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*Don't tell me about JESUS whom the Churches of today misrepresent!
Tell me about the TRUTH, the real JESUS who existed and remained embedded in history. The JESUS I know, represented the TRUTH and is of course the TRUTH.
But the Churches today call Him the Master of GRACE.

*Don't tell me about GRACE!
Tell me about the TRUTH, the LAW.
The JESUS I know, said your righteousness must exceed that of the Sadducees and Pharisees; Matthew 5v17-20.
Therefore, GRACE in the true sense of it is the ability to live above wickedness through one's personal deliberate effort. But the Churches talk about GRACE that guarantees the Forgiveness of Sins of the Past, Present and Future.
In other words, they said by the GRACE in CHRIST JESUS through His Blood, you can continue in your atrocities but always remember to Confess and ask for Forgiveness.

*YES, don't tell me about FORGIVENESS because nobody was Forgiven in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation... that is from Adam to Ananias and Sapphira; Acts 5v1-10.
In fact, David who is the most relevant when it comes to MERCY & FORGIVENESS, paid squarely and severely for all his actions.
Based on historic records and the reality of everyday life, FORGIVENESS can only mean kindness shown when one has fully paid for his/her wickedness.

*God is neither partial nor unrighteous in judgments to Forgive some because they called the name of JESUS and punish others because they didn't; Matthew 7v21-23.
You are responsible for whatever you do irrespective of the name you call because only the Pure in Heart shall see God; Matthew 5v8.




NIGERIA: My son, I asked your Father to allow you spend this holiday period with me so I can tell you a very important story.

GRAND SON: Thank you grand Ma, I hope it's about your colour? You know I have been asking about it but you kept saying it's not time, it's not time.

NIGERIA: Yes, my son you are correct, I know you are a very intelligent young man and your guess is always right. It's now time to tell you what you have been waiting to hear.

GRAND SON: OK grand Ma, I am all ears but I want you to start by telling me why it took you this long.

NIGERIA: Well my son, I was waiting for your Father to do the right thing but it's now obvious he is not going to change until you and your brothers and sisters force him.

GRAND SON: I am becoming more curious Ma, what exactly were you expecting my Father to do?

NIGERIA: My son, you see, I used to be perfect Green and pure White, I used to be the most beautiful Queen in Africa. But look at me now, I am so Pale and Yellowish in colour.

GRAND SON: Exactly what I have been asking you, but how is my Father involved in this?

NIGERIA: Your Father's elder Brothers started it, I was hoping your Father will learn from their mistakes and proffer a better solution to take me out of this horror, but NO. Your Father and his generation are busy dancing in the market place.

GRAND SON: Mama, now you are speaking in parables. What do you mean by dancing in the market place, and who are my Father's elder Brothers?

NIGERIA: Ooooh my heart is bitter, my son. I heard they have scraped HISTORY from your school curriculum. I was crying that they were not giving you enough information about my past and now they have taken it away completely. I don't blame you my son, how would you know your Father's elder Brothers, how?

GRAND SON: It's OK Mama, take it easy you know you are not feeling fine.

NIGERIA: It's not OK, that was how your Father was telling me it's OK, it's OK. Now everything is getting out of hand, I am heading towards my extinction.

GRAND SON: God forbid! I won't let it happen.

NIGERIA: Eeee-heee, that's what I want to hear, the last part of your statement. Please don't tell me God forbid again, NO. Tell me I won't let it happen, I won't let it happen, I won't let it happen!

GRAND SON: Mama.....

NIGERIA: Yes oooh, that's what I want to hear. Don't be like your Father and his elder Brothers. When I told them the right thing to do, they were busy telling me God is in charge, God this and God that. Everything, God, God, God. Mama pray for us, Mama keep praying for us. If you leave everything for God, which one are you going to do?
Don't be like them oooh, my son.

GRAND SON: I heard you Mama.

NIGERIA: Good, I want you to learn how to crack your brain, use your head, think and think so you can find solutions to your challenging realities.
Now listen, your Father's elder Brothers were/are those I gave birth to when I was married to Mr. British. But we divorced, I filed for divorce and it was finally granted in 1960. That was when I gave birth to your Father and his younger Brothers. My colour was so bright and my hopes for a beautiful future was vibrant. But gradually, doom over took me. Your Father's elder Brothers became so greedy and intoxicated with power. The momentum grew very high until their religious and tribal sentiments tore them apart in 1967. By 1970, some how they came out of it. Then the real struggle begun, marginalization and intimidation along ethnic lines became the bench mark of every government. Coup upon coup, I mourn for my life my son. In the midst of all the natural blessings, my life has become miserable.

GRAND SON: It's OK Mama, don't cry. When you started you said it's up to me and my siblings to save you by forcing my Father to do something. What exactly do you want us to do?

NIGERIA: I am happy you are very attentive to this discussion, my son. But before I respond to your question, I will give you brief detail of what actually happened.
In 1963, the First Republic was established with the adoption of Bicameral Legislative system that started prior to 1963, which is Mr. America's system. Then a bit of Mr. British Idea of Regional system, so the government structure was/is neither here nor there. Along the line, some perception that electoral processes were manipulated led to agitations in some parts. The military felt the best solution was to kill some prominent politicians, which they eventually did in 1966. Now the military (AGUYI IRONSI) took over power bringing the First Republic to an end and established what we have today as Unitary government . There was misunderstanding within the military that led to another bloody coup same year and GOWON took over power. This coup led to serious uproar that finally resulted into tribal massacre which ignited the war in 1967. One month before the war started, GOWON had dissolved the Regional system and created 12-States.
In 1975, another coup "bloodless" took GOWON out of power and MURTALA MOHAMMED became Head of State. Since after the creation of 12-States by GOWON, the agitations for more states continued as some felt marginalized. Then, in 1976 MURTALA created additional 7-States and Capital. Three months after the creation of the States, he was killed by a failed coup and OBASANJO became Head of State. In 1979, he handed over power to a Democratic government. SHEHU SHAGARI was the elected president and that was the Second Republic. There was a general election in 1983, which had SHAGARI reelected as the President. Same year, BUHARI took over power from him through a bloodless coup. Another bloodless coup overthrew BUHARI in 1985 and BABANGIDA became President. The agitation for more States continued, so in 1987 BABANGIDA created 2-States. And finally created more 9-States in 1991. Then organized a general election that was annulled in 1993. He decided to set up an Interim Governing Council led by ERNEST SHONEKAN. While plans for another general election was going on by the Interim government, ABACHA took over power by another bloodless coup. ABACHA remained President till his mysterious death in 1998. Prior to his death, he organized what was termed 1Milion Man Match to Abuja which was intended to make him a life President.
Immediately after ABACHA's death, ABDULSALAMI ABUBAKAR became President. He finally organised a general election that produced OBASANJO as a Democratic President in 1999.

GRAND SON: Sorry I interrupted you Ma. Please tell me, all these successive government both military and civilian, what was their agenda?

NIGERIA: There was and there is no clear agenda, all you see are propaganda.
Before the discovery of Oil in 1956, I was so beautifully adorned with everything nature can offer. I was bearing fruits on every side; The best Palm Oil from the Eastern Region, surplus Cocoa from the Western Region, Timber and Rubber from Mid-West. All these regions were under the Southern Protectorate in my days with Mr. British. Then I have all kinds of Hides and Skin from the Northern Protectorate. My economy was booming, Pounds and Dollars were nothing compared to me.
But all of a sudden, your Father's elder Brothers abandoned everything and focused only on Oil. Both the Central government and States were doing nothing. They all folded their hands and waited for the end of every month to share Oil proceeds. There was no plans for development of any kind. Economic Diversification zero, Infrastructural development zero, Educational zero, Everything zero. And the worst of it all, your Father, yes your Father, despite all I told him. He grew up and joined the League of his elder Brothers.
Now you are my only hope, my very last hope.

GRAND SON: Thank you so much for this wonderful information, Mama. Please what do you advise I should do?

NIGERIA: My son, as an intelligent young man you should know what to do from all I narrated to you. Nevertheless, my advise is for you to go and tell your brothers and sisters all I have told you. Then you people should sit down to analyze on which way to go.
But I will give you a clue, you know that all the successive government till this present one still fold their hands and wait at the end of every month to share the Oil money from the Central. If they continue this way, nothing will ever change rather they will keep chasing shadows till they send me to grave. But I know you won't let it happen, I know you will chart a new course for your generation.
Therefore, tell your brothers and sisters to stand up and speak out! Without you there is no government! This is not time for prayers, this is time for action! Action, not by violence but by screaming at the top of your voice!
NO TO 200,000 JOBS, NO! NO!! NO!!!.
The government has no choice than to listen to your voice!
Demand from the President, The Senate, The Reps, that you need a total System Restructure!
They must Decentralise the government!
Either they restructure it into a Regional or the Confederate system which Mr. America they copied from started with before becoming a Federal/United States! Or they perfect the Federal system we already have by granting autonomy to the States!
There is no other way out, this is the only way to remain United and Competitive.
With States economic autonomy, they can go and source for investors on their own. Government will begin to run like businesses and Jobs will be everywhere to the extent that you will need foreigners to work for you. This is not rocket science. I don't even want to talk about the mineral resources I have in all the States.

Finally my son, I want you to tell your brothers who are aggrieved of being marginalized to be patient. Because I know this government has no option than to grant your request for Restructure. Therefore, tell them to be calm because the only way out is to build a United system.
Do you know what has been going on in South Sudan and why it is happening? The total break down of Law&Order and abject poverty in the midst of Oil Wells is because of the high rate of uninformed people. We have a very low rate of liberal minds who can hold their government accountable in Africa for now. All we have now are majority of people who are religiously and tribally sentimental in their decisions.
South Sudan was created due to the agitations of being marginalized but it turned out to be a change of Field with the same players/cabals still in the game. And don't be surprised to see same thing repeat itself here to any of your brothers.

But I must warn your Father and his elder Brothers to do the needful, because what is going on in Somalia is not far away from his door step!

GRAND SON: Thank you so much, grand Ma.




In Life, nothing ever happened by chance and nothing will ever happen by chance.
In order to achieve any goal in life, you must acknowledge your reality. You must understand the challenges that come along with your goal and strategically plan on how to navigate your path.

Nature/Life teaches us HOPE. Which means everything happens by Design/Plan. Hope says for a pregnant woman to have a baby, the unborn baby must pass through a process of maturity for good (9)months in the womb. Hope establishes the fact that for you to reap anything, you must sow a seed and wait for the harvest time to reap.
Therefore, the simple and true definition of FAITH should be seen as the Active Principle or Force that keeps Hope alive until fruition "Until what is Hoped for is achieved".

But the doctrine of Faith as we have it today says otherwise. We are taught by Faith to believe that what is not there is there and what is there is not there. Which is absolute aberration of Natural Principles, a total illusion of the Mind. We are taught to keep praying and praying and praying by Faith, it will happen.
Have you ever wondered why such moves never worked? It is simply because you are not supposed to pray for it in the first place. You are supposed to plan for it, work for it and have it.
The Universe was not programmed to respond to your words, the entire creation has been programmed to respond only to your actions. You can say a word a million times but if you don't act on it, you just wasted your time because what you expected would never happen.
I have read lots of books and heard teachings on the Power of Spoken Words, but they are all fallacy. Unless you are speaking to assure yourself or to affirm to someone about what you have planned to do and then do it. Otherwise, it remains a mere word, a broken promise that holds no water or grounds.

*Action speaks better and louder than any word ever spoken.

#Don't just say it, show it!


All most all religions in the world have same traditional approach towards prayer, be it African Traditional, Judaism, Hinduism, Etc. It is believed that people must pray to God in order to receive anything from Him. This simply implies that God is emotional/heartless, therefore you need to beg and pet God with your cry and tears for Him to show you mercy.
But nature teaches otherwise, nature shows us that the entire universe was established under certain Laws. Which means you don't really need to beg the Creator for anything. If you need anything, you just go for it by applying the right principles/rules.
Islamic view differed a little because the Prophet of Islam portends prayer more as a form of Worship and Submission to the Will of God. A pattern I suppose was adopted from Jesus whom the Prophet of Islam believed so much in His/Jesus' ministry. I am not insinuating or exaggerating anything, you can read the books of Quran "AL-BAQARAH & AL-E-'IMRAN".

Prior to Islam, Jesus was the only one who approached prayer differently and correctly "Though He nearly made a mistake towards the end of His ministry".
Jesus made use of prayer in form of Thanksgiving and Worship, asking for nothing but in silent meditation connecting to the Will of God.
Jesus didn't teach His disciples anything about prayer, they requested for it (Luke: 11v1). Their reason for requesting to be taught was not that they have not seen Jesus pray but rather they don't understand His pattern of Prayer. His format for prayer was strange because they barely heard Him say anything and most times are not even allowed to stay close to Him/Jesus during prayer. Which was why there is no record of what Jesus said in His prayers throughout His ministry. Apart from when He prayed "For show" to make people believe that God really sent Him to do the miracles, He needed to quench their doubt (John: 11v41-42). The second record was when He genuinely prayed for the Cup to be taken away from Him, which was never granted. This is what I was referring to when I said earlier that Jesus nearly made a mistake towards the end of His ministry (Mark: 14v32-36).
In John:11v41, Jesus said, Father I thank you because you've heard me. The question is how did God hear Him when He never said a word of prayer?
This is because Jesus had purposed what to do through the meditative process, His purpose was to raise Lazarus from death. In other words, Jesus had seen what God wants Him to do for Lazarus through His meditation.
This is same reason why He said to the Jews, I only do what I see the Father do (John: 5v19-20). Which means anytime Jesus isolates Himself from His disciples to pray, He gives Thanks and Worship to God, then pauses in deep meditation to know what God is doing or rather wants Him to do. Jesus never forced God through prayer to do what He/Jesus wants because He knew it would never work "Apart from where I mentioned above concerning His mistake". He never prayed before preforming any miracle, which was why they accused Him of using the power of Beelzebub.

In Matthew:18v19, Jesus said if two shall agree over anything, they shall have it.
This statement doesn't necessarily mean you should ask for it, all you need is to genuinely agree with each other by joining intense forces/passion together and you will have what you purposed. This is the secret behind every successful adventure, be it as a Group or Organization of any kind. This was the main secret of those who wanted to build the Tower of Babel. They didn't pray for it, they only agreed to build and was nearly successful if God had not confounded their Language/understanding. Even God confirmed that what they have imagined cannot be stopped as long as they are in agreement (Genesis: 11v1-8).

But because the traditional pattern of prayer was embedded in the minds of the people, Jesus was persuaded to give them an illustration that suits their belief in Luke:18. Jesus spoke about the heartless Judge who helped a widow because she kept begging him. "But Jesus actually spoke to His audience at this point like He was speaking to children. Because only a child will keep asking you for one thing over and over".
Here is what Jesus said to His disciples as matured men in Matthew:6v6-8, He said, enter into your closet and shut your door, then relate with your God Secretly/Silently/Meditatively. He said to them God already knows what you need, therefore don't use vain repetitions. In other words, Jesus was trying to convey to His disciples His secret/silent pattern of prayer which is don't even ask for anything, just Worship.
*Could this scepticism in the minds of His disciples and the people/Jews be the reason He was never direct in speech when it comes to mysteries?

A typical example of what we see everywhere today as prayer, is what Jesus did when He was Afraid, Confused and obviously Depressed (Luke: 22v42-44). That style never worked and can never work. Have you ever wondered why 99.9% of prayers are never answered?
NO ONE CAN FORCE GOD WITH PRAYERS OF ANY KIND TO DO WHAT HE/GOD HAD NOT PLANNED TO DO. If your reason for crying and begging God is to save you from the devil, then you really don't know that God is the One in charge of all creation.
God has plans, why not pause/calm meditatively to find out what God's plans are for you and align yourself with it.
Learn to be patient and glide with Life/Nature/God.
This may sound ridiculous to say but that's the Truth; Those who Pray the traditional way of begging and asking, are always unstable and exhibit Fear the most because they pray under Pressure, Confused&Depressed.


*The influence of religion in our society from time immemorial can never be over emphasized. But the important question is what has religion really done for humanity?
*Are we better off with these diversity of ideas exhibited by different religious groups claiming to have ideal knowledge of God?
*Is religious bigotry acceptable by this same God everyone is claiming to be their God?
*If God is ONE as it can be universally proven that all creation operates under one Natural Law everywhere, why is it that people are being manipulated to believe there are many Gods?
*Does God have a specific name or can God be called any name based on the perception of an individual's personal experience with this higher Being?
*Is it necessary to have one particular place of worship to God or can God be worshipped any where?
*If God can be worshipped any where, what is the importance of going to Church, Mosque, Shrine, Etc?
*Is the religious places of worship an Ideal place for people to be taught about Life, Morals, Creation and God? Or can one learn about these things anywhere?
*Are we in the name of religion trying to manipulate Nature by making people feel comfortable in their vile propensities with the message of Grace?
*Is the Universe programmed to forgive anybody or are there obvious proves that every Action enacts Reaction?
*Does the message and believe in GRACE change the Natural/Universal Truth that states; What you Sow you Reap?
*Can the mention of any Name change the circumstance of a guilty person and make him/her guiltless? And if a Name mentioned can overturn judgement, where is the place of Justice?
*If God is Love/Good, is there really any need for someone to keep Praying and Fasting, begging God to do something for him/her? Or could it be we have been hypnotized to believe that God is Emotional, therefore when you cry/pray the most, God shows you mercy?
*Is Mercy actually a sign of forgiveness or is it a gesture shown when one has fully paid for his/her atrocities?
*What does it really take to please God, is it a Pure heart? Or does one please God just by belonging to a religious group?
*What is the best way to show a pure and sincere Love/Worship to God? Is it by good Deeds and by Offerings/Sacrifice? And if offerings/sacrifice is important, where is the best place to offer to God?
*Could rendering a helping hand to the needy around you in cash or in kind be considered an offering to God? In fact, could it be considered the best way to show appreciation to this God you cannot see?
*Can someone prove his/her Love for God by putting a smile on another person's face?
*If showing a neighbour Love can be pleasing to God, have you tried it today?
*Is it right to do Good because you are threatened of going to hell fire if you are Evil? Or is it best to do Good because it is Naturally good to be Good?

#Be Inspired!


SON: Bowing down or lying down, Papa good morning Sir.
FATHER: Eee-hee, make sure you do this and do that before going to anywhere... (He gives no room for conversation)

SON: Standing upright, hi Dad/Nick..
FATHER: Ken, how was your night... (Conversation starts)

*I gave this simple illustration to paint a clearer picture of what I suppose has made our society as Africans turn out the way it is today.
The Western world passed through whatever it is we are passing through today, fact check history. But at a point they realised their system needed reorientation.

*The pattern of lifestyle the African child is brought up with in the name of culture/discipline is an absolute degradation of human dignity. This style of suppression of a child's psyche influences the child through out his/her life time.
An African child grows up with no liberty of using his/her imaginative powers because he/she was brought up with his/her mindset being prepared only to do as I say. A typical African child cannot engage in a conversation with an elderly person, not to talk of presenting a reasonable argument in any matter whatsoever. This trend is being portrayed in all sectors. There are scenarios in offices where a younger personnel being a Senior staff, cannot query a Lower staff because he/she is considered older than the Senior staff.
This pattern is so obvious in our Political arena.

*Could this be the reason why African leaders being elderly people, do not accept good advise from younger professionals and technocrats?
*Could this be the reason African leaders are very autocratic in nature even in a Democratic government?
*Could this actually be the reason why the masses are not engaging their leaders to hold them accountable, because it could be seen as a sign of disrespect?
*Oh, this could be the major reason why the African continent is running round and round in circle like in a rat race with no significant development of any kind, even when there are good examples to emulate?


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We owe each and everyone of us Love to make the World a better place for all... #BE INSPIRED!
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