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Can the spinners help to quit smoking?

Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking must that it is a difficult process. Nicotine is addictive, much addictive like any other substances e.g. cocaine or heroin. This is the main reason due to which quitting smoking is a difficult challenge. Apart from the addiction of nicotine, smoking also includes holding a cigarette in the hand which is why the process becomes more complex. It is hard to leave an ideal companion for a cup of coffee or when you are using it to sooth your mind.
It is a habit that becomes a part of your life with quite an ease and when it comes to quitting it, it may become one of the biggest challenges of your life. A cigarette is both a formal and informal necessity, for example, some people may like to drive while having a cigarette in hand or some may do it for the purpose of socialization.
So, what is the answer?
The year 2017 has provided the people who want to quit smoking with something maybe can help them. The answer is in the form of spinners. After their introduction, they are taking the world by storms. As the definition of the spinners suggests, it is a gadget that mainly relieves the stress of a person at it rest in the fingers. The blades of the spinner spin around a bearing. Apart from the people who wants to quit smoking, the spinners are widely used for other purposes.
How will the spinner help?
A spinner in your hand can help you to quit smoking due to following:
• Decreases anxiety: Spinners has the ability to take away the focus of the tension to the spinner. In this way, a smoker will able to forget and handle the anxiety related to smoking.
• Restoration of control: One of the greatest benefits of the spinner is that it allows the person to have full control over themselves. Situations with high pressure cause tension and stress in individuals, as a result, they look for something that can soothe them. The spinners will restore the confidence of the smokers empowering them with the confidence to deal with these types of situations.
• Provision of calming visual stimulation: Due to the predictability of the speed and direction, spinners are a great option for calming down a person. The situations in which you have to control your anxiety, some source of calmness. The predictability will provide the security a person needs at that time.
• Expels the nervous energy: Think about your subconscious movements when you feel nervous. People have different habits like biting their nails or tapping. Due to this, some people also develop the habit of using the cigarette. The presence of spinner win your hands will allow you to divert your attention from the anxiety factor.

We think we can train or trick our minds using this little toy, using it like a trigger every time we have the craving for smoking.

Let us know if you think this may be possible, or what is your opinion about this topic.


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