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Tate Modern Sketches - A couple of fast continuous line drawings I did at the Tate Modern.
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I filmed this hand held and left the video uncut. I would ideally have had the only audio being from the sound of the video ,as I played the music in the background, however as it was four minutes long there were various giggles from the shoot and this doesn't quite fit in with my idea so I decided to cut the audio and add the music separately.

I chose a poem by Persian poet Rumi to be spoken in the background its called 'when I die'. He wrote a lot of poems about death and a lot about love. Carpets being a key in marriage and the love that comes with it and also the wealth of your family which are passed down through generations after a loved one passes away.
This particular poem is spoken to us as what shall come when he dies and that he will be with God and into the next life. Its a beautiful poem and Rumi being one of the most famous poets in the Middle East and of course Iran I feel correlates well with the traditional and beautiful story the projection of the rugs give.

Although the quality is not incredible as filming in low lighting with a photography camera means I'm unable to pick up all the colour and the crisp movement, I am also happy with the outcome of this piece and the fluidity of it.\

(Further transferring through premier pro and youtube means the quality if even worse that before)

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Tate Modern Trip - at the beginning of this project we went to visit the Tate Modern. I'd been to see the Tate modern quite a few times during the holiday but it was good to really really focus on artists that would link with my project. And to collect ideas I might be interested in. For example the installation with concrete balls and corresponding audio.
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Lone audio

This particular audio is the most natural and easy to listen to piece. You hear the full story without interruption just a backing track to keep your interest a little more.

I didn't want to use any old backing track so used a piece by Lone called Coincidences. In an ideal world I would have collated with someone to create a piece that fits my purpose even better, but for a trial I used this piece.

I like the simplicity of this audio and due to this it could be listened to without the need of a visual partner.

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My attempt at creating similar audio to those at Tate Modern

Cathedral Settings

I attempted to create a similar atmosphere to the audios I heard at the Tate Modern. Unfortunately I couldn't get it perfectly how I wanted it and struggled to use the software. However it is getting towards how I wished for it to be.

This piece would work well along side a film or in the space of an installation. for instance the installation of strings.


This is a concept just touched in my sketchbook. You enter a room full of photos and prints and magazine cut outs, theres string connecting everything in some sort of strange order and you as the viewer are encouraged to walk through the maze of strings as a spy would in an old fashioned James Bond movie. In the background is this audio keeping you a little bit on edge as the audio is subtle and sounds like distant voices it feels like you're being watched.

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Loud Noise

In this audio I attempted to create an overpowering and very busy clip. I overlapped many of the audios and added a little reverb to them to make it not sound so clean and natural.
I wanted to create something which was similar to the 'Cathedral Settings', however slightly more unbearable to listen to.

I think this one if probably the most successful of the three audio clips.

However after this bit of experimentation I don't feel that audio is particularly my strong point.

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My final piece holds a lot more depth to Persian Culture and Iran and perhaps even some world wide thoughts than originally anticipated.
I started off with follow through of threads and the threads used in traditional Persian rugs. I wanted to turn these rugs into some thing more 4D so began to project the images in a room with a model.
The image showed best on skin and so ideally the model had to be topless. At first I was ever so slightly doubting this idea as I was reflecting Iran and in Iran woman must cover up.
These pieces then became slightly ironic as I was projecting the pinnacle of Persian culture on to the bare skin of a female.
The intensity of the light and the shadow meant there was not much shape to the figure which took away the aspect of seeing it as a sexualised female body but looks at it more in the form of it being hidden when often woman don't want to hide their hair or their body from others. However the shadow shows this side to a lot of woman out there who wish to show themselves and express themselves in their own right but are unable to.
The shades of carpets reflect very different moods, the reds create a fiery and intense atmosphere whilst the blue create a more somber and lonesome yet still beautiful atmosphere.

I wanted to create a performance art as for me I find them the most impactful. A dancer in the centre of a projected room with the sound of Persian poetry being spoken and calm Persian music for me holds a lot of story. As a member of the audience you are able to watch but unable to change anything about the dancer and this almost reflects the inability of change in Iran. In both the sense of culture that is forever held inside the privacy of Iranian homes and of the political attitude the country holds.

The colour, the sound and the movement would all work in harmony together whilst the space provided in Madrid would help to emphasise that slight feeling of imprisonment and an uncared-for country.

Final Evaluation

My project altered paths through out this project. I started off in the topic of strange coincidences and ended by looking a Persian culture, however through out I touched on the idea of performance art. I started the project collecting numerous stories from people about strange coincidences they had experienced. I stared by using collage and developing these using photography and different forms of printing, such as mono printing and dry point etching. Printing meant I had a lot of material and so I found the best way to show this was with the use of installation. Further as my original interest was in performance art I feel that installation and performance link in the way that they both involve some sort of interaction and movement.

I used a variety of both primary and secondary sources as a reference for my work. My visit to the Venice Biennale began my interest in performance art after seeing Tehching Hsieh and after that the Tate Modern helped me to find more installation and sound work which linked with interactive and performance art.

I recorded visually throughout the project in accordance to getting to a final outcome and experimenting with a variety of different materials. I also continued my everyday recordings where I drew or collaged or collected information from that particular day. I really enjoyed doing that and am going to continue to have a sketchbook on me for as long as I possibly can.
I refrenced other artists forms of visually recording in this as well as my own.I consistently looked into new artists to link my work with and as starting points to develop and understand my own ideas.

For the theme Zeitgeist I focussed on everyday systems and disturbances in the system and further into my own life. This is where i began looking at Persian Culture and into the news and olds of Iranian culture and lifestyle.

I generally found this project really interesting as I could explore anything that I wished to however I also found that the topic I most connected with was my culture and I only began work on this in the last week and so I don't feel like i explored it enough as I would have liked to, however I am also really happy with the concept of my final piece and how this would be shown to the public and the message behind it although I defiantly also believe there is a lot of room for refinement.

If I were to start this project again I think I would have explored film more as i feel my strongest pieces were the films and it was also something I enjoyed the most whilst also having an incredible amount to learn whilst filming and editing and how the content fits together.
I wish I could have worked more in depth with premier pro as I did not leave myself enough time to explore it and create outcomes which were medium to high quality and not just a shamble.
I began a short film using jumpy movements and wished to further enhance it by using visual effects however was unable to end it and experiment enough with it for it to be any sort of outcome.

As a whole this project has massively developed my practice and feel like I've made some of my strongest work compared to the projects last year. Although I know i had a massive struggle with time management and hopefully this is due to the long summer break and next project I'll be able to keep on track and really focus on the development of my work.

Theres something about Persian homes which you'd expect to feel so warm and friendly with carpets scattered around and cushions. However when I visited around 11 years ago I clearly remember that they all had no personality they felt cold and uncared for.
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