rp dudes?

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If any of y'all like mystery movies watch Garage Sale Mystery: The Deadly Room.

Here is the link:http://latestonlinemovie.com/garage-sale-mystery-the-deadly-room-2015/

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I'm +Diana Harper , my normal account has issues!

Anyone up for a rp?

As S.S. Agents (leader) Ashley Quale  and Julianne Parker (+alysa )  was on a mission to find a kidnapping rescue case and now are hunting them down to find the kids SIBLINGS  12 year old Maya and 10 y.o. Kyle...

As Ashley and Jordan (which they have a closer relationship, mostly good close friends {in this rp Ashley is single to make it fun and interesting} and possibly have a little bit more then that ) was on a take out of one of the teams top villain groupish people (I forget the fancy word..)  with the rest of the team and they went after chasing one of them and somehow both was led into a trap and were kidnapped and drugged ...  a day and a half they were somewhere else... as Jordan started to wake up he see's her still unconscious but she was tied up and didn't look very good/was harmed or worse...

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Name: Jordan Iso

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Skills: Behavioral analysis, critical thinking, tae kwon do, understanding.

Bio: At a young age, Ryan had been physically and mentally abused by his father. He had no siblings, and his mother ran away without him at the age of 9. All he wanted was for someone to love, and understand him.

Job: BAU

Quote: "If you're struggling with deciding who you are, become the person that you needed when you were younger"
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