I guess Im going to start recording my days here. I dont keep a journal . I dont think anyone is reading this anyway. I started by moving property out of my old house into two trucks. One I drove home (new) and john drove me back to get the other. Then I picked up Carmen and took her to Robs. Went to Lisas gave Brandon A gift, then took Trina home. Now Im done writing.

I guess I'm starting a new chapter in my life. Turn the page and try to understand the past 47 years of life. On the surface it looks like a few bad calls other wise normal life. But it wasn't. There were so many abnormal instances that my actions did not factor into a successful life. I try to look forward and concentrate on bettering myself but there's always someone who likes to see me fail. I don't know why others are so insecure that my success seems to lower their self esteem. Or is it that misty loves company and maybe afraid my success may cause me to leave. I don't know but wish it would stop. I don't want to cut everyone out of my life. Well my day is not over ...

I have lived and cared for my elder grandfather for seven years. His children are getting restless waiting for their inheritances. They've sold his cars, had his driver's licence revoked, and have placed him in a home claiming he has dementia. I'm m no doctor but he is totally aware of who he is who I am and the things around him. The only things he's not aware of is his children's actions disabling him to be free and enjoy his last year's. These are the same people who said I should be grateful I had free rent for seven years. Although I did every chore , cooked , gave meds pretty much everything but dress and bath. Elderly abuse is just as bad as child abuse.

For those of you that have done everything you could to please another and seemed to never get their approval. You can never please someone who isn't pleased with themselves.Please yourself. Do what God gave you the talent to do. Quit waisting your time on insecure , envious , selfish people. Please God. What is better than the love of your creator?

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I have never really understood why one person not much different from the next, would go home to the place where they should be safe from the evils of this world .A place to close their eyes and dream of a perfect world . A place where the people their would inspire their whimsical imagination. Their dreams to be a fireman , a super hero , The President of the United States . Only to get scolded, ridiculed , humiliated , or physically abused for doing just that. No clue. It is those vulnerable , unprotected almost helpless human souls that are robbed of their identity. Their voice in the community. Their leadership on the job site . Those unfortunate hero's to me are now out on the streets, in our jails or somewhere still being abused . It is in our best interest to pull down the shade that has, and is protecting our abusers. Time to stand up and reach out to those that understand your unfortunate circumstances. And receive guidance and safety from those who would retaliate. Who can the hero be in this lonely place.Who do you trust, who but the Lord would hold your hand and make you feel like a normal human being . Let you dream your self to a happy existence. Let me be me.

When will people quit watching as innocent children ,disabled veterans and poor people are abused ? Afraid to stand up? That's right.Many people know what's going on.They either walk away or even join in. Let's begin to look out for this. Be aware of how important it is to be protective of our children. They need us. We talk about the welfare system , people laying around the T.V, to lazy to get a job. Look around, most of those people were more than willing to do their share. A judgement call ,you with your 9 to 5 . Complaining about working your tail off, only to pay for some one else's kids to eat. Be thankful you are capable and have a job. Imagine what it must be like not being able to read. Walk in a room full of people and feel comfortable. Go to a job interview knowing you won't get the job. There are only so many jobs. Be glad you are who you are and be kind to others. Maybe that would be the motivation that gets that person off the couch.I think sometimes we all could do more . I want to do more. Let's help our our brothers and sisters.
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