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If you visit karol bagh in Delhi for shopping, try having street food, i am sure you will enjoy this a lot and have a memorable day too...

i spent one full day exploring street food at karol bagh.Visited some of the known and some less known but amazing food stuff.

youtube channel - visa2explore

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When you are new to baking, you will surely be in a confusion of what to buy and what not to buy. I have put together some important pointers on what you can buy as a beginner. I hope it helps you to start your successful baking journey. Don't forget to share this with your friends.

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Pizza/pasta sauce...

Easy and quick to make...

Tastes Awesome...

With a Secret n Healthy Ingredient...

For good pasta and pizza, sauce makes all the difference...

Try it and you will not buy it anymore...
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Besan Ka Cheela | Veg Omelette

One of the quick and easy breakfast which is packed with full nutrition and tastes ke kya kehne...Wah ji wah!!!

Link for the Recipe for Besan ka Cheela:

#Besankacheela #Vegomelette

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Day spent at Karol Bagh, Delhi exploring street food, sharing link of YouTube channel - visa2explore.

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Dudhi na Pudla - Vegan - Gluten free
Savoury chickpea flour crepes with the addition of grated veggies

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वेज बर्गर कैसे बनाएं - Veggie Burger Recipe in Hindi
Recipe: #burger

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Burfi paratha is a stuffed sweet paratha which is prepared using grated besan mawa burfi.

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Shravan Special : Farali Pattice

A perfect blend of sweet sour crunchy and soft pattice prepared specially for fasting days!

Recipe link:
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