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From good friend Kasey
20 Google Chrome Apps and Extensions for Administrators (or Anyone)! - A Starter Kit

Going Google isn't as simple as flipping a switch. It takes careful planning and meaningful implementation for everyone in the district. I am a firm believer that implementing Google Apps (or anything else) should be led by school administrators, not the so-called "techies," of the district. As leaders, it is important to model the tools and strategies you want to see in the classroom. So whether you are just jumping in or an avid Google user, I hope these lists can help you further your skills. This list is just a starting place, depending on your own needs and preferences, this list can vary. This list is a great starting place for just about anyone: teachers, students, staff or anyone who is using Google Apps. These will help you kick things off with Google Apps and be more productive. 

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2014-15 Google Apps Training Resource 

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Teachers may want to check out this TeacherCal that works seamlessly with your Google Calendar and Google Drive.  Set up classes, add docs and put due dates onto a class calendar in one shot.  I've just started using this, but so far it looks like a keeper.  

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I'm the Media Director for my middle school, Hadley Junior High in Glen Ellyn.  We are a 6-8 school with 1200 students.  We are 1:1 Chromebooks and looking to take GAFE to the next level.

Kristy Stephens - Hebron Middle School (Indiana!) 
I teach 8th Grade Language Arts. 

Hello!  I'm super excited to be here!  I've been using Google since my undergrad and cannot wait to share what I learn with my colleagues and students.  I'm also really glad that my three and four year old are at daycare for the next three days.

Jolene Bogacki, Educational Technology Trainer in Lake Central School Corporation.  We use Google+ private community for our teacher
learning network!!
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