Hi, i'm using htc one x with rom 4.0, but "my hub" doesn't work, it says when i try to download somthing: "download stopped" - "file removed".
Another question: is 4.0 last version of rom for htc one x?

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MagioRom 5.0.2 with kernel ElementalX8.3.2 ==> 6h on screen , so good of a ROM on a 1800mhA battaery

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All good fun :-)

It's time for the users to have their say :-) you tell us what features you want to see in magiorom B-)

I'm using the One X and currently downloading magiorom R3.1. How's the battery life on it with around 2~3hrs screen on?

What's your launcher of choice?

Have you guys all signed up for the MagioROM exclusive forum?

Highly suggest it to you impatient ones :)


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so happy with 5.RC1's #battery life, 5 hours on screen with internet surfing, FB . awesome 5.RC1 :)

Welcome to the HTC One S Section

Hi, nice to have you here on Google communities to have the plattform for infomation about MagioROMs.
Thanks !
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