Does it have to be MLP/Furry?

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Is my OC ok?
(Someone rated and said I can keep)
(She is not a twilight recolor)

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lets make it alive again

name: crystal heart
age: 11
gender: female
race: unicorn
cm: a rainbow
cm meaning: creativity
bio: WIP

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wow this place is dead

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can oneone please rate my new oc lily petal on looks?
btw talent is:  making lily pads

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Rate her by looks?

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can i get my oc rated?
Name: MapleLeaf
Gender: female
cm: Camera
Breed:Zebre/draqonnus (i think that its how u spell it XD)
Bio:grew in Las Pegasus as a normal child. she now works as a movie filmer
Personality:funny, happy,sweet, loud, careless (sometimes
Flaws: short tempered,competitive,careless,impacient

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Can I get a rate based on looks

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Rate Umbra?
And can someone explain me about that 4 times over then 7 thing o.-

Name: Umbra
Sexuality: gay
Cm: N.A.
Bio: (hella short caus yus)
Umbra was a normal earth pony (no markings, neon, horn or long tail) when he was 13 he got lost of his parents
then he found a fabric he got in and acidentaly falled in radioctive avid, he turned as he is today, he found home but his parents didnt believe was him, while he was walking in street he met a guy (Gleam uwu) and they lived togheter for 6 years (until Umbra make 19 & Gleam 17) and the rest ya knoe eue le ships #OTP

I may post Gleam's backstory too, is something like if ya cry everytime cuz is rlly sad at least for me u.u rate pls 
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Rate please? ;)

Name: mañana Amanecer (Means Morning Dawn in Spanish)
Age: 19
Gender: Mare
Race: Earth
Sexuality: Straight
Cutiemark: A sun with a dawn like background
Parents: Gloria De La Mañana(Means Morning Glory),La luz del sol atardecer(Means Sunlight Dusk)
Siblings: el amanecer de verano(Means Summer Dawn.)
Likes: arroz español(Means spanish rice <3),pollo frito(means fried chicken),Painting Sunsets,painting
Dislikes: aceitunas(Means Olives),chícharos(means peas),Disgusting Foods
Hometown:  puesta del sol  ciudad (Sunset City)
Crush/Mate: La luz del sol atardecer (Sunlight Dusk)
Relationship: solo (Single in spanish.)
Friends: ninguno (none)
Canon Relations: ninguno (none once again)
Talent: pintura
puestas de sol (painting sunsets)

historia de fondo (Backstory):
Work in progress.
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