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November 24 Saturday discounts for my customers at Palafox Market.
November 23-26 in my Etsy shop!!!
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Pensacola Beach

Does anyone know Angie Black?

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Health Benefits of Canoeing and Kayaking

Finding a hobby that is great exercise and safe on the joints, yet takes you outdoors doesn't have to be hard. Blackwater Joe’s canoes are the perfect outdoor activity that can bring you into nature, and keep you healthy at the same time. Canoeing and Kayaking both involve the same process of paddling a craft through water- They both are considered low-impact and do not damage your joints and cause unnecessary strain. Canoeing and Kayaking down the Blackwater with Blackwater Joe’s can be nothing more than a hobby, competitive sport or something to do for fun on the holidays and the Blackwater River is the perfect place for it.

Canoe and Kayak, what’s the difference?

A canoe is an open vessel that you sit or kneel inside, and you use a single oar to push yourself through the water.

A kayak is an enclosed vessel that the person sits inside with their legs extended and use a single paddle.

By renting a canoe with Blackwater Joe’s, you are improving your cardiovascular fitness and increasing your muscle strength in your back, arms, shoulders and chest just by paddling your canoe or kayak down the beautiful Blackwater River. The best part about Canoeing being a low-impact activity, you can enjoy this amazing form of exercise with low risk to wear-and tear on joints and tissues. Canoeing or kayaking with Blackwater Joe’s is not only physically rejuvenating, but also mentally. Getting out on the water, hearing the sounds of the bids chirp, seeing the crystal clear water of the river, and breathing in the fresh air is a great way to bring a peace of mind and a form of meditation. Not to mention the awesome feeling of cardiovascular exercise.

After a long day of canoeing, you can relax, kick back by the fire and feel amazing after a full day of cardio.

Remember to always bring a friend with you when you go canoeing or kayaking. Blackwater Joe’s provides you with adequate flotation devices, paddles and a lifevest. Remember to bring appropriate clothing, a first aid kit, water, a small pack of high energy foods, a waterproof bag for your valuables and some dry clothes.

Blackwater Joe’s has onsite staff that can show you how to properly paddle a canoe, that way you aren’t lost and can enjoy yourself on the Blackwater River. Remember to use sunscreen and have fun!

For any questions, always feel free to give us a call at 8502540688!
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Should I run for Mayor of Pensacola Fl in 2026?
I am a republican. As mayor of Pensacola, I would focus on infrastructure and making Pensacola very business friendly, protecting and supporting the downtown historical district, and supporting the confederate statue and cross.
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Yes, I would support you
No, I will not support you

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Get outdoors and check out these outdoor art projects. #ExplorePcola

Working on cleaning this group up. Here are little housekeeping rules:

1. Please share your awesome photos and content about Pensacola.
2. Please don't use this as a place to post ads.
3. Have fun!

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Why do you love Pensacola?

I'll start... I love the water. I surf & windsurf so I'm right at home here.
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