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Well it's been about a year since I sold the camper rebuild project. Learned a lot and had a blast working on it. The Northern VA heat is lessening finally and I'm getting the itch to get out and camp! At this moment I am either going to get a pickup truck cap, instead of a tent on the ground, and do simple camping with all my old camping gear I still have or looking at a Rayzr FK truck camper. I'll post as soon as I decide and have something implemented!

I forgot I had done a quick video archive of the camper so I edited the final walk through together and posted recently.

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Haven't shared in a long time. Finally, after 2.5 years of no use, we were able to enjoy our first weekend of camping.

I realize that I did not photo document my repair process nearly enough to create a good before/after comparison.

The biggest issue was the bathroom wall and floor. I replaced a good number of studs and flooring. In order to get access the rear slide-out had to be removed. The slide-out floor also had to be replaced as it was crumbling in the corner.

The linoleum floor was replaced throughout the entire camper with vinyl wood planks. Looks really nice! Really with I had a picture to show.
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My wife and I decided to try a stint as a Work Camper. We were able to get jobs at Fiesta Key RV Resort, in the Keys and have only been "on the job" so to speak, for a few weeks.
So far we are having a good time and making a few bucks on the side.
If any of you have information about Work camping that you might want to share with others in this community, please do.

OK, all of you RV'ers out there. Sure, it's only February, but if you want to maximize your use of your Rv then you need to start working on your 2017 plan.

Here are a few tips for you.
1- campgrounds get filled up during the summer mostly because kids are out of school, so if you want to get a reservation during this June-to-September period, you should do it now, while there are still openitns.

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Whelp, finished the camper remodeling project and got it sold at the end of 2016. Thanks everyone for all the help and interaction through this. I got a different toy, also with 4 wheels, but it is towed on a trailer and ya can't use it for shelter :) I'm hoping to secure a popup to put on the front of the trailer and make it a "toy hauler" so I'll be posting if that project kicks off.
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OK, Winter Campers! I know you're out there! I see your motorhomes, tag-alongs, fifth-wheelers and other styles of Rv running up and down I-75 every time I go out and shop.
So, I know you're running to and from our Florida campgrounds. This is the peak camping season in Florida (Jan, Feb, Mar) and campsite prices are at their highest right now, mostly because this is also the coldest part of the year for those of you living further north.
I hope all of had a great Christmas Holiday and are settled in to your campsite by now, prepared to enjoy our great state's winter weather.
Me? I'm going through my search for the places my wife and I want to visit this Spring through Fall. I tell people that when you plan a long trip in your RV, you soon feel like your are putting together a puzzle.
To plan a great multi-campground trip, you need to go through a process of ; 1- selecting the places you want to visit, 2-find the nearest and cheapest campgrounds, and 3- make your reservations within the campground's time limits
Then, the experienced camper will take one mure step, and that is to plan alternative sites and routes incase you change your mind in the middle of a trip.
I hope all of you made great plans and have a incident-free Winter experience.

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Heading out for a early Summer trip.
Yep! Went down to where I store my RV, and opened it up the other day.
I sat inside and made my list of thing to do before we leave, and it will keep us kind-of busy for a few days.
We will be going to Virginia (from Florida) for 6-7 weeks so basically when you are gone (from your homebase) for more than a couple of weeks, you should always be sure to put some time into not only planning your trip and making sure your RV is shipshape, but you should also make sure you have prepared everything at your homebase so that there are no problems. What immediately comes to mind are; your mail, your AC settings, your Hot Water Heater, your locks, your outside lights, and most important of all, which of your friends will be coming by to check out things for you.
More on my preparations and trip to come.

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This year was almost a total wash for time to get out camping. I only got out three times. Next year WILL be more! The good news...the camper is parked by the house so I can work on it in the few free moments I get.

Some updates before the year totally passes by:
1. Created a "control panel" in the cabinet above dinette as there is nothing stock.. Installed a volt meter turned on by momentary switch and stereo with 2 6x9s.
2. New brown paint and fresh butyl tape on door window and grab handle which were heavily degraded. Removal, paint and re-install at
3. Painted the dinette area and ceiling!! The full front and dinette area painting album is at

The painting advice from y'all on a previous post was great! I ended up doing 2 primer coats and 2 final coats to completely cover original brown panelling.

Next project will be replacing kitchen counter, installing a single sink for more counter space and putting in some kind of backsplash. If anyone has experience remodelling a camper kitchen, I'd appreciate any lessons learned or sharing any pictures or videos of process.
1987 Fleetwood Prowler 24P Interior Paint
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Camper is all wrapped up for the winter. Made a lot of progress with nice weather up until Thanksgiving. Even got the slide out reinstalled and external sealed placed.

I believe I determined the source the leak. The slide out seals were never siliconed. I noticed on a rainy afternoon that water still getting on top of the slide when closed. It appears that it runs down the siding hits the seal D-channel and gets in behind the seal.

Just hoping that the unusually warm weather here in MN for December doesn't mean that spring will be delayed. I really want to get working on this again but won't be able to until April or May!

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OK, First of all this is your site. I put it here for YOU to write about your lives as you travel in your RV. And, of course, for you to give and ask for advice from your fellow RVers. 
So, come on RV owners! Get involved and lets start saving good advice for each other and others on this free community that Google provides.
Me? I'm an electronic chatterbox, so I keep writing, anyway.
If you see something here that you think puts people off, then please tell me.
As the moderator, I only block out companies that are trying to use our community for commercial purposes. There are enough of those out there on the web now.
Again, come on, and participate. Look at me, I live in Florid and I am taking my RV to the hills of Virginia for a couple of weeks over Christmas. How stupid is that? LOL!
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