Light Dragons

Rulers of Wind Dragons

Rulers of Celestial Dragons
+Sammy Wolf

Rulers of Draconians (the royal family live in the city of Skye)


+Garnet The Elemental Dragon​​​​​​​​​​​​

+Brunhilde Moto​​​​​​​​

+Yami Sennen​​​​

"Uhhhh......." Was Yami's first reaction at Galaxy, wrapped up in a blanket, with the most evil expression.
"Feed me chocolate......" She said. Yami...being the cocky little shit he is, just said no
"I said.......FEED ME CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!" And with that Yami ran.

"It is Time....We must make this world gayer than it already is!" Yami proclaimed. He put a rainbow headband and put on lip stick for battlefield markings
"That's nice Yami, can you come get your food before I feed it to Howler?" Galaxy said bringing him to reality

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Family Group chat
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When Garnet and Galaxy Text

The festival was over...everyone was leaving and packing up. It didn't stop many males with last minute flirting. Which sadly, Galaxy and Crescent got stuck in
"Hey Cutie, Wanna strong dragon to take care of you~" A lot of men asked
"No, Go away....We just wanted snacks!" Galaxy growled
"We have snacks right here~"
"Oh for fucks sake...." Crescent groaned

Another day, festival going strong...Crescents twin girls decided to explore the house of the yinyang twins.
"This place is old....Aunties shouldn't be in here..." They said rummaging around
"Hey what's this" Mitzu said pulling out a book. Looking through it, the girls eyes widened

"Boys! Stop goofing off and start packing!" Galaxy yelled. This was it. It was finally time for the festival. Of course, Yami found it more fun to play and wrestle
"Now for the Yukatas, Kids! Love!! Come try them on!!" She yelled again, clearly stressed

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This is basically Garnet and Galaxy
Animated Photo

It was a beautiful day outside, Beautiful enough for a picnic. Crescent was basking in the sun, and Galaxy was in under a tree reading...which was put to a halt when she saw Yami taking the cups out of the basket as well as watermelon
"What are you doing...Now?" She asked amused
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