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So, because I've had lots of stuff to do lately, I haven't had a lot of time to get the Pokemon Fan Region from the Star Trinity story done. However, as it's rude to exclude, and I'm sure you're all wanting to get some badges and stuff, I'm officially opening the Alara Region for RP! However, as I stated, the region isn't quite done, so I'm open to people finding new Pokemon for the region! Just remember, we only need the Dragon Types and some other Fairy, Dark, or Ghost types to be done, as well as the two legendaries! If you find one to share, post it(not to this community, please) and tag me in the description. Anyways, go on and RP!
Oh, and please share this Community with everyone you know who likes to RP!

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Name: Felicia Ramsay
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Title: Head of the Investigation Bureau at Interpol
Bio: The spouse of Ferdinand Ramsay, Felicia is an accomplished investigator who chose to make an idol out of Jeremiah Ramsay. She fell for Ferdinand when they were partners on a federal fraud case 6 years ago, and they have been married with 2 children since then. She works as the head of the Investigation bureau and co ordinates many cases. Her job as an investigator has led to her mastering 65 different forms of martial arts, train her inner spirit and create many mental barriers to prevent any sort of psychic bugs from accessing info. She is highly perceptive and intuitive, and well versed in many forms of torture. She is a compassionate woman with a sort of two-face, where the scary side of her is someone you don't want to meet in a dark alley.

Pokemon team:

Chow (Lanturn), Leftovers
Volt absorb
- Volt switch
- Ion deluge
- Scald
- Heal bell

Fuse (Electrode), Normal gem
- Explosion
- Light screen
- Thunder wave
- Thunderbolt

Simon (Zangoose), Toxic orb
Toxic boost
- Facade
- Quick attack
- Knock off
- Close combat

Lyle (Slaking), Leftovers
- Hammer arm
- Sucker punch
- Slack off
- Body slam

Fred (Spinda), Choice scarf
- Skill swap
- Trick
- Superpower
- Teeter dance

Agatha (Kangaskhan mega), Kangaskhanite
Scrappy, Parental bond
- Power up punch
- Sucker punch
- Return
- Fake out

Ok, another profile to keep things spread out! Please remember, it's tricky to actually RP if nobody's here to do so, so please share this with other people and, if necessary, put up posts here informing others that you want to RP! Also, please forgive the randomness of this profile, I was really tired that day.

Name: Syayi(pronounced Si-yai-yee){no nicknames, so I'm choosing to ignore that line - I mean, how could you come up with a nickname for Syayi?}
Place: Aradel(Community)
Gender: ...Hm...I'mma go with female for this one.
Age: .......Um...I don't about 17? That's a nice odd random number.
Weaponses: Dual Chakrams, like Axel's(Kingdom Hearts, if you don't know where that's from), for ranged combat, and a Claymore like Saix's(KH again) for close combat.
Kingdom of residences: Water(I say residence instead of birthplace because I haven't decided which one she hails from, so I just say she currently lives in the Water Kingdom, but may have instead been born elsewhere. This isn't me trying to be difficult, I just haven't decided yet)
Bio: She doesn't remember most of her past, but she does remember living in a place without magic, and a boy with blood-colored eyes...
Appearance: I don't have a pic, so I'll do my best here.
Syayi is just shorter than too tall and just taller than too short. She has hair that's slightly weirder than normal and slightly more normal than freaky. Her eyes are colored. She likes food that's more bland than super sweet but more sweet than super bland.
...Ok, I'm sorry, I'm just in a goofy mood today. I'll try again...
Syayi stands at about six feet tall, but often seems like she's smaller to others. Her hair is an odd mix of blue and black. Her eyes are green, emerald green to be precise. She seems to see things others cannot, including a person in a dark cloak following her everywhere. She doesn't know where she came from, but currently lives with the people of the Water Kingdom, though her curiosity and need-to-know attitude suggest Air Kingdom heritage, and her fighting skills and expert strategies suggest that the Fire Kingdom may be where her roots are.

Here goes nothing!

~It is said that fate decides what happens next, I disagree.  I believe that YOU are the one who chooses what happens next.~

NAME: Hiroshi Fujimoto
PLACE: Camp Half-Blood(Community)
NICKNAME(S): Hiro, The Shadow
AGE: 18
BIRTHDATE: June 21st the Summer Solstice

PERSONALITY: Hiroshi is very rebellious and always seeks vengeance due to his mother's personality.  Feels misunderstood somehow because he is a son of Nemesis but yet has very good advice to give.
BIOGRAPHY: Hiroshi was born in Japan but after he turned two his dad decided to move to America in California for an unknown reason. As soon as he turned 6 years old he began to show his rebellious side. 6 years later his dad decided that they should go back to Japan but disappeared without a trace while going to work. Deciding to travel alone, he took his guitar and traveled the country.  By 18, he was already influenced by the modern music and starting to perform at gigs. He was going to sign a label contract when someone came and took him. This someone was a satyr. The satyr told him who he was and that the label he was going to join was a group of monsters bound on eating demigods. Dreams crushed, Hiroshi followed the satyr to Camp Half-Blood.
LIKES: Hardcore punk bands, other types of rock, Bass and Harmony, playing his guitar, going to concerts, getting vengeance
DISLIKES: Any music that isn't listed in likes, too peppy and happy people (sorta tolerates though)

HAIR: Long, dark, black hair
EYES: Heavy purplish-blue eyes
SKIN: Light tone
CLOTHES: Always wearing dark clothing

WEAPON: His electric guitar which can turn into a sword
PET(S): None

FLAW: Going too far with his vengeance, problems talking about his past
POWERS: His only power is his rage, which blessed by his mother, makes a huge ring of dark fire, can sense balance between people and ideas
STRENGTHS: Planning, pro at playing guitar, swordsmanship, and moderately fast in speed
WEAKNESSES: Slow to realize his own flaws

More profiles to come! ^^

Ok, here's my profile for the twins! I'll put Alix up later.
N A M E S --- Deth and Faytil
P L A C E --- Camp Half-Blood(Community)
A G E  --- 16
G O D L Y  P A R E N T  --- Thanatos(I can pick Thanatos, right? If not, someone move this to Hades)
G E N D E R S --- Faytil is Female, Deth is Male.
P E R S O N A L I T Y  --- Deth likes watching stuff die, especially if it's his fault. Faytil loves to fight, though she's also very shy.
B I O G R A P H Y  --- 
L I K E S  --- Watching stuff die, Death by Chocolate cake.
D I S L I K E S  --- Watching stuff almost die then live, Angel food anything.
H A I R  --- Both have black hair with an odd tint that reminds others of blood somehow...
E Y E S  --- Deth's are gray, Faytil's, brown.
S K I N  --- Pale white.
W E A P O N  O F  C H O I C E  --- Deth likes to use throwing knives and daggers, while Faytil prefers a scythe.
P E T  --- They both insist that they have a baby dracolich named Necro that travels with them and likes to ride on Faytil's shoulder, but nobody else has ever been able to see it, so...
F A T A L  F L A W  --- They're both really obsessed with killing things, which(obviously) isn't good for people skills, and usually gets them in trouble.
P O W E R S  --- Both can sense when something is about to die. This would be cool, if it weren't for the fact that they'd both rather watch a death than stop one.
S T R E N G T H S  --- Both are very good fighters, though not as great as kids from cabins like Ares.
W E A K N E S S E S  --- All you have to do is say something's gonna die and they'll rush to the scene to watch, making them easy to trap.
F R I E N D S  --- They both know Alix, and seem to know a couple other seemingly random Demigods, but not many.
R O M A N T I C   I N T E R E S T S  --- None.

Alright. After giving it some serious thought and consideration, I have decided I will be sticking with my normal RP character, Mei Lynn Bracken. So here are the details.
Name: Mei
Place: Centre of the Universe , but at the moment, she's decided to grow up in 1800's England (from Black Butler)--she likes to travel so occasionally she'll do that.
Age: At the moment, about 13
Relations: Lives with Aunt, Parents are dead (to her knowledge), along with her only brother. Her oldest sister has gone into hiding ever since a rebellion to her throne started, and so she hasn't seen her. Mei is a twin to Sarilla Virdian Bracken, who is a much rowdier version of her sister (she likes to fight). Mei also has a younger sister Autumn who is currently growing up in the family's traditional country (Celicia)
Likes: reading, puzzles, mysteries, murder (only because she gets to accompany Mr. Holmes on his cases), dancing, freedom, and bare feet. Bare feet leads to being outside which leads to tree climbing which leads to capture the flag war style which leads to...
Dislikes: Civil war, contention, and destruction. And over obsessive people (to an extent--if she snaps though...)
Hair: Light golden, wavy and wild. Different lengths at different ages--at 13 her hair length is a little past her shoulders (and a little longer if you pull her hair straight)
Eyes: Dark Icy blue (I'll probably post a picture soon)
Skin: Healthy peach color.
Weapon of choice: She tries not to hurt people, but when she does need a weapon she likes long range weapons like a bow and arrow.
Magic Item: The timepiece she normally wears around her neck. Outside of her home (and homeland), it prevents aging and heals any kind of infirmary. It also holds souls that somehow lost their way to the afterplace, so she can give them to Grymn Reaper who can bring them home with him.
Fatal Flaw: Tends to be REALLY blunt when talking to people. she's learning to hold back harsher truths but it still comes through sometimes.
Powers: Creation. She often draws people and brings them off of the paper--when she was little it caused problems, but she can control it now. She also understands plant life and language which is useful for tracking someone down.
Strengths: Has this habit of loving anyone--especially if they hate her (+Alicia Morgan I think this is how her friendship with Ciel started), is really carefree despite her responsibilities, and really creative.
Weaknesses: In a nutshell? she thinks she's impenetrable and can do anything. She can be big headed, doesn't always think things through (one reason she shadows Holmes on his murder cases) and often jumps into something without considering it (which is why ciel being her best friend is a good thing because he holds her back and makes her watch)
Edit: Advantages: She knows almost absolutely everyone and their mother. If she doesn't know someone she has at least heard of them.

Here's my other profile!
N A M E  --- Ether
Place: Camp Half-Blood(Community)
A G E  --- 16
G O D L Y  P A R E N T  --- Tyche
G E N D E R --- Male
P E R S O N A L I T Y  --- Quiet, kind, intelligent.
B I O G R A P H Y  --- Growing up, Ether was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was also told who his godly Parent was at a young age, but was ridiculed by others he knew for stating this fact, so he's now very quiet about it. He places his religion above almost all else, including his heritage.
L I K E S  --- How he feels when around other people like him.
D I S L I K E S  --- Not having many friends, the way his religion clashes with his heritage.
H A I R  --- An interesting silvery-gray, giving him the look of someone much older than he really is.
E Y E S  --- White - his irises are almost indistinguishable from the rest of his eyes. This also makes him look older than he is.
S K I N  --- Slightly paler than normal.
W E A P O N  O F  C H O I C E  --- When he does fight, which isn't often, he prefers to use either a Mace, a Flail, or his fist(it's a lot mightier than you'd think).
M A G I C  I T E M --- A special Pen, that can draw the same special tattoos required for Palms.(Kid Icarus Uprising reference - basically, the ink draws power from the wearer to fire shots or deal lots more damage than punches normally would. Also, the tattoos can be removed easily, making it possible for others to remove the tattoos and disrupt the fighting ability of the wearer.)
F A T A L  F L A W  --- He's always willing to help others, even people who will use him to achieve their own evil ends.
P O W E R S  --- He almost always wins when he bets on anything...however, he doesn't gamble because of his religion...other than that, he's mostly just an average kid. He does have some odd ideas about things, though.
S T R E N G T H S  --- He will follow people he trusts to the ends of the world and back without question.
W E A K N E S S E S  --- He doesn't trust people very easily, with a couple exceptions.

Ok, so I'm gonna start this whole thing up with a first profile, giving you guys an idea of the profile template! Basically, start with the name, then the place, which is where your character is coming from. After that, just fill in the rest of the template from the original Profile and you're done! I usually don't require Approval, but if we get too many people I might make that a thing. For now, it's not required!
Name: Jirayin
Place: Camp Half-Blood(Community)
Age - 17
Godly parent - Hades
Personality - Silent, yet open, depending on who's talking to him
Appearance - He's tall, but not as tall as he seems. He has blood-colored eyes, and a blood-colored streak in his black hair. His skin is almost too white, almost dead-looking.
Weapon - A pair of claws that attach to his hands. If you've played Kid Icarus Uprising, think the Viridi Claws, but made of bone.
Magic Item - A special shell attached to a chain that he wears around his neck. This shell can play any music that the listener has heard in their life.
Fatal flaw - He keeps all of his pain to himself, not giving anyone else a chance to help him where he most needs it.
Powers - He hasn't discovered any but one: the ability to live through almost any wound, even supposedly mortal wounds, for much longer than normal people. He discovered this when he accidentally impaled himself on a spear and survived for three days without any medical assistance, though the pain almost drove him insane.
Strengths - He's an excellent fighter, and can usually outlast even children of Ares in combat.
Weaknesses - He had some, but after a betrayal by the only person he's ever put trust in, he's hidden them deep inside.

Woohoo! Finally a Community as random as I am!

NAME: Nobody knows - he insists on being called Scyzothyn.
Place: Camp Half-Blood(Community)
AGE: He won't tell anyone the exact number, all he'll say is he's older than he looks but younger than you'd think...Ether says he's 19.
NICKNAME: I just said he refuses to answer to anything but really think he'd have a nickname? Technically, yes, he also goes by the King of Epic.
GODLY PARENT: Ether says he thinks Scyzothyn doesn't even for Scyzothyn himself, he says he's the son of Chaos(Which doesn't make sense) and the goddess of randomness(There isn't one). Basically, rather than stay in a cabin, he just hangs out in a small tent he brought to camp with him.
PERSONALITY: Rather than describe this, allow me to tell you how he entered camp his first day - He moonwalked up the hill while holding an imaginary fedora over his head, singing the lyrics to "Uptown Funk" at the top of his lungs, then stopped to pretend to shoot a bird and made the sound you hear in "Duck Hunt" when you successfully shoot a duck down. That ought to describe him accurately.
LIKES: When people call him Scyzothyn.
DISLIKES: When they don't.
HAIR: It depends on the weekday. Mondays through Wednesdays, it's brown, Thursdays and Fridays it's purple(no idea how that happened), and Saturdays and Sundays it's yellow.
EYES: Also depends on the weekday. Mondays through Thursdays they're green, Fridays through Sundays they're blue.
SKIN: Oddly, the only thing about him that stays consistent. It's white.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Whatever he can get his hands on, but usually sticks...don't ask why.
FATAL FLAW: He acts random. ALL THE TIME.
POWERS: As far as we can tell, he doesn't have any except the ability to be INSANELY random and annoying.
STRENGTHS: Um...his randomness annoys monsters too?
WEAKNESSES: It also annoys the other Demigods.

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For those of you who don't know what Star Trinity is, I'm putting a link to the Community that explains it here:
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