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Did u made this with Illustrator ?
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Jeremy Bloom

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Lookin for a little insight. My team is trying to put together a list of devices we should use to test an upcoming Android app. I can't seem to find any clear device market share breakdown. All I seem to find is a breakdown of platform versions and screen size densities. However, our client needs a list of individual devices.

Does anyone have a good resource?
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+Clemens Schartmüller​​ you're right on, our target group are people looking to buy/sell a home or Realtors. Other sites would have different device splits.
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I've got today something interesting and decided to share with the community :-)
Watch Face "Design Build Process" - as a gif
Zodiac Watch Face Google Play:
App: Marcin Stepien
Anim: +Miroslav Vitula​​​​ 
I hope you would enjoy it :-)
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hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone can help me find a good resource for android concept\template designs for material design in .psd forms, which can be edited or used.
Thanks in return
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Search for the Anctoto Material Design kit, it's the best one out there. Fully material. I have a v4 somehow, but the most updated version I can find online is v2.
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Danish Shah

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It's been a long time we've been working on it, observed the best developers out there, learned the best designing and graphic techniques and finally created it.

Here's a small gif of the Official Logo of D|dev
+1/Reshare it in your Circle.
Follow us for more.
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+Casey Labatt-Simon lol, just a begineer
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Hi guys,

Just wanted to share some thoughts about Navigation Drawer and Material design.

Hope it helps someone.

#materialdesign   #android   #navigationdrawer  

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thank you so much +Pablo Costa Tirado  :)
keep sharing
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Arjen Meijer

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Seeing as most English speaking developers here don't generally use a lot of popular Asian apps, if any at all. I figured this post might help inspire some regarding app trends commonly used in the Asian market.
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Their level product manager said: more than 10 million users of APP is almost impossible to use Android Design, or used, and then hit the face of data exchange.I feel very funny
Forgive me Chinglish
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Anthony Raffini

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Who else thinks that hangouts action bar should look more like this?

1. I don't think the action bar should extend all the way down to a second line just for 2 tabs. 
2. I don't think we need the account picture/info in the action bar since it is already in the nav sidebar just like every other Google app.
3. We could probably also remove the "+" from the top right and add some SEARCH!

There are a couple other apps where a similar approach would be preferred in my eyes. Specifically, Google+ Photos and Youtube. All of these apps have tabbed interfaces but with only 2 tabs on each of them I think each app would be better served by using icons for the tabs and slimming down the action bar to make room for content. 
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Looks good. Add an easier way of marking messgars as read and id be really thrilled. Like swiping to the left instead of having to open each message even though ive akready read it from the staus bat. 
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Marius Seim

General Discussion  - 
Hello everyone. According to Material Design, what do you think is the best way to create a screen without content? As in, a placeholder with a way to create the desired content, such as a new message or list item.

a) Use a card with some text that explains how to proceed.
b) Have the text placed directly on the bottom layer and an icon to represent the content that will be there.
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+Damian Mee that could interesting to try. Do you have a screenshot of it? Don't feel like deleting all my messages to check.
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Firas almannaa

General Discussion  - 
A history of the show list design in SeriesGuide.
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+Patrik Selin I don't Agree!!
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Not bad, but there's room for improvements
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Brooks Hagenow

General Discussion  - 
Does anyone else feel that the "Material Design", although nice looking, is overly complex? It just seems to me that I spend way too much time worrying about how the user interface looks. I am not a graphic designer and I would much rather spend my time on the business logic and let the OS handle how my menus, etc. look. It just seems to me if Google is looking for a standard look and feel, the OS itself should do more of the work than it does. Anyone else have thoughts on that?
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Chris P
+Brooks Hagenow sorry, why is the standard button is gawdy and unusable?
It's rectangle, which is normal for text container, it has visual feedbacks for each states (focused, selected, pressed, etc), and in Lollipop you can use backgroundTint to change the color and even ripple effect.
It also already have a few standard event listeners to respond (onclick, onlongclick, ondrag, etc).
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Rajanikant Deshmukh

General Discussion  - 
Hey guys!! Can somebody help me with ui mockups?? I know mockups are initial stage of any app but I don't know how to create theses
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+Rajanikant Deshmukh​ you can try GIMP, it's like Photoshop but free
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Akanksha Samar

General Discussion  - 
how to make android app for own website?
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I agree with +Thomas Schöller as an alternative, you could also just write a single Activity with an embedded WebView.

#gde #android  
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sweety fx

General Discussion  - 
I am trying to get an example code for the new material design full-width dialog buttons but I couldn't find any, can some one help me with it
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Nice! +sweety fx I forgot that
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Максим Газевич

General Discussion  - 
How's that for this picture ? 
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mmm it could be better
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Jasper Behrensdorf

General Discussion  - 
Hey guys, I need some help.

What would be the best way to make a dynamic navdrawer? What I mean is 56dp margin on the right, and the big image (banner?) always the same aspect ratio? All I can do is set a specific width. If I set my drawer to match parent and a margin it is too narrow.

I'm glad for any feedback as I am kind of stuck on the matter.


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I use a custom RatioImageView, which resizes itself in one axis based on its size in the other.

Keep in mind that this can get wildly out of control if you don't limit the drawer size; guidelines say no wider than 400dip for navigation, which gives you a reasonable 225dip for a 16:9 banner image.
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Christine Daunique

General Discussion  - 
To all professional designers,

How or in what form do you provide your development team the specification and resources for the app design ?
How detailed are they ?
Do you take care of creating 9-patch images yourself ?

At my workplace, the "UI team", only gives us screens mockups made in Photoshop for one size (iPhone 5S resolution), and sometimes additional notes regarding the expected font sizes in... pixels (the same size they used  in Photoshop)
- When we are lucky, we can get different sets of icons for different screens sizes (at least, that we don't have to extract from the PS file ourselves).
But of course, these are a pain in the ass to use as compoundDrawables because they are not centered on a fixed canvas size for icons that are supposed to be similar.
- Nothing on touch and selection feedback (e.g. alternative colors or resources for pressed state, ...)
- Nothing regarding errors and user notifications.

Given the lack of material from their part, I usually simply try to apply the rules explained on the Android Design website regarding metrics, elements spacing, typrography and even icon size.

But at the end of the day, the designers complain that the final application  does not match pixel by pixel the original photoshop file -_- !!!!

Ho, did I mention that they also insist that the design for the iOS and Android apps MUST BE EXACTLY THE SAME ?? (Tabs bar at the bottom, yeah sure why not, eh ?)
And don't get me started on this *** splashscreen which is absolutely useless (no data is loaded in the background in our app)

For a developer like me who strongly believes that a neat design is a much important as a flawlessy functional application to really make an app stand out, I'm getting really frustrated in there.
Am I expecting too much given I am "just a developer" ?

That's why I would really appreciate some feedback from real Android designers, hopefully to be able to improve our process in the future  :)
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I'm a designer and I provide detailed information (text, color, size) about the mockups and icons in proper sizes/folders. Google Drive helps too.
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James Fenn

General Discussion  - 
If someone feels like wasting time making a really nice launcher, here are some ideas:
1. press the home button. 4-5 dock icons (circular and material design) slide up from the bottom of the screen. At the same time, a google now-styled card with the clock and weather slides down from the status bar. This is done with the current app still running underneath. 
2. You press a + icon on the dock. It then closes out of the current app and goes to a set of folders for communication, internet, media, etc... 

Please do not comment if it isn't completely material design. This picture is just a description of what I generally wanted it to look like. I made this picture in 2 minutes in microsoft powerpoint. If someone comments that this isn't material design, I will get very annoyed, spam their profile with apple hate, then tell them to read this paragraph.
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Lukas Leinfelder

General Discussion  - 
Is it only me who is still getting confused that subheaders don't use the subhead style? Cant get it in my head! :D
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