Im not a rapper but I got few bars
A few chapters of my life can make me a star!
A few cars a few houses a few stacks thats large,
A few haters a few soldiers to keep me in charge!
A few prayers i stay in touch with the spiritual boss,
A few tears I shedded a few years ago on my loss!
A few years later im feeling like the 1st Rocky movie
My first V-8 engine
Im praying that it really boogie!
A few people I'd really go all out for in life,
A few stabbed me in the back as clear as a clean knife!
A few know my objective is to promote
A few don't know these type of scripts sit in silence!
But if you really want to know
what my goal is,
You can inspect my pen and probably find a silhouette of where my soul lives!

These bars aint meant for red lights
they're meant to take the Writer to multi platinum heights!
Remember sleeping in the cold with no heat or lights
Trying to convince my baby mom not to argue at night.
I put my pain on paper and make it come to life.
The struggle is real!
Real enough to kill some twice!
I picked up the pen thoughts hit you cool as ice.
Street designer slang the mic up
And get the people hype!
Fall back
haters hate to see me in swag
Fall off
some jump in body bags!
I paid the price for these lyrics to be appreciated
Real talk and pain will never be outdated.
Lean on whatever that's strong enough to help you make it.
Eat good like a king should only beef on my bacon!
I find a hot beat and bake it build a empire outta house that's vacant!
I aint got time to be arguing losing patience when my skill is sharp enough to cut the mask off of Jason!

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