Running/playing in a game in South Bend, IN--home to the Griffon Bookstore, the longest running "open to the public" game room in the continental US! Converted the game over from the older DFRPG editions and like it, been running it for about a year or two, now. So far, we've got a Wizard, Werewolf, Valkyrie, two assorted monster hunters and a clueless reporter.

So, I finished reading the DFA book and while reading it i was watching several movies, including Little Monsters, Goonies, Shawshank redemption, and several others....I read it pretty much in one sitting lol....I was thinking of running a game for my friends, (i have ran fate and Dresden before but not DFA)

But anyway in the back of my head I though of characters of their stories were tweaked.

Eric Stevenson From "Little Monsters" (Brian's little brother who was taken prisoner, but the story tweak, Brian stayed in the "Underthere" to free his brother...A life for a Life, some Dangerous travel and family connection)

Sloth From the "Goonies" (Sloth found freedom from his family and found some fame catching said family, the Fratelli's with such things as "A face only a mother could love, and "S" is for SLOTH!! )

Edgar Frog From "The Lost Boys (Brother and best friend Both turned vampires, he is one of the few Monster hunters out there....Edgar Frog: I think I should warn you all, when a vampire bites it, it's never a pretty sight. No two bloodsuckers go the same way. Some yell and scream, some go quietly, some explode, some implode, but all will try to take you with them. )

Andy Dufresne From "Shawshank Redemption" (Redeemed V.P. who found fortune and fame. "Paid my dues", Friends in low places, and I understand you're a man who knows how to get things.)

Ashley "Ash" J. Williams from Evil dead and Ash vs the Evil dead. (Oldie but goodie, You have a what for a hand? I'm Good Ash)

My idea for the game would be the characters wake up in a sleepy little town and for the most par know each other as T.V. and Movie characters, but not believe themselves as one. What got them there and how to get back if they want to is something maybe they believe in going back to their homes in this world will get them there.....

Hey y'all is this community still alive?

I have two characters made my warden who's stats are
3 focus
0 guile
1 flair
2 haste
1 refresh
Stunts: soul gaze, evocative, thaumaturgy, white council warden,
Conditions: exhausted, burn out, third eye
Equipment: silver sword
And I have my black vampire character that I've never used
3 guile
2 force
2 haste
1 flair
0 focus
2 refresh
Stunts: vampire physique, vampire toughness, vampire recovery, into the mist, cloak of shadows, enthrallment
5 hunger
Equipment: iron brass knuckles, umbrella

Currently looking for an online DFA game ..... anyone know of one?

Seems like a pretty thin, community so far, but hopefully this is worth discussing. :)

Just got my hardback copy over the weekend. Maybe I'm old, but something about physical books still resonates with me more than the PDF that I got from the Kickstarter...

Anyhow, I'm curious about a few things, but I'll start with this one since I don't know how active this community is yet.

I'm a huge fan of Dresden, and also the Iron Druid series. I'm curious how y'all would work a multi-shifter kind of mantle, like the eponymous Iron Druid. I figure in Dresden you have either a Werecreature that gets one form for their mantle, or you have someone like Listens-to-Wind where he's a general practitioner that's perhaps got a Stunt where he's particularly skilled at Shapechanging into anything.

What I'm thinking is something like the Iron Druid, who in DFA terms would probably be something more like a Focused Practitioner (i.e. he's got really just one good evocation area, the binding/unbinding stuff), but then he can shift into three specific forms (predetermined, so not as open as L2W), and has access to ritual magic.

Any thoughts on how to build that mantle? I know balance isn't a concern, and I recognize that Atticus has clearly gone through a ton of Milestones. So maybe something like a post-Druid Granuaile, who's a "starter" Druid.

I'm thinking of running a medieval game set in the Heptarchy, as a war for the soul of Brittannia, between Druidic Fey priests and The Catholic Church (priests, martial orders, etc) while Human practitioners and magical folk are caught in the middle. The story (as planned, who knows what players will do) will lead up to the establishment of the White Council.

Has anyone attempted making any homebrew mantles? I'm dying to try out the game and more options would help sell it to my players
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