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Enjoy gamedev!
Hello everyone.
I would like to share experience to everyone who became interested in development games for web & mobile.

Due dynamic nature of javascript, the world has been changed in favour of static types and compilation tools along with new sub-languages, but we should follow the main question – why we need static types, classes, interfaces and a lot of other staff, how did we live before and what exactly changed since...

I don't want dive deep to history, but single page, sass and of course web games, all of those modern applications are quite complex with a lot of requirements which are need to be covered by docs and tests to avoid wasting of our budgets in future.

Different technologies, such as javascript, babel, webpack, typescript, dart – anyone could be adapted to our purposes, but as I already tried everything from list, I can easily say – "Dart is for me".

It's not a problem if you haven't got experience in working with dart, because it has transparent api's and docs which are covers all your needs. It's enough to start working Dart if you already have experience in Java programming and it doesn't mean that you must have it, javascript developers also can easily start developing on dart.

Why is Dart cool?
Static types, analyser, web dev assets server, high quality libraries with liable docs which you can easily to use by using of pub package manager. A lot of tools for app debugging also for experts level. Both client & server development, also with power of flatter you can easily make the mobile app too! Chrome version with Dart VM inbound can understand the dart native code without compiling to javascript which is really fast! Make your production builds fast as you can be using of one command with production flag – the result will be minified tree-shaked libraries on javascript. You can make sass, games, spa right now, as you have the Angular 2 for dart, which is written from scratch to boost performance.

Dart rumors.
There a lot of rumors about small community of Dart... Apparently is true, but look at Dart summit 2016 that was in Munich first! Google is working on Dart improvements, there new startups which are written on Dart. Language is still young, give a chance, because it has a huge ambitions to be a first one day.
It's already TOP-20 by TIOBE index and it just start.

Game development.
I think it should be dinner after several lunches with cherry on top of it.
I'm not a professional game-developer, it's just a hobby which I'd like. At my free time I'm working with 2.5D game engine fully written on Dart. Right now I'm feeling that it's time to become part of community and share my experience with other developers who interested in gamedev too.

It's a place where you can ask questions, share with your experience, find collaborators or a team. Place where you can tell your ideas to all, the place where we can discuss and create something new, impressive and emotional for all.

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