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Roman Nurik

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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the official Android Design community on Google+. This community is all about designing apps for Android.

Before posting to this community, please read the following guidelines. Posts that don’t adhere to these guidelines will be removed without warning. Repeat offenses will result in revocation of community membership.

(1) All posts must contain written text. The best discussion comes out of posts where the author has written something in the post’s body text—an opinion, a question, a request, etc. If you’re attaching a link or photo, at the very least you should describe why the attachment is relevant or valuable to the community. Posts containing only attachments (e.g. just links or photos) and no text will be removed. 

(2) Do not attach direct Google Play links to posts. While direct links to Google Play look great on Google+, they can be quite spammy. If you’re looking for design feedback on your app, or are posting about a well-designed app, attach screenshots or a video, and at most paste the link into your post’s body text.

(3) Do not post device mockups, home screen themes or Android graphic art. There are plenty of communities out there dedicated to this kind of material. This community is tailored to Android app design. Posts of this nature will be removed.

(4) Do not post about Android programming topics. The appropriate venue for Android programming (XML/Java/etc.) discussion is the official Android development community [Link 1]. If you’d like to link to a programmer/developer-centric article that is somehow relevant to designers, mention the design aspects in your post’s body text.

(5) Do not post about other platforms. While many design topics are relevant to any platform, posting about specific other platforms outside the context of Android is not appropriate for this community. For example, links to articles should either be specific to Android, mention Android, or be generally applicable to mobile or user interface design.

And one quick guideline for commenting:

(6) Only comment if you have something to add to the conversation. This keeps things on track and easy for others to follow. To express agreement with a post or a comment, simply +1 it.

Please follow these guidelines when posting to the community. It bears repeating that posts that don’t adhere to these guidelines will be removed without warning and that repeat offenses will result in revocation of community membership.

Thanks, and happy designing!
—Your friendly moderators

[Link 1]
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Niek Haarman

Design Feedback Requests  - 
Working on an Nzbdrone client. What do you think? 
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Also, possibly lighten the background of the list... The cards are hard to tell apart from the BG
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Just one of suggestions from our users (+Goran Marjanovic) was implemented and released with latest #m-parking version (3.1.2).

It builds upon ideas behind Progressive Reduction [1]: making new users feel safer while not diminishing one of the most important experiences of the app (quick parking payment) for the more experienced users.

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Max Zanfirescu

Design Feedback Requests  - 
First of all, thank you guys for your feedback, it is really helpful!
This is the second mock-up for the Radio One app (again, the name and logo are not yet defined).
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Sean C
Love that song! 
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General Discussion  - 
Android developers! We have a ticket giveaway to AnDevCon! Enter to win here:
TechnologyAdvice has two all-access passes (valued at $1,795 each) to give away to two lucky readers. Enter here!
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This is an android design community. you can't post anything other than the related topics. I'm sorry.
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I redesigned the Quick Settings to make it look more "Google Card" UI.

#Google #Android #Nexus #Nexus5 

Edit: This is only a concept. I did this with Adobe Photoshop.
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+Димка Антипов lol whats the problem dude?
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Benjamin Schmidt

Design Feedback Requests  - 
Today I released Cloupload, an CloudApp client for Android. Although I decided to release it, I'm quite unhappy with my audio player interface (this is used for previewing one's audio files that are on CloudApp). Problem here is, that I can't use album art (because there simply is none) and I don't have any ideas to make it visually more outstanding.

Do you guys have an idea what I can do with this screen?

btw: - If you want to give it a try and look for yourself.
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Grabbing something from the file meta data (like ID3 tags) would require downloading the file, which I don't currently (streaming). Downloading the file means longer waiting time :/ Displaying the file size, format and media length is possible. I'll look into that.

Fetching Album Art from the filename alone is no easy task (not every file is named perfectly and completely). If you have any ideas for that, let me know.

btw: Style of the app is cards minus the shadow.

(and thanks for your feedback!)
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Evgeny Belyaev

Design Tips and Tricks  - 
[Upscale Animations] Capitaine Train: Floating Labels

Fields of forms are often TextEdits with hints. When users fill in the form something could distract them. And when they come back to the form fields they will see the empty textedit with a blinking cursor. What do users need to fill in: email, login, etc?

So a good idea is "Floating Labels", for example.

For developers:

Float Label Pattern for Android —

An implementation of a FloatLabelPattern for Android —

Floating hint from edit text —

#AndroidAnimation #AndroidDesign #PoweredByAndroid
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About this community

Before posting, please make sure to read through the community guidelines linked below. Welcome to the official Android Design community. This community is all about designing apps for Android. Feel free to share your design tips and tricks, screenshots from your favorite beautiful apps, design mockups, and anything else you find useful and relevant right here!

ankur singh

General Discussion  - 
Hey Guys, check this article to download android apps on your PC.
Today, Android is just like having the whole world in one hand, where everyone is trying to be updated and aware of all the latest technology coming, or which movie, TV series has released and  going to be released, weather c...
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+ankur singh this is spam. This community is not the right place for this garbage. 
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Marcel Ulbrich

Design Feedback Requests  - 
Regarding my post yesterday ( I have now put together 8 themes that I would find appealing for my app. You can see them attached as screenshot 1 through 8.

I'd like to know, would you prefer white as the primary text colour for most of these, or something based off of the background colour like in screenshot 9 from the Immersive Mode sample app?
Would you personally prefer Holo Black or pitch black as theme No.1, especially regarding AMOLED displays?
Is a colour picker like screenshot 10 (from Dashclock) a suitable way to present the themes, i.e. a circle with the background colour filled in and a letter or number in them representing the text colour or would a spinner or something similar be better?
When offering a black on white and white on black theme, should I also offer automatic day/night switching?
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Evgeny Belyaev

Design Tips and Tricks  - 
[Upscale Animations] Capitaine Train: Form Errors

Filling in form fields is a very tedious and dislikeful task for users. After several unsuccessful attempts, they can quit and never launch again your application. Therefore, a good option would be to add animation.

This animation simultaneously alleviates the frustration users might feel with its quirkiness while also highlighting that something went wrong. The form fields is basically shaking its head at you :)

Thanks to +Cyril Mottier.

#AndroidAnimation #AndroidDesign #PoweredByAndroid
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+Måns Peres Look on Cyril's profile, he had some snippet for it.
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If you're looking for design inspiration for android I'd recommend everyone to get a Pinterest account. There are many amazing mobile ui designs pinned by many designers. Although I agree with the fact that most of them are iOS design mockups you'll find plenty of android mockups as well! (Not to mention that the ui design of the Pinterest app is an inspiration in itself.) For those who already have an account, search for 'android/mobile ui design' and explore!
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I completely agree. It's basically what I use Pinterest for: design references. I have a link for my profile on my G+ About page, if anyone is interested on finding some design boards to follow.
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betty angela

General Discussion  - 
Guys lets go to communicate to the whole world 
now its very easy to talk and understand every one in the world this is just because of great and free android app for language translator 
"Best Translator"
The best translator for quick text and voice translation. Although usually ...
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sorry for that 
and thankx #Toby Roat and Alim Naizabek
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Ricardo Lage

Design Feedback Requests  - 
Hi, I'm remodeling the UI of my app, AlarmPad, and would love to get some feedback on the changes. I'm posting some screenshots of both the old and the new version with some comments highlighting the changes. Here is a summary:

 - The tab Active/Disabled on top is now gone. All alarms are listed in one listview with a switch on/off to enable or disable them
 - The action buttons for each alarm are now displayed on the action bar instead of below each alarm
 - The margins of each alarm item in the list are increased
 - The new alarm view highlights its time and shows its label below
 - You can choose a color for each alarm and when an alarm is selected this color is used on the action bar.
 - When you click to select an alarm, there is an animation that scrolls the alarm to the top and expands it so that it feels like it's attaching to the action bar. It's not the best quality but here is a video showing how this works:

Thank you!
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+Ricardo Lage I agree, it's too late to change it now. I would be inclined towards 2 too. However, why not wait for after Google I/O to see what Google says or does regarding this new trend (since this year's I/O is especially design related). If they bring official guidelines regarding it, you would then have something to refer complaining users (many of whom would have followed I/O too) to. If they update current APIs to make it easier to use and make it work better, then you would have reason to keep it.

You could also go with a mix of 1 and 2 (default new users to the black status bar, but keep an advanced setting option for toggling it).

Other than that, the new transitions are really nice. You should definitely keep that :).
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Marcel Ulbrich

Design Tips and Tricks  - 
I have a simple app and want to offer different theme options. What do you think, is the best option to present the theme choices to the user?

1. Offer a limited number of predefined themes in something like a spinner
2. Offer a limited number of choices for background colour and text colour for the user to mix and match
3. Offer two different colour pickers giving the user any combination in the RGB spectrum

I want to avoid confusing or overwhelming the users and also prevent them from accidentally picking the same colour text and background, thereby rendering the app's content invisible. On the other hand I do want to offer customisation and avoid a clash in personal taste between myself and the user and eventually having my inbox flooded with "Please offer this colour combination".
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I posted my sample themes here:
Come and have a look if you like.
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Dhruv Sharma

Beginners  - 
Hey i am a beginner to mobile app development. I have thought of working on an app.. Its a basic task reminder app for starting. But some more ideas would be helpful. Any ideas??
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Start small. Deliver the simplest app that accomplishes your goal, then let it grow from there.
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Considering Android Studio as the way forward, a lot of the tutorials out there are for Eclipse. I was looking at implementing few libraries (SLiding Menu, Pull To refresh, Android Drawer). However adding them and using them, the documentations are quite difficult for a beginner. Any video tutorials out there would help us beginners a lot. 
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Thanks Chris, these were really helpful.
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Zoltan Demant

General Discussion  - 
A project Im working on gives you the ability to sign a document. Ive seen many apps that do this but couldnt find any good resources on how to implement it.

If you know any good resource, let me know! :)
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+Aditya Majethia Worth a shot though. Didnt really know where to look for it!
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Tyler Xing

Design Feedback Requests  - 
Just published an updated version of my app: Khmer Temples

Some of the pages are totally redesigned, and it supports Kitkat’s immersive mode now.

I’d glad to hear your opinions about this app’s page/interaction/icon design and all kinds of other feedbacks are welcomed!

You can find it here:
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Csongor Kiss

Design Feedback Requests  - 
Achievement screen in my intermittent fasting app.
Any ideas on the share button? Should I put it in the action bar, or create a separate button for it under the 'card' ?
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It's just a PSD, but I think that the layout would be pretty trivial. Holo Light with custom action bar background, the 'card' can be either a simple 9-patch or some layer-list magic, the text is a combination of Roboto Thin and Roboto Light, and the green picture in the middle was thrown together in about 5 minutes with Photoshop
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