Haven't posted here in an age. 

We are in Australia now, so truly International.
HRH is continuing as normal up to Episode 41. Recorded on a Friday evening in Western Australia.

SHOTWTTCS will be back at some point on a Sunday once Dr Dazzler and I can get it together at the same time.

I don't expect Google+ will be the go to site, but I'll try and update once in a blue moon

Rock on.

Just incase you were wondering, we are still around and still much alive. 
Neil has not yet made the move to Aus, but the rest of his family are there already.
As it is coming up to Xmax we have released last years XmaX special Hard Rock Hallelujah show in lieu of anything new.
Get your mug of hot boozy egg-nog, a few mince pies and rock out to some hard rock and metal versions of Christmas songs you know and love.
Rock on.

Took us a while to post it, but I've finally managed to get it done. SHotWttCS Ep 19 will be downloadable by this evening depending on how long Dropbox takes to sync. :) 


Plans are afoot for lengthy SHotWttCS and HRH shows before Beige Towers studio is broken down in the next month.

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